Proposal: Operation Group Season 6 Plan(Draft)

Executive Summary

The Operations Team is responsible for the day-to-day management of LXDAO, including event planning, brand management, external partnerships, and providing early-stage bootstrapping support for internal projects. Currently, the team is composed of several sub-groups: Editorial Team, LX Talk Podcast, LX Workshop, and Business Development (BD) Team.

For the upcoming quarter, the Operations Team will focus primarily on two key areas in addition to routine operations: “Content and Education,” and “Partnership Expansion.”

Q5 Performance Recap

Operation Work SOP

  • Established the Operations Team
  • Designed operational workflows
  • Developed SOP documentation
  • Recruited team members

LX Talk

  • Initiated LX Talk forum discussions
  • Launched the LX Talk podcast and produced initial collaborative documents
  • Recruited the lead organizer, Seven, for LX Talk
  • Recorded and reviewed five episodes of the LX Talk podcast

LX Workshop

  • Designed, refined, and discussed operational workflows for the Workshop
  • Planned, executed, and reviewed workshops on ERC 721 and ERC 6551

Translate Team

  • Formed a translation study group
  • Developed learning mechanisms for the translation team
  • Found a guide for the translation team
  • Published an introductory article for the translation team
  • Created collaborative documents and SOP workflows
  • Initiated a team reboot plan and related articles

Activity Calendar

  • Designed an operational activity calendar
  • Hosted 18 sharing sessions
  • Established SOP procedures for sharing sessions
  • Organized the first episode of “Product Tea Talk” and recruited the lead organizer, Echo

Content Team

  • Authored the LXDAO guide
  • Wrote, edited, and formatted weekly newsletters
  • Founded the Editorial Team
  • Recruited the head of the LXDAO Editorial Team
  • Designed the layout and style for the WeChat official account
  • Established collaborative SOP workflows for the Editorial Team

Media Channel Management

  • Initiated basic media channel expansion
  • Maintained media relations

LXDAO Anniversary

  • Prepared, planned, and executed the anniversary celebration


  • Prepared, planned, and executed the LXDAO Public Goods Hackerhouse

BD Team

  • Formed the BD Team
  • Created collaborative documents for the BD Team
  • Organized LXDAO branding materials
  • Compiled a list of LXDAO partners
  • Established BD Team SOP workflows
  • Designed partnership outreach procedures
  • Streamlined partnership models and follow-ups

Community Operation

  • Improved onboarding processes
  • Conducted one-on-one conversations with new members to understand their needs
  • Managed the LXDAO Chinese community

Support System

  • Created a project support system
  • Provided bootstrapping support for select projects

Q6 Goals and Objectives

  1. Expand and Deepen Partnerships

    1. Engage with more partners to enhance brand influence
    2. Build mutually beneficial relationships with external partners and clarify collaboration areas
    3. Create standardized SOPs for engaging new partners who require LXDAO brand and community resources
    4. Offer operational resources for public goods and open-source projects lacking financial support
    5. Widen media channels and foster new partnerships
    6. Standardize the usage of the LXDAO brand
  2. Provide a Better Practical Environment for LXDAO Members

    1. Introduce Web3 product development opportunities (Workshops, Hackathons, etc.) to attract skilled developers
    2. Optimize community operations and member onboarding
  3. Enhance Support for LXDAO Projects

    1. Promote existing products externally
    2. Mobilize community members to assist in project operations and offer corresponding incentives
    3. Keep track of LXDAO project updates and establish content support sections
    4. Strengthen the Operations Team’s capabilities and recruit more talent

Specific Implementations

Community & Group Management

  1. New member profiles
  2. Introduction of DHD to enhance user experience

Operational Support System

  1. Channels for proposal approval and progress updates
  2. Bootstrapping support for internal projects
  3. Real-time updates on project information
  4. Priority support for Layer2 promotion in the next quarter

LXDAO Editorial

  1. Establish and connect with media relations, open dedicated columns
  2. Web3 guides
  3. Activity Calendar, event poster creation, and event announcements
  4. Information dissemination for Hackathons, Hackerhouse, and Grants

LXDAO Partnership SOP

  1. Prioritize Layer2 collaborations
  2. Incubate BD3
  3. Standardize future collaborations based on BD3 product requirements

