Proposal: Expert Working Group for S7 (draft)

Summary Season 6

What results have we achieved?

  • Recruited 2 members.
  • Completed the output of 5 research results and 1 is in progress.
  • Field research: 1 (community education, including multiple meetings, 2 reports, 1 offline teaching, Web3 general manual)
  • Operations and BD support: Hackerhouse, MAP, TON, etc.
  • Community projects support: Mississippi, Web3Logo, BD3, Fairsharing, Donate3.

Points that need improvement

  • Need more activity members.
  • Speed up research.
  • Do some community development direction exploration.

Plan for Season 7


This proposal is the plan of the Expert Working Group for season 7.


After discussions between core members of the community and members of the team, the main objectives are as follows:

  • Community matters
    • R&D supports community projects.
    • BD assessment and communication, community activities (operational activities, meetings, etc.)
    • R&D supported OP before the proposal passed.
  • Exploration of community development direction
    • Do some research (exploration, organization of personnel, writing, review, and revision, operational support)
      • Research and output 6 key results.
    • Pay attention to industry trends, read research reports, research products, output documents, and share them
      • Output every 2 weeks.

Team Setting

Role: Leader

Name: Kahn

Working Hours: 20hrs/week

Salary: 3200 (U/LXP)/Month


  1. Build the team and onboard Web3 professionals.
  2. Connect with the work and arrangements that the community needs support from, and participate in these.
  3. Promote team matters, organize weekly meetings, record pow, etc.
  4. Explore and assist(review、modify、operational support) research.
  5. Handle OP matters with another member.
  6. Assist in exploring community development direction with another member.

Role: Fixed position

Name: Q某某

Working Hours: 10hrs/week

Salary: 1200 (U/LXP)/Month


  1. Mainly responsible for exploring and researching community development direction, output, and organizing share.

Budgets and Distribution

Total budget: 3200 + 1200 + 1.5*400 + 1000 = 6000lxpu

  • Fixed position salary expenditure.
  • Research bounty.
  • Routine bounty. (support projects, support community work, etc.)

I’d like to know if the leader will take on some of the development tasks.

For sure, no restrictions on task type.

After the weekly meeting discussion, we decided to remove the R&D support OP for the whole next season.
Meantime, the OP project would be founded.