Proposal: Governance Working Group For S8(Draft)


In S7, the operation of LXDAO has become more stable, and governance issues that arise can be resolved through governance coordination. The OP Chinese community has also provided a deeper link between LXDAO and the OP community, making a significant step towards the internationalization of LXDAO. The newly established Forge group has made the project of LXDAO run more orderly. As the community continues to grow, the cost of community governance will increase. We have designed a multi-treasury plan to make the use and flow of funds more transparent, and also take the first step towards automated governance.

Despite this stability, there is still an important issue that has not been resolved. Although everyone is working hard, no one knows where we are going. In S8, we hope to provide an initial answer to this question. Even if we cannot figure it out for the time being, we must keep thinking about it.

In S8, we will continue to improve the narrative of LXDAO and study governance theory in depth to lay a solid foundation for the automation of LXDAO governance in the future.


Summary Season7

What did we do in the last season

  • Daily management coordination: management coordination of various work groups, Builder proposal application, management problem investigation, and salary payment
  • Ecological link of public goods:
    The OP Chinese community was established, becoming an important node connecting the OP ecosystem. In the future, it will continue to deepen its links and increase the influence of the Web3 Chinese community.
  • Establish a treasury on the OP chain for salary payment and receiving OP grants
  • Governance automation: promote multi-treasury solutions to isolate funds between project teams and the main treasury, preparing for subsequent governance automation
  • Web3 Public Goods Research:
  • Research on the Web3 Grants system and share it with the community
  • Influence research model and data analysis of RetroPGF3
  • The LXDAO early contributor incentive plan has formed a preliminary plan
  • Migrate the community from WeChat to Telegram to reduce the information gap between community members


  • The entire community has an unclear plan for the future and cannot form an influential narrative
  • The current governance cost is too high, and there is not enough automation in some daily affairs, requiring a large amount of human participation
  • There is insufficient evaluation of governance effectiveness, such as community governance participation, the improvement effect of fairsharing on governance, and the actual experience of TG migration, without forming specific indicators
  • The research is not deep and systematic enough, and the brand of the governance team has not been formed

Season8 Plans

  • Need to improve the narrative of LXDAO, focus on consensus, and explore the position of LXDAO in the current public goods ecosystem
  • Continue to promote theoretical research on public goods/governance, involving sociological and economic theory research, to maintain the ecological legitimacy of LXDAO, provide theoretical support for the development of LXDAO, and build a LXDAO research database to conduct research in four areas: funding, governance, collaboration, and influence:
    • Funding: Grant section, continuous tracking and observation.
    • Governance: governance experience, our own governance summary + reference to governance models of other projects
    • Collaboration: on-chain collaboration
    • Influence: how to measure and measure the influence of public goods
  • Continue to promote governance automation, add governance panels, treasury tracking, and implement milestone mechanisms on the basis of multiple treasuries to achieve higher efficiency in the use of funds
  • Continue to explore LX Protocol and find sustainable solutions for public goods
  • Maintain the daily work of LXDAO, and be able to continuously screen suitable people and provide corresponding incentives to continue to grow the talent pool of LXDAO

Budget Plans

In S8, the governance team needs to advance tasks such as LXDAO narrative, governance automation, and governance research. The staff and budget remain consistent with S7, with the budget as follows:

Apply for 6700 LXPU per month for 3 months, with a total budget of 20100 LXPU, U : LXP = 6 : 4

Set up 3 fixed-post members, with fixed working hours each month. The PM works 20 hours per week, while other fixed-post members work 12 hours per week. The remaining budget will be allocated to the Bounty members.

POST Worktime Amount Budget
PM 20h/week 1 1800 LXPU
Researcher 12h/week 2 1200 LXPU
Bounty 2500 LXPU

The bounty budget will be used for official website maintenance, governance research, governance incentives, and more.

Key Results

  • LXDAO Narrative:

    • Enhancing the LXDAO narrative, focusing on consensus, and continuously refining it.
    • Conducting LXDAO’s annual summary and activities.
  • Governance Automation Advancement:

    • Implementing the multi-treasury scheme to segregate project funds from treasury funds, taking the first step towards governance automation.
    • Enhancing capabilities such as governance dashboards and treasury tracking.
    • Utilizing DAO Haus/Tally as governance tools to implement the Milestone mechanism.
    • Boosting governance participation rates by incorporating governance education into the Onboarding process and providing governance incentives.
      • Improving the season meeting and leadership transition processes…
  • Token Economics Design:

    • Continuously researching and optimizing the current token economics design, planning token issuance schedules.
    • Continuing to implement the early contributor program and distributing incentives to early contributors.
  • Theoretical Research:

    • Keeping up with the latest research on public goods ecosystems and outputting research on public goods funding, governance, collaboration, impact tracking, etc., to provide theoretical support for LXProtocol.
    • Updating public goods research reports and promoting them within the public goods community.
    • Studying the governance mechanisms and issues of mainstream DAOs to accumulate experience for future governance.