:bangbang:LX Workshop

  1. Translation Team Collaborative Documents
  2. Web3 Growth Map content articles


Name Worktime Amount Budget
Project Manager (PM) 140h/month 1 3200
Assistant 80h/month 1 1200
Content & Media & Promotion 80h/month 1 1600
Community 40h/month 1 800
Operational Advisor - 2 600
Business Development (BD) - - 3500
Open Bounty - - 1700


  1. Attract more developers to join LXDAO
  2. Enable LXDAO members to grow and achieve more within the community
  3. Offer better support for LXDAO projects and accumulate more resources
  4. Extend influence through content and knowledge sharing
  5. Generate revenue through workshops

Seems missing data results. Like the influence increases, etc.

Lack of influence and brand goals. And lack of data measurement. We need to add some data on it.

use xxh/week will be better. The budget is for per month.

Also, need to provide a brief job description for each role.

This isn’t the name, it should be the role.

Why do we need this amount of money for BD? And how to use the Open Bounty?

Thanks for your effort!

I feel this plan is vague, especially for members without inside knowledge of the operations team. This may make it hard for them to fully and concretely understand the operation team’s plans and its feasibility in Season6. Providing more specifics on responsibilities and implementation steps could make the plan more transparent and actionable for everyone.

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Some data results can be uploaded
Like this


运营组负责 LXDAO 的日常运营、活动策划、品牌管理、对外合作以及支持组内早期项目的冷启动等。

目前运营组内有以下团队协作:良心编辑部、LX Talk 播客、LX Workshop、BD Team。



运营小组在第五季度成立,在第五季度里,我们试运行了 LX Talk SPace to Podcast 播客计划五期,设计活动日历,发起技术分享与讨论会18场,发起了 ERC 721 和 ERC 6551 工作坊,重新运行翻译小组,成立了编辑部,每个月我们都有很多的内容在输出,除此之外,这个季度,我们还举行了一周年庆典的活动,发布了周年庆 NFT,发起了 Hackerhouse 的活动,成了BD 小组,且完善了合作方关系SOP 的文档。

以下统计为 2023年6月14日到8月10日的运营相关媒体部分数据统计与涨幅。全平台粉丝数量增长 5097。

平台 数量 2023/6/14 数量 2023/8/10 涨幅数量 涨幅比例
微信公众号 2251 2399 148 7%
Twitter 1279 3721 2442 191%
Medium 18 18 0 0%
mail3 225 268 43 19%
MFN 726 710 -16 -2%
gclx 3683 3623 -60 -2%
web3 in 2032 18 18 0 0%
metapavo 200 176 -24 -12%
marry3 610 594 -16 -3%
Donate3 - 2505 2505 -
Youtube 0 41 41 -
B站 0 28 28 -
知乎 0 6 6 -
总计 9010 14107 5097 57%


S6 规划与目标

  1. 对外扩展合作方,建立品牌影响力,对内提供资源整合
    1. 根据细分方向,专项拓展大合作方
    2. 与同类型合作方开展更深度的合作,建立战略合作关系
    3. 对开源项目和公共物品项目提供支持。
    4. 基础宣发合作标准化。
  2. 为 LXDAO 的成员提供更好的实践环境
    1. 面向开发者开展的 Web3 产品技术开发实践内容(Workshop、项目实战、Hackathon、hackerhouse),吸引更多更厉害的开发者(围绕产品开发路径的成员)加入,且以准入市场的 demo、项目提案、Hackathon 的需求为标准
    2. 撰写 Web3 指南,与专家进行内容矫正与优化
    3. 对提案发布和项目开展提供更多支持与沉淀。
    4. 与 Web3 指南相结合,对技术分享活动进行系统化设计,
  3. 更好地支持 LXDAO 的项目
    1. 通过技术分享会和关联 Space 将已有的产品向外推广和运营。
    2. 调动社区成员,支持已有的项目运营,且给到相对应的激励份额
    3. 实时跟进 LXDAO 项目信息,将过往内容整理成为系列,建设内容支持板块
    4. 强化运营组能力和储备更多的运营人才


