Proposal: Marry3 move version for aptos or sui


Use move to realize the core functions of marriage and divorce in Marry3


  1. For developers and project teams, this is a good opportunity to get familiar with the new public chain and new language.
  2. For the public chain ecology, this is a story project that can increase the richness of the public chain.
  3. For Marry3, it is also necessary to add more public chain support, so that everyone can experience the wonderful features of blockchain on more public chains.

TLDR Program Highlights

  1. Implement the basic protocol of the Marry3 contract
    1. Initiate a marriage proposal
    2. Sign to confirm acceptance
    3. With the other party’s signature mint sbt
    4. Verify the signature, and generate a pair of sbt nft, which are given to both parties respectively
    5. This sbt, non-transferable, non-tradable, each address can only have one at the same time
    6. Through the same process, initiate divorce and destroy pairs of sbt
  2. Try to transform the front-end process and connect with new contracts

Project Details

This project mainly involves the move contract, some centralized storage (mainly storing the state during the marriage proposal), and the front end of the dapp.

Budget and Time Frame

Currently, we need two Builders:

  • Front-end development: @yootou will follow up.
  • Contract development: @yu tou @Kahn Yuan to follow up together.

The budget is as follows:

  • 2000 LXPoints for contract development
  • 1000 LXPoints for front-end developers

time frame:

  • November 1st - end of November



使用 move 实现 Marry3 最核心的结婚和离婚功能


  1. 对开发者和项目组来说,这是一个熟悉新公链和新语言的很好的机会。
  2. 对公链生态来说,这是一个很有故事性的项目,可增加公链的丰富性。
  3. 对 Marry3 来说,增加更多公链的支持也是必须的,让大家可以在更多公链上体验区块链的奇妙特性。

TLDR 项目重点

  1. 实现 Marry3 合约的基本协议
    1. 发起求婚
    2. 签名确认接受
    3. 带有对方的签名 mint sbt
    4. 验证签名,并 生成成对的 sbt nft,分别给予双方
    5. 此 sbt,不可转让,不可交易,每个地址同时只能有一个
    6. 通过同样的流程,发起离婚,销毁成对的 sbt
  2. 尝试改造前端的流程,对接新合约


本项目主要涉及到 move 合约,及部分中心化存储(主要是存储求婚过程中的状态),dapp 前端。


目前,我们需要两个 Buidlers:

  • 前端开发:@yootou 负责跟进。
  • 合约开发: @yu tou @Kahn Yuan 共同跟进。


  • 2000 LXPoints 给合约开发
  • 1000 LXPoints 给前端开发者


  • 11月1日 - 11月底
  • Support(支持)
  • Not interesting(没意思)
  • No Support(反对)

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I would suggest lowering the LXP if this is a project for learning purposes.
It will be OK if we can apply for grants from aptos or sui foundation.