在 S7 中,LXDAO 的运行越来越稳定,出现的治理问题可以通过治理协调来解决。OP 中文社区也让 LXDAO 与 OP 社区有了更加深入的链接,为 LXDAO 的国际化迈出了很重要的一步。新成立的 Forge 小组让 LXDAO 的项目更加有序地运转。随着社区人员不断地增长,社区治理的成本将会越来越高,我们设计了多国库的方案,让资金的使用和流转更加透明,也为治理自动化迈出第一步。

在这份稳定之下,还有一个很重要的问题没有解决,虽然大家都在努力地 buidl,但是却没有人知道我们将去向何方,在 S8 中,我们希望能够初步回答这个问题,即使暂时无法想清楚这个问题,我们也要不断思考这个问题。

在 S8 中,我们将不断完善 LXDAO 的叙事,也会更深入地研究治理的理论,为 LXDAO 后续的治理自动化打好基础。

上个 Season 我们做了什么

  • 日常治理协调:各工作组治理协调、Builder 提案申请、治理问题调查、工资发放
  • 公共物品生态链接:
    • OP 中文社区成立,成为连接 OP 生态的重要节点,后续将继续深入链接,增加 Web3 中文社区的影响力
    • 在 OP 链上建立国库,用于工资发放以及接收 OP grants
  • 治理自动化:推进多国库方案,让项目组与主国库的资金隔离,为后续的的治理自动化做准备
  • Web3 公共物品研究:
    • Web3 Grants 体系研究,并在社区做出分享
    • 影响力研究模型,并对 RetroPGF3 进行数据分析
  • LXDAO 早期贡献者激励方案,已经形成初步方案
  • 将社区从 WeChat 迁移至 Telegram,降低社区成员之间的信息差


  • 整个社区对未来的规划不清晰,无法形成有影响力的叙事
  • 当前治理成本过高,在一些日常事务上还不够自动化,需要大量人力参与
  • 对于治理效果的评估不够,比如社区治理参与度、对 fairsharing 对治理的提升效果、TG 迁移的实际体验等等,没有形成具体指标
  • 研究不够深入和成体系,没有形成治理小组的品牌

Season8 的计划

  • 需要完善 LXDAO 的叙事,聚焦共识,探索 LXDAO 在当前公共物品生态中的位置
  • 继续推进公共物品/治理的理论研究,涉及社会学、经济学理论的研究,让 LXDAO 保持生态上的正当性,为 LXDAO 的发展提供理论支持,同时搭建 LXDAO 研究资料库,对资助、治理、协作、影响力等四个领域展开研究
    • 资助:grant板块,持续跟踪、观察。
    • 治理:治理经验,我们自己的治理总结+其他项目的治理模式参考
    • 协作:链上协作
    • 影响力:如何衡量以及测量公共物品的影响力
  • 继续推进治理自动化,增加治理面板、国库跟踪,在多国库的基础之上实现 milestone 机制,让资金的使用效率更高
  • 继续探索 LX Protocol,寻找公共物品的可持续性方案
  • 维护 LXDAO 的日常工作,并且能够持续筛选出合适的人,并且给于相应的激励,持续壮大 LXDAO 的人才储备


在 S8,治理小组需要推进 LXDAO 叙事、治理自动化、治理研究等任务,人员和预算与 S7 保持一致,预算情况如下:

每月申请 6700 LXPU,持续 3 个月,总预算为 20100 LXPU,U : LXP = 6 : 4

设置 3 名固定岗成员,固定成员每月需要有固定的工作时间,PM 每周工作 20 小时,其他固定岗每周需要 12 小时,剩余预算会给到 Bounty 成员

POST Worktime Amount Budget
PM 20h/week 1 1800 LXPU
Researcher 12h/week 2 1200 LXPU
Bounty 2500 LXPU

bounty 预算会给官网维护、治理研究、治理激励等等。

Key Results

  • LXDAO 叙事:
    • 完善 LXDAO 的叙事,聚焦共识,并持续完善
    • LXDAO 年度总结和活动
  • 治理自动化推进
    • 多国库方案落地,将项目资金与国库资金做隔离,做出治理自动化的第一步
    • 增加治理面板、国库跟踪等能力
    • 使用 DAO Haus/Tally 作为治理工具,实现 Milestone 机制
    • 提升治理参与率,在 Onboarding 流程中增加治理教育,并提供治理奖励
    • 完善季度大会流程和换届流程
  • 代币经济设计
    • 继续研究并优化当前代币经济设计,规划 Token 发布计划
    • 继续推行早期贡献者方案,并进行一次早期贡献者激励发放
  • 理论研究:
    • 跟进公共物品生态的最新研究,输出公共物品资助、治理、协作、影响力追踪等研究,为 LXProtocol 提供理论支撑
    • 更新公共物品研究报告,并去公共物品社区宣发
    • 研究主流 DAO 的治理机制及问题,为后续的治理积累经验
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S7 战略会将在本周六下午 16:00 进行,欢迎大家参加~

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关于计划部份里的:治理自动化,是否需要跟其他组一起联合来做?(专家or forge小组)因为涉及到一些治理面板的设计。那么在其他组里计划里应该要有呈现,应该属于LX protocol的一部分?

挖掘适合的人才这里有点务虚,这部分工作需要和其他几个小组拉通。如果按照目前两个season PM换届的机制,感觉人才短缺问题我们将很快面临,需要有一个人才孵化的机制。







  • 官网维护的技术部分还是现在治理出,后续官网小组成立之后再挪出去
  • OPCN 的这个确实可以挪出去了
  • 多国库后续会和 Forge 小组一起来推进


Basic Theoretical Research of Grants:Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.
Web3 Grants Programs Research:Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.
Conclusions about web3 grants :Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.


和Ray一起对于治理小组S8 proposal提出构想,将更加深入的对于LXDAO叙事和治理研究做出贡献。



余星简历.pdf (171.4 KB)



关于S8:我希望在S8实现:实践-研究-实践 的闭环,我将基于lxdao实践中遇到的具体问题提出调研,以解决问题为目的进行研究,并与大家一同参与到问题的解决落实中,我基本可全职参与,有充分的时间。



恭喜 Trisan 和余星成为 S8 治理小组的研究员

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强强联合,期待治理小组 S8 的进展,加油!