Proposal: Expert Working Group S8 (Draft)

Season 8 Proposal for LXDAO


For Season 8, LXDAO Expert Group proposes a plan focusing on in-depth research, industry research, support for internal projects, content creation, and KPI achievement. With a total budget of 28,000LXPU for three months, the initiative aims to address current and evolving topics in the Web3 market, enhance the community’s technical capabilities, and increase its influence in the blockchain. This proposal includes detailed plans for research topics, sharing sessions, internal project support, content platforms, and KPIs to expand expertise and impact.


The Season 8 proposal by LXDAO outlines a strategic plan to strengthen its position in the Web3 landscape through a series of targeted actions and projects over three months, with a tentative budget of 28,000LXPU. Key areas of focus include in-depth research on current Web3 market trends, industry research, and sharing, support for LXDAO’s internal projects, effective content dissemination, and the achievement of specific KPIs aimed at growing the community’s expertise and influence.

Retrospective - Summary Season 7

What Did We Do Last Season?

  • OP community support.
  • Technical support for community projects.
  • Community operations support.
  • Produce research (4 papers).
  • Product sharing (6 times).


  1. Lack of impact in the broader community
  2. Deliveries are relatively low in numbers
  3. From a technical and product point of view, we don’t have more in-depth research.

Proposal Details

1. In-depth Research Topics

  • Focus Areas: OP (OP Stack, RAAS, etc.), Restacking, DeFi (Stablecoin, etc.), and industry reviews. Adjustments may be made to address significant market changes.
  • Objective: To conduct comprehensive research on specified topics, led by a designated leader and supported by bounty incentives.

2. Industry Research and Sharing

  • Activities: Inviting experts for project and technical sharing sessions in both Chinese and English, code reviews, and if budget permits, auditing explanations. This will enhance the community’s sensitivity to new industry directions.
  • Leadership and Incentives: Led by the Leader BD with some bounties for inviting speakers and conducting sessions.

3. Support LXDAO (Budget: Variable)

  • Support for Internal Projects: Offering technical advice and solutions for new projects, conducting core code checks for community open-source projects if budgeted, and promoting good projects to public chain communities/VCs if needed.
  • Budget and Incentives: 300LXPU per technical issue resolved, with additional incentives for project promotion.

4. Content Platforms

  • Options: Mirror, GitHub, Medium, and Twitter for sharing community meetings.
  • Objective: To improve content production efficiency and ensure consistent engagement through chosen platforms.

Fixed Positions

  • Leader: Shanni (20 hr/week)
  • Dev Rel (Article Writing + Operations): Active participation in various chain communities, suitable for individuals with a technical background but not requiring high technical skill levels.

Bounties and Retrospective Rewards

  • Bounties: For solidity code explanations, project technical sharing, specialized technical sharing, and technical solutions for community internal projects.
  • Retrospective Rewards: For active community participation, constructive suggestions, and driving activities forward.

5. KPIs - Key Deliveries

  • Expertise and Influence Expansion: Increase the number of experts by ~10-20, focusing on those with significant contributions to their fields. Engage in activities to enhance influence in other communities, especially in areas like OP, OP stack, EigenLayer (optional), and DeFi (optional), and potentially BTC, BTC Layer2.
    • Because of the fast-evolving nature of web3 industrial, we will curate our plan according to the market, and incentives.
  • Technical Discussions and Outputs: Organize at least one technical discussion with field experts monthly, followed by summaries and articles crafted by recruited tech writers.
  • Collaborations: If budget allows, collaborate with overseas organizations for hackathons or to boost activities.


The Season 8 proposal by LXDAO is a comprehensive strategy designed to leverage in-depth research, community support, and content dissemination to strengthen its expertise and influence within the Web3 community. Through targeted research, collaborative sharing sessions, and the achievement of ambitious KPIs, LXDAO aims to navigate the evolving Web3 landscape effectively and contribute significantly to its development.

Detailed budgeting plan below -

LXDAO Expert Panel Budget and Activities

Budget Overview

  • Tentative Budget: for 3 months, totaling of 28000LXPU allocated.

