Proposal: SteadyForce Working Group

In an uncertain DAO, some works are certain, so we need a Steady Force that works full-time or part-time in the DAO to contribute to some works steadily.

So, I propose a SteadyForce working group for managing DAO full-time and part-time workers.

Title: SteadyForce Working Group

Author: Bruce


To manage the uncertainties of a flexible DAO, LXDAO proposes a SteadyForce Working Group for managing full-time and part-time workers who will contribute to routine tasks, especially in the R&D domain. The group will provide a stipend for basic living costs to selected LXDAO builders who have contributed significantly to the LXDAO.

Proposal Description:

Why SteadyForce?

While a flexible DAO can be highly effective, some tasks require a consistent output, especially in the R&D domain. Some tasks may also be unable to normalize or be put in a specific Working Group or project. Therefore, we propose a working group to manage LXDAO full-time and part-time workers.

What is SteadyForce?

SteadyForce is a working group within LXDAO that will manage full-time and part-time workers. Selected LXDAO builders who have shown passion and contributed significantly to the project may apply for a stipend to work full-time or part-time for LXDAO. The stipend will cover the basic living costs and be reviewed each season.

The SteadyForce Working Group will regulate the actions of workers to ensure they meet their commitments, similar to a remote working company. Workers will be required to join a daily 10-minute standup call, etc.

How will it work?

There will be a budget for the working group, and LXDAO builders may apply for a stipend. Once approved, the workers will receive a monthly stipend and daily standups to ensure they have contributed enough time.

Budgets and Calculation Rules:

There will be three levels of contributors, and their full-time (40hrs/week) living cost (base salary) will be:

  • Senior level: 5000 (U/LXP)
  • Intermediate Level: 3000 (U/LXP)
  • Junior level: 1500 (U/LXP)

If a worker is part-time (e.g. 20hrs/week), the number will be divided by 2, etc. With limited resources, the SteadyForce Working Group will prioritize full-time workers.

The living costs stipend ensures you can get at least this amount of money from LXDAO each month to concentrate your efforts on LXDAO. For example, if you:

  • Partianate in LXDAO WGs or Projects and get 3800 (U/LXP) for this month. Because you are in the SteadyForce and recognized as Senior level, SteadyForce will give you an extra 1200 (U/LXP) to ensure you get at least 5000 (U/LXP) for the month.
  • If you worked a lot, and got 6800 (U/LXP) for this month, as you get over 5000 (U/LXP), then SteadyForce will not give you extra tokens. But you will get 6800, unlike the fixed salary in the company.

In season 4, as we have limited resources, we can only accept <4 workers in SteadyForce for full-time and part-time workers. Therefore, the budget is 6000 (U/LXP). Because the amount is dynamic, we will apply to mint LXP if this is insufficient.


How will we determine who is eligible to apply for SteadyForce, and at what level?

Voting by the Governance and Expert Working Group. In the early stage, it may be a bit centralized, but a better way will be figured out later.

How to measure the output of SteadyForce members?

As active contributors to LXDAO, they should have some income from Working Groups and Projects each month. If their income is close to or exceeds their living costs, then the SteadyForce stipend should not be too much. For an extreme case where a member at a full-time Senior level receives a stipend from SteadyForce but has made zero contribution to LXDAO, their contributions will be reviewed, and a decision will be made on their employment status based on their output. The contribution number may be a good measurement of output.

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Please list your information below for those who would like to apply for SteadyForce, and we will vote and confirm the resources. The template is:

  • Name:
  • Discord ID:
  • LXDAO Buidler Profile:
  • Employment Status: Full-time or part-time
  • Expected Level:

Previous contribution to LXDAO

What are you working on, and expected income

Your future plans with LXDAO

Previous Contributions to LXDAO:

  • Co-initiated LXDAO
  • Worked full-time since June 2022 and contributed to creating several ideas and products
  • PM of GCLX, MyFirstNFT, Web3in2032, MobyMask, and EIPs Fun

Current Work and Expected Income:

  • Governance Working Group: Committed Researcher - 1200/month
  • Expert Working Group: Proof of Work - no fixed income
  • EIPs Fun Project: Project Manager - less than 2000u upon completion
  • Financing Working Group: Lead - no fixed income until funds are available

Future Plans with LXDAO:

  • Lead the Financing Working Group for LXDAO for fundraising, trying to reach at least half of the goal
  • Push EIPs Fun project on production, and start attracting subscribers
  • Assist the Governance Working Group in designing governance rules
  • Lead or help to create new projects: The illustrated Ethereum,, LXDAO Workshop, etc.

Previous Contributions to LXDAO:

  • Joined in July 2022, part-time responsible for UI/UX design and operation design of LXDAO project
  • Web3in2032, MetaPavo,Img3,MobyMask, and EIPs Fun

Current Work and Expected Income:

  • LXDAO brand and operation design: no fixed income
  • EIPs Fun Project: UI/UX -1500u

Future Plans with LXDAO:

  • LXDAO brand VI optimization;
  • Design optimization of LXDAO official website;
  • Visual design related to LXDAO incubation products (website, logo, etc.);
  • LXDAO operation design work, publicity, posters, official account, etc.;

Previous contribution to LXDAO

  • Early core team member
  • Worked part-time since July 2022, buidl on projects and community
  • Fullstack of LXDAO SBT system. Contributor of Web3in2032, MyFirstNFT, MyfirstLayer2. Early PM and smart contract developer of Donate3. PM and full stack developer of 8DAO Membership, FrenArt. Fullstack of EIPs Fun.

What are you working on, and expected income

  • DAO Tools Working Group: Lead - 3200/month
  • Expert Working Group: Proof of Work - no fixed income
  • Governance Working Group: Committed Researcher - 1200/month
  • EIPs Fun Project: Developer - A total of about 2500u after completion

Your future plans with LXDAO

  • Lead the DAO Tools working group service for the LXDAO community with season 4 goals.
  • Assist experts and governance working groups to complete season 4 goals.
  • Assist push the development of EIPs Fun project.
  • Research new projects from DAO Tools and experts working groups, participate or lead.

Could you provide more details about “your future plans with LXDAO”? IMO, the future plans should be the Season 4 plans, need more details. @Bruce_LXDAO @kahn.yuan

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  • Name: 0xhardman
  • Discord ID:0xhardman|LXDAO#7955
  • LXDAO Buidler Profile: 0xhardman.eth
  • Employment Status: part-time
  • Expected Level: Intermediate

Previous contribution to LXDAO

Hackathon Experience: Rebase Hackathon FE, FVM Hackathon FE
Project experience: LXP application+publication system FE&BE, new version of onBoarding FE.

What are you working on, and expected income

Donate3 FE 1750LXP
MyFirstLayer2 FE not sure, maybe 2000U?

Your future plans with LXDAO

Assist in the development of various projects.
Pay more attention on DAO governence.

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Good one, I have updated my plans.

18,000 for one quarter