Proposal: Proposing a Partnership Between LXDAO and AAStar

Title: Proposing a Partnership Between LXDAO and AAStar

Authors: Bruce

Date Created: 2023/08/05


This proposal aims to secure approval for a strategic partnership between LXDAO and AAStar.


Account Abstraction (AA) is currently a pivotal topic within the Ethereum ecosystem. The AA wallet is a critical infrastructure for the mass adoption of Web3. The user experience of Web3 wallets is currently subpar, and AA introduces many features to address these issues.

What is AAStar

AAStar is an AA-centric community, launched by PlanckerDAO and the Soul Wallet project. Soul Wallet, an AA Wallet that won the top prize in the ETHGlobal Hackathon, has received support and guidance from Vitalik Buterin.

With extensive research and an in-depth understanding of AA, the Soul Wallet team has identified public services essential to all AA Wallets. As a result, they initiated the AAStar community to form a nexus for the entire AA ecosystem.

Within the AAStar community, they will engineer AA-related products and spearhead AA-related research. All of these will be open-source and qualify as Public Goods, needing assistance from the development and research sectors.

AAStar GitHub: AAStar · GitHub

Why build the partnership

AA is a significant and forward-thinking topic in Web3, but we currently lack adequate research on AA. Partnering with AAStar will expedite our immersion into this subject.

Presently, AAStar is working on the development of Public Goods but lacks sufficient development support. As a DAO committed to supporting Public Goods, we at LXDAO could lend a hand by introducing builders to support them.

This creates a mutually beneficial situation, where they can offer guidance in AA and provide some grants, while we can learn by offering tangible help.

How can we collaborate?

AAStar hosts weekly community calls and events. We can assist in community outreach and invite builders to participate.

AAStar may also release bounty tasks related to development and research, which we can jointly undertake.

Together, we could co-initiate events and projects to increase the influence of AAStar and LXDAO within the AA domain.

Support plans

Currently, @Bruce_LXDAO is serving as a core contributor to the AAStar community. @jackysense has joined the Public Guardian project and is acting as a FullStack developer.

Further support will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Revenue distribution

At present, no revenue is expected from AAStar. However, they may offer CBIs and bounties for specific tasks. For LXDAO members, these will be transferred to the LXDAO treasury and then distributed through the LXDAO reward distribution system.

Key Results

  • Establish a solid connection between AAStar and LXDAO.
  • Co-host or co-initiate some AA projects.
  • Enhance AA knowledge within LXDAO, creating a positive impact for both communities.
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