Proposal for ERC+86 Working Group

ERC+86 is a conference in Guangzhou in Jan 2023. Expect to have 1k-2k attendance. The initiators are planning to create a DAO for hosting this meeting. We were invited to provide ideas and support for this event.

Here I propose a temp Working Group for connecting ERC+86 Event. I’ll be the temporary leader of this Working Group.

Why do we join this event?

  • Good opportunity to increase influence and meet with each other IRL
  • They plan to create a DAO for hosting this event annually, following Web3 Native ways. It’s fun and meaningful

What do you need to do?

  • Work as the interface of LXDAO and build connections with them
  • Provide ideas and contributions to this Event
  • Connect resources in LXDAO for them. For example, if they need technical support, we can help to find developers

What can you get?

  • Get practical experience in hosting big events
  • Fiats and Tokens from ERC+86
  • LXPoints
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