Proposal: Forge Working Group for S8 (Draft)


In the past Season 7, the Forge team was officially established, focusing mainly on forming the team and setting up basic matters such as creating Notion pages. Besides these, we have also outlined our short-term to-do list and are making effective progress. In Season 8, we will devote more energy to advancing various projects and working groups, as well as nurturing more capable project managers (PMs).


Summary Season 7

What Did We Do Last Season?

  1. Form the team members and hold a kickoff meeting.
  2. Advance the proposal for the establishment of the lxdao official website team.
  3. Advance the proposal for the establishment of the lxdao design team.
  4. Sort out and review the current issues with the project.
  5. Organize some ideas from the current forum and follow up.


  1. As this is my first time serving as the team leader for a DAO organization, some processes are still somewhat unfamiliar to me.
  2. Due to the short period since its establishment, the number of participants in the meeting was limited, besides the fixed members.

Season 7 Plans

  1. Establish a comprehensive project submission process, collaborate with the governance team to promote the use of multinational repositories, set up milestone unlocking schemes, and project exit mechanisms.
  2. Continuously push for the establishment of two virtual teams: the lxdao official website and the design team. Also, keep identifying issues and challenges that lxdao faces in making progress.
  3. Individually understand the current problems existing in projects, and effectively solve and advance them.
  4. Cultivate more project managers (PMs) with strong execution ability and ownership spirit.
  5. Maintain acuteness in the web3 space to discover more ecosystems where lxdao can participate.

Financial Allocation

In Season 8, the Forge team may establish more virtual teams similar to the lxdao official website and design team, along with advancing and interfacing with many other projects. Under the premise of keeping the fixed members unchanged, it will be necessary to apply for more bounty
The budget planning is as follows:

Apply for 11800 LXPU monthly for three months, with a total budget of 35400 LXPU. U : LXP = 6 : 4.
We will have 1 team leader + 3 fixed members. Fixed members will be paid 40 LXPU/Hour, Team Leader will be 50 LXPU/H. The minimum requirement for fixed members is 10 hours per week, and fixed members will have weekly meetings and seminars that they must participate in. Meanwhile, in order to include more project managers, we will set up bounty packages for the invisible contribution of project managers.

Position Worktime Amount Budget
PM 10h/w 1 2000 LXPU/m
Researcher 10h/w 2 1600 LXPU/m * 3
Bounty 5000 LXPU/m
Total 11800 LXPU/m

Key Results

  1. Complete the mechanism for project submission to exit.
  2. Solve issues related to the lxdao official website and design through the establishment of virtual teams.
  3. Help solve and advance existing issues within projects.
  4. Have more project managers (PMs) join Forge.
  5. Effectively advance 1-2 projects.



在过去的第七季中,Forge小组正式成立,主要精力在组建小组,创建notion 等一些基础事物,除了这些我们目前还列出了我们短期的todo-list。并有效的推进中。在第八季中我们将会把更多的精力放在推进一些项目和工作组,还有培养更多的有能力的PM

Season6 总结

上个 Season 我们做了什么

1.组建小组成员,召开kickoff 会议
3.推进lxdao 设计小组成立的提案



Season7 的计划

2.持续推进lxdao 官网和设计小组 两个虚拟小组的成立。并持续发现lxdao难以推动和有问题的事情。
4.培养更多的有执行力,有owenr 精神的PM
5.保持web3 的敏锐性,发现更多lxdao 可参与的生态。


在第八季中,forge小组可能会成立更多类似lxdao官网和设计小组 这样的虚拟小组,还有更多其他项目推进和对接,在之前一个月运行下来看这些虚拟小组的PM会由forge来出bounty。在固定成员不变的前提下,需要申请更多的bounty。

每月申请 11800 LXPU,持续3个月,总预算为 35400 LXPU,U : LXP = 6 : 4
我们将会由 1 个组长+3 个固定成员。固定成员时薪 40LXPU/H,组长为 50LXPU/H,固定成员最低要求每周 10 个小时,固定成员开周会和讨论会必须参与。同时,我们为了纳入更多的项目经理,针对项目经理的隐形贡献,我们将会设置 Bounty 包

Position Worktime Amount Budget
PM 10h/w 1 2000 LXPU/m
Researcher 10h/w 3 1600 LXPU/m * 3
Bounty 5000 LXPU/m
Total 11800 LXPU/m



可能是我对于项目管理的专业欠缺,Q老师给出主要结果部分,站在我自己的角度有点难以量化,所以我对固定岗位的预算部分有一些疑问(researcher 这里是不是写错了?amount 是2 budget是3)

已修改是3。 bounty 目前主要新增了2个虚拟小组的pm 都是从forge走 后期这种推进项目的pm 会比较多所以bounty 申请的多了一些。主要是怕突然不够。

可以等 S8 的具体目标出来之后,更加细化一下要做的事情。

根据s8会议,将forge 的主要结果修改为:

  • 对现有项目完成整理并规范项目执行流程,比如 grants 申请、人才招募、虚拟小组支持
  • 完成项目分级设置,并完成初版的项目流程&重新提案和明确相关项目的归属关系和收益分配
  • 落地多国库和 milestone 机制
  • 持续培养和引进优秀的 PM
  • 孵化新的 1 ~ 2 个新项目
    • 项目资金尽量从外部申请,LXDAO 提供 LXP 支持
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