社区 & 社群管理

  1. 新增成员谱
  2. 新增 DHD,提升体验流畅


  1. 项目提案通过、进展说明的渠道宣发执行
  2. 内部项目的支持与冷启动
  3. 项目信息的实时更新
  4. 下一个季度重点支持 Layer2(:star2:)的推广


  1. 媒体关系建立和链接,专栏开设
  2. Web3 指南
  3. 活动日历 ,活动海报制作,活动播报
  4. 黑客松、Hackerhouse、Grants 信息播报


  1. 重点开展 Layer2 方向合作
  2. 孵化 BD3
  3. 后续合作开展根据 BD3 的产品需求进行标准化

:bangbang:LX Workshop

  1. 翻译库协作文档
  2. Web3 成长图谱内容文章


Name Worktime Amount Budget
PM 140h/month 1 3200
Assistant 80h/month 1 1200
Content & Media & Promotion 80h/month 1 1600
Community 40h/month 1 800
Operation Advisor - 2 600
BD - - 3500
Open Bounty - - 1700

BD 说明:

BD 部分1500 为线下出差经费,任何经由运营小组的 BD 出差需要为运营小组指标服务,2000为 孵化 BD3 的运营经费。
Open Bounty 为运营小组开放 Bounty,以指标为导向去给到社区成员申请,申请模式和通过标准将在新一季度的运营战略会议上讨论。


  1. 吸引更多开发者加入 LXDAO,截止过去一年,60+开发者,以当前速度的2倍,本季度目标为吸引 30 + 开发者加入。
  2. 让 LXDAO 的成员在 LXDAO 能够更好地成长与获得,对于现有成员提供更好的转化环境,新增 Buidler 持有者 10 名
  3. 与 5 家同类合作方建立深度合作关系,与 30+ 合作方,进行合作关系官宣,扩展专项大合作方至少1家。
  4. 建设更好的媒体关系和自媒体宣发渠道
  5. 尝试盈利。
  6. 本季度影响力将尝试有价值的关系建立和转化,对于粉丝数不做直接要求

Title: Operation Working Group for S6
Authors: Sanzhi
Date Created: 0913


The Operations Team is responsible for the day-to-day management of LXDAO, including activity planning, brand management, external collaborations, and supporting the cold start of early-stage projects within the group.

Currently, the Operations Team collaborates with several sub-teams: the Editorial Team, LX Talk Podcast, LX Workshop, and BD Team.

For the upcoming quarter, the Operations Team will focus its efforts beyond routine operations like community management and user engagement. “Content and Education” and “Partnership Expansion” will be prioritized as key initiatives.

Proposal Description

Background(Q5 Quarterly Summary)

Founded in the fifth quarter, the Operations Team hit the ground running. Within this period, we successfully piloted five episodes of the LX Talk Space to Podcast program, created an event calendar, initiated 18 technical sharing and discussion sessions, launched workshops on ERC 721 and ERC 6551, reactivated the Translation Team, and established an Editorial Team. Every month, we consistently produce a high volume of content. Additionally, we celebrated our first anniversary with various activities, released anniversary NFTs, organized Hackerhouse events, formed a BD team, and refined our Standard Operating Procedures for partner relationships.

The following statistics cover the period from June 14, 2023, to August 10, 2023, and pertain to the media-related operations. Our overall platform fan base has grown by 5,097.

Platform Growth Metrics

Platform Count on 2023/6/14 Count on 2023/8/10 Net Change Percentage Change
WeChat Official 2,251 2,399 148 7%
Twitter 1,279 3,721 2,442 191%
Medium 18 18 0 0%
Mail3 225 268 43 19%
MFN 726 710 -16 -2%
gclx 3,683 3,623 -60 -2%
Web3 in 2032 18 18 0 0%
Metapavo 200 176 -24 -12%
Marry3 610 594 -16 -3%
Donate3 - 2,505 2,505 -
Youtube 0 41 41 -
B站 (Bilibili) 0 28 28 -
知乎 (Zhihu) 0 6 6 -
Total 9,010 14,107 5,097 57%

Additionally, the WeChat Chinese community operations have shown strong engagement. The first group has reached its capacity of 500 members, while the second group already has over 100 members. The activity index within these community groups is notably high.