1. In-depth Research Topics

Focus on current issues; adjustments can be made for significant market changes in the web3 space.

  • OP (OP Stack, RAAS, etc): 5000LXPU - 10,000LXPU
  • Restacking: 3000LXPU (tentative)
  • DeFi (Stablecoin, etc): 5000LXPU (tentative)
  • Layer2/Layer3 (BTC, EVM, etc): 3000LXPU
  • Industry Reviews: Aim for resource exchange; if necessary, 2000LXPU

Overall needs ~ 20k lxpu allocated, expense based on the delivery result.

2. Research & Sharing

Led by Leader BD, invitations, and some bounties required.

  • Finding speakers for project + technical sharing (in both Chinese and English)
  • Code organization and review: 5000LXPU (tentative, if we receive good response, we may increase expenses in this sector)
  • (If budget allows) Auditing explanation: 800LXPU/per medium size code repo (adjustable)
  • Sensitivity to new industry directions

3. Support LxDAO

Internal projects, external BD consultation, and cooperation with Leaders/members require some bounties.

  • Solving technical issues and providing suggestions for new projects: 450u/per project (adjustable if the project needs more help)
  • Core code inspection for community open-source projects, code review. Solidity learning. (Maybe includes Rust later)
  • Good project BD for public chain communities/VCs, if needed: 1000LXPU

4. Platforms for Content Carrying (Lead + Dev Rel)

  • Mirror
  • GitHub
  • Medium
  • Twitter - Post each community internal meeting on Twitter Space.

5. KPIs

  • Increase in expert numbers ~ 10-15 people:
    • Requirements: Experts in various fields, such as those who have published EIPs or have in-depth research or a profound understanding of certain technologies.
    • Reward for each activity participation: 600 * 5 = 3000LXPU, including solidity code review sessions (currently, 1~2 experts are willing to offer).
  • Influence in other communities:
    • Focus on OP, OP stack, EigenLayer (optional), and DeFi-related (optional).
  • Invite domain experts for at least one technical discussion meeting - on OP Stack or DeFi.
  • Article output - summary at the end of the discussion meeting:
    • Recruit a tech writer; the technical level doesn’t need to be very high but should be proactive and comfortable with writing.
  • (If budget suffices) Collaborate with overseas organizations for a hackathon or to boost some activities: 3000LXPU.

Fixed Positions

  • Leader: Shanni, 20 hr/week. 3750 LXPU/m
  • 2 * Dev Rel (Article Writing + Operations): Deep involvement in various chain communities, suitable for those with a technical background. A tech writer who is active and finds writing relatively easy. (1600u/lxpu) * 2 /m
POST Worktime Amount Budget
Lead 20h/week 1 3750 LXPU
Researcher 10h/week 2 1600 LXPU
Bounty 2380 LXPU


  • Solidity code explanation.
  • Project technical sharing.
  • Specialized technical sharing.
  • Technical solution Q&A for community internal projects.

Retroactive Rewards

  • Active participation in the community and constructive suggestions.
  • Proactively promoting activities.


Ray:不够聚焦,不如专注 OP,然后增加相关人才;


Loxia:不能为了广度水内容;赞同 Ray;
Ray:确实存在困难,有水平的专家希望到一个有同等水平可以交流的地方,如果放在广度,专家网络可能组织不起来;围绕一个很核心的点,要深入,多投入一些精力,可以在 OP 社区等产生一些不错的技术影响力;一个核心深度,几个广度 bounty 招募。
cooper:赞同 Ray;
bruce:支持 Ray;

Khan:数量有点多?缺少的板块,需要主动找 1-2 个进来。
李大猫:发一个 OP Rollup 测试网,研究和输出相关记录。

如何吸引或者拉专家加入 LXDAO 专家组?


专家组给 LXDAO 带来的核心价值是什么?



研究 OP 跟 OP 中文力量的关系?


ray: 我觉得价值就是让 lxdao 看起来很专业



产研 or 产品:
loxia.eth: 感觉产研是铺路。project是目的,是结果