Proposal: Ethersjs document Improvement

Ethersjs Improvement

Title: Ethersjs document improvement

Authors: 0x1998

Date Created: 2023-02-27 17:14:53

Date Posted: 2023-02-27 17:14:59


Ethersjs is a JavaScript library for interacting with the Ethereum blockchain. It is used to send and receive transactions, read contract data, and more. It is widely used in the web3 development community and is considered to be one of the most important basic libraries for Ethereum development.


Compared to its importance in the field of web3 development, the document and website of it is a little not intuitive, for example:

  1. Example code in document content is just code snippets, and can’t run directly.
  2. Lack of complete practical examples.
  3. There is room for optimization in the style and typography of the website and documentation to make the content look more organized.

When I was learning Ethereum, these points that could be optimized brought me some confusion. I often spent a lot of time understanding the document content and code snippets in the document, and spent a lot of time splicing and debugging complete examples.

We want to make use of LXDAO’s expertise in design and front-end to make some contributions to the open source community.

Working scope

We hope to do these things to make some contributions to ethersjs:

  1. Website design improvement (
  2. Document design improvement (
  3. Document content improvement
    1. CodeSanbox for code, real runable code snippet
      1. most code snippet have a entrance to “run in playground”.
      2. copy code button.
    2. Single playground for typical usage.
    3. Example.
    4. Content structure improvement
      1. Guide
      2. Tutorial
      3. Examples
      4. Quick Start
      5. API
      6. Playground
      7. Others
  4. Add more content to document?
    1. More about “Ethereum Basics”?
    2. More reference?
  5. some reference items


1.5 month ~ 2 month

Treasury Expenditures

Version 1.0. about 5000 lxp

  1. Design:
    1. Website design, 500 lxp
    2. Document style design, 500 lxp
  2. Frontend develop:
    1. Website and document style develop, 500 lxp
    2. Code content Prepare, about 100 snippets to code sandbox, 2000 lxp
    3. Document content improvement, 1000 lxp
  3. Project Manage 500 lxp

Key result

We will measure the success of this effort by the following metrics:

  • Traffic and feedback on Ethersjs documentation
  • Feedback and contributions in the community
  • Acknowledgment and use of Ethersjs by developers
  • Good, i agree
  • Not Good

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Cool, finally, we gonna provide support to the famous Web3 Opensource projects, let’s do it!

Is there a voting option, haha, would like to express an opinion

Just replying is fine

any one interesting can join wx group.

I think it might be too much work to do. We can start with easy tasks. For example, we can design a good website with two - five frequently used code examples. And that’s one easy task. It might be finished in 2 weeks and published with V6.

Also, we can assemble a team using Ethers.js a lot, host a meeting or two, review the documents and website, share the idea and issues, split into smaller tickets, and share with developers.

We can use the new Proof of Contribution rules to store the contribution of contributors for future usage.

Anyway, I would suggest starting with simple and easy tasks and quickly.