Proposal: LXP Application and Issuance Project

Title: LXP Project

Proposal Champion:@Muxin_LXDAO

Date: Dec 18th 2022


LXP is LX Points, this project aims to automate and chain the process of requesting, recording and distributing LXP, then LXP can be easily, timely, publicly and transparently paid to our LXDAO contributors.


LXDAO currently uses points, or LXP, to record the value of buidlers/members contributions, which can motivate and reward people to build in LXDAO. We hope that this project can improve the efficiency of the whole process as well as upload the records on chain and automatically distribute LXP to specific contributors through smart contract.

current problems:

  1. Our accountant needs to proactively collect LXP for each project or individual, and the whole process is very inefficient and easy to miss.
  2. The current LXP is recorded on Notion and we cannot guarantee the reliability of this centralized system.
  3. The current LXP record is recorded at the end of the project and contributors do not see the value of their contribution at first glance, which does not serve as an incentive.
  4. The current LXP is not really on the chain yet.
  5. Our contributors currently do not have a very clear idea of how much LXP they have.
  6. The current LXP announcement and argue process is not perfect.

Based on the above problems, we plan to move the entire LXP application, recording and distribution process online as well as on-chain.

online system:
We will create two new pages on our LXDAO Official Website for submitting the LXP application and display the LXP publicity list.

  1. Each of the projects’ PM and individual(including LXDAO Builders and Members) can submit the LXP application, need to provide the following information: Type, Name, Address, Project Proposal Snapshot Link, LXP Amount and Reason etc.
  2. Once the LXP application is submitted successfully, we will immediately update it to the database of the official website, and buidler can see the LXP record on the personal profile page of the official website in time, and at the same time, we will call the LXP contract and mint the corresponding amount of LXP to the pool of the distribution contract (taskpay contract) (project/individual).
  3. On the LXP Publicity List page, it will show the list of LXP history records and the list of records in the public period (the last 7 days of each month), during the public period, each contributor has the right to argue about the questionable records, if it is confirmed that there is a problem, the super administrator has the right to reject this record (burn the corresponding LXP), if there is no problem, it can be publicised/directly issued again, after the public period is over, the super once issued, it means that we have to transfer the LXP in the distribution contract pool to the address of the corresponding contributor.

We have two contracts here, LXP Contract and Task Distribute Contract. In a short, we mint LXP from the LXP contract to the distribution contract, and then transfer LXP from the distribution contract to the specific buidler address based on the application and the LXP release instruction, and the LXP contract also has the ability to burn LXP by an administrator right.

Prototype & UI/UX design(still in progress) link:


  • 800 LXP for UI/UX Designer @TengWang
    Senior Designer ~45U/h * ~18h ≈ 800LXP
    @TengWang is in our core team, so the LXP should be 800 * 0.3 = 240LXP
  • 800 LXP for Project Manager @Muxin_LXDAO
    Intermediate Project Manager ~40U/h * ~20h ≈ 800LXP
    @Muxin_LXDAO is in our core team, so the LXP should be 800 * 0.3 = 240LXP
  • 1500 LXP for Front End Developer
    1 Intermediate Front End Developer ~30U/h * ~50h ≈ 1500LXP
  • 800 LXP for Back End Developer
    1 Intermediate Back End Developer ~36U/h * ~22h ≈ 800LXP

ref link:


Around 4 weeks

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Cool~ nice to know that we start moving a big step forward! Wish LXP would make co-creation more efficiency and fun rather than a new annoying issue.

There are two questions for now:

  1. Can LXP be transferred between member accounts?
  2. What are the basis of LXP numbers accounted in the budget?

Hi Dyson, thanks for your asking.

  1. LXP can’t be transferred between member accounts, it only can be transferred from the LXP contract to the task distribute contract, and then from the task distribute contract to the member/buidler address.

  2. ref links:,

BTW, I updated the detail of the budget, if you have any further questions, please let me know, thank you!

Reference to the Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

  1. LXP seems to play more likely as a kind of functional money rather than reputation.
  2. Weather or not I will rewarded with LXP depend on the success of the project.

Am I understanding this right?
If so , here comes the two following questions:

  1. If the project failed , is there any other way to record my contribution?
  2. If the project succeeded, can I exchange my LXP into USDT or ETH laterly?

Hi Dyson, sorry for the late reply, regarding your first two questions, the answers are:

  1. We call LXP as LX Point, it’s like a measure to know your contribution to LXDAO, it’s not the real token, but it can be exchanged for the LXDAO token in the future.
  2. The LXP you receive is based on your contribution, and your contribution needs to be rewarded whether the project is ultimately successful or unsuccessful. And the LXP of the project is issued to the corresponding buidler in stages, if the project fails in the middle, we will only issue this part of the LXP. And the LXP couldn’t exchange into USDT or ETH, it will be exchanged for the LXDAO token only.

Is LXP equivalent to options for a company?