Proposal: Proposing a Partnership Between LXDAO and GCC

Title: Proposing a Partnership Between LXDAO and GCC
Authors: Bruce Xu
Date Created: 2023/09/05


This proposal seeks endorsement for a strategic alliance between LXDAO and GCC to collaboratively address the challenges of Public Goods funding, especially within the Chinese community.


Funding Public Goods is inherently complex, and the intricacies are amplified within the Chinese community due to various factors. GCC is dedicated to addressing these funding challenges for the Global Chinese Community. Given LXDAO’s commitment to supporting Public Goods and its alignment with GCC’s objectives, a partnership between the two entities is proposed.

What is GCC?

GCC stands for Universal Digital Commons Of Global Chinese Community and is a community-driven fund primarily aimed at championing digital public goods projects that resonate with the global Chinese-speaking populace.

While GCC’s interests span a wide range of digital Public Goods projects, its primary focus areas include Web3 Infrastructure, Decentralized Science (DeSci), Security and anti-fraud measures, Cryptocurrency Education, Policy Advocacy, and Decentralized Public Governance. GCC’s mission is to foster a positive, transformative impact on the availability and quality of Public Goods globally.

GCC’s commitment to its mission is evident from its active participation in Gitcoin Grants from GR15 to now for the Chinese community, having supported numerous renowned Chinese Public Goods initiatives in various capacities.

For more details, visit the GCC website:

Why build the partnership

While GCC excels in fund management and allocation, it occasionally requires technological expertise to optimize its operations, enhance its brand presence, authenticate projects, and develop infrastructure.

LXDAO possesses the requisite expertise and resources to bridge this technological gap for GCC.

How can we collaborate?

GCC can roll out bounty programs encompassing areas like development, research, and technical consultancy.

Jointly, both entities can spearhead events and projects, amplifying the influence of GCC and LXDAO in the realm of Public Goods.

Support plans

Bruce Xu will act as a liaison between GCC and LXDAO, offering technical consultancy and ensuring seamless collaboration.

Additional support will be deliberated upon based on specific requirements.

Revenue distribution

While no immediate revenue is anticipated from this alliance, GCC might extend bounties for specialized tasks. For LXDAO members, such bounties will be channeled to the LXDAO treasury, followed by distribution via the LXDAO reward mechanism.

Key Results

  • Forge a robust nexus between GCC and LXDAO.
  • Jointly orchestrate events centered around Public Goods.
  • Elevate the stature of Public Goods within the Global Chinese Community, culminating in mutual growth and positive societal impact.
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  • Against
  • Abstain

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