Q6 Plans and Objectives

1. External Partnership Expansion and Brand Influence Building

  1. Specialize in extending collaborations with major partners based on niche focuses.
  2. Engage in deeper cooperation with like-minded entities to establish strategic partnerships.
  3. Provide support for open-source and public goods projects.
  4. Standardize the fundamentals of promotional and partnership outreach.

2. Enrich the Practical Environment for LXDAO Members

  1. Roll out Web3 product and technology development practices targeted at developers through Workshops, Project Practicums, Hackathons, and Hackerhouses. Aim to attract more skilled developers and evaluate them based on market-ready demos, project proposals, and Hackathon requirements.
  2. Publish Web3 guides, and work with experts for content calibration and enhancement.
  3. Offer additional support and resources for proposal submissions and ongoing projects.
  4. Design a systematic approach to tech-sharing events, integrated with the Web3 guides.

3. Enhance Support for LXDAO’s Projects

  1. Promote and operate existing products externally via tech-sharing events and related Spaces.
  2. Mobilize community members to actively support ongoing projects, providing proportional incentives where necessary.
  3. Keep real-time tabs on LXDAO project updates and archive past content into series for future content support segments.
  4. Strengthen the capabilities of the Operations Team and build a stronger talent pipeline for operational roles.

By laying out these objectives, we aim to better align our actions with the mission and vision of LXDAO, while simultaneously boosting our impact and effectiveness.

Execution Details

Community & Group Management

  1. Introduction of new membership directory
  2. Introduction of DHD for improved user experience

Operational Support System

  1. Execution of channel marketing for approved project proposals and progress updates
  2. Support and cold-launch for internal projects
  3. Real-time updates on project information
  4. Special focus next quarter on the promotion of Layer2 (:star2:)

LXDAO Editorial Team

  1. Building and connecting media relationships, specialized column creation
  2. Web3 Guides
  3. Event Calendar, event poster creation, and event announcements
  4. Announcements regarding Hackathons, Hackerhouses, and Grants

LXDAO Partnership SOP

  1. Priority on collaborations in the Layer2 direction
  2. Incubation of BD3
  3. Future collaborations will be standardized based on the product needs of BD3

:bangbang:LX Workshop

  1. Translation Collaboration Document
  2. Web3 Growth Map Content Articles
  3. Pending Item


(No information provided for the budget section)

By meticulously outlining these specific actions across different areas, we aim to not only support the ongoing initiatives but also strategically plan for future ventures.

Budget Details

Name Worktime Headcount Budget (USD)
Project Manager (PM) 140h/month 1 3200
Assistant 80h/month 1 1200
Content, Media & Promotion 80h/month 1 1600
Community Management 40h/month 1 800
Operation Advisor - 2 600
Business Development (BD) - - 3500
Open Bounty - - 1700

BD Explanation:

Of the $3500 allocated for BD, $1500 is set aside for offline travel expenses. Any BD trips undertaken by the operations team should serve the team’s performance indicators. $2000 is allocated for the operational expenses of incubating BD3.

Open Bounty is designed for the operations team to offer community members goal-oriented tasks. The application process and approval criteria will be discussed in the new quarter’s operational strategy meeting.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

  1. Attract more developers to join LXDAO. In the past year, over 60 developers joined. Our quarterly goal is to double this pace and attract at least 30 more developers.
  2. Enhance the growth and benefits for existing LXDAO members by providing a better environment for conversion; aim to add 10 new Buidler holders.
  3. Establish deep partnerships with 5 similar organizations, announce collaborations with over 30 partners, and secure at least one major specialized partner.
  4. Improve media relations and self-promotion channels.
  5. Experiment with generating profit.
  6. This quarter, we are not setting direct targets for follower counts. Instead, we will focus on building valuable relationships and ensuring effective conversions.

By clearly defining these budget parameters and KPIs, we can monitor progress, optimize resource allocation, and ensure that the organization continues to evolve in line with its strategic objectives.

yes, more clear with specific data

Good idea, put more key result at the end of proposal. more clear and easy to know what should we do

week is better, but if we use week to calculate, all ways of calculate will be change. Maybe we should follow community billing method?

BD3 的归属权定好了吗?感觉这块不应该有经费在工作组里面。

BD 组其他成员的工作激励是怎么样的?