Proposal: Establish Web3Logo GTM Team


The purpose of this proposal is to form a Web3Logo virtual team, recruit a developer, resolve legacy issues, and then bring Web3Logo to market.


Web3Logo is currently in the final stages of developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) version and needs to be rapidly promoted in the current market conditions and validated. Therefore, it is proposed to establish a virtual group to drive this initiative forward.

Team & Responsibilities

  1. 1 * Full Stack Developer, to be recruited:
    1. Responsibilities:Fix existing issues in the current product;
    2. Requirements:Be familar with the tech stack of, see more tech stack details here.
  2. 1 * Product Manager, Davy:
    1. Responsibilities:
      1. Organize high-priority issues in the current product;
      2. Follow up with development to resolve issues;
      3. Coordinate with operations to drive product promotion;
      4. Collect user demands and feedback.
  3. Operations, incorporate into the daily work of the Operation Group:
    1. Responsibilities:
      1. Upload necessary logos;
      2. Promote the product, including but not limited to promoting usage to project parties and allowing project parties to upload logos themselves;
      3. Provide feedback on demands and issues to the product manager.

Application Process

  1. Date: Now ~ Mar 13, 2024.
  2. Reply to this topic directly with justifying why you are capable to the developer, remember to leave your wechat/TG ID as well for being contacted.
  3. Forge working group will review all applications (we may talk to you) and select the team members (we will also take into account the votes you received in forum. (Voting will be launched soon)
  4. All members may be subject to a probationary period if any individual does not meet expectations.


Developer and Product Manager: 1000 LXPU total from Forge Working Goup one-time, with the product manager accounting for 200 LXPU and the developer 800 LXPU.


  1. Mar 15, Complete development recruitment;
  2. Before March 26, resolve all online issues and demonstrate at the Forge weekly meeting;
  3. The first round of promotion will be conducted in April, and feedback will be collected and compiled into requirements.


  1. Complete a bugless MVP version by March 26th. The Forge team will vote on whether it is passed and rewards will be issued.
  2. Achieve usage by 10 project parties in April (downloads or uploads are both acceptable) and compile requirements for the next version.



本提案旨在成立 Web3Logo 虚拟小组,招募一位开发,解决遗留问题,之后将 Web3Logo 推向市场。


Web3Logo 当前已基本完成一个 MVP 版本的开发,需要在近期市场行情下快速推动并验证。所以拟成立一个专项小组来推动此事宜。


  1. 全栈开发 1 名,待招募:
    1. 职责:将当前产品中存在的问题收尾;
    2. 要求:熟悉 技术栈,详情见此
  2. 产品经理 1 名,Davy:
    1. 职责:
      1. 整理当前产品中重要程度高的问题;
      2. 跟进开发解决问题;
      3. 配合运营推动产品推广;
      4. 收集用户需求、反馈。
  3. 运营,纳入运营组日常工作:
    1. 职责:
      1. 上传必要的 Logo;
      2. 推广产品,包括但不限于向项目方推广使用及让项目方自行上传 Logo;
      3. 向产品经理反馈需求和问题。


  1. 时间:北京时间 2024-03-13 晚 12 点截止申请。
  2. 评论区回复说明为什么能够胜任开发职位,并留下微信/TG ID,以便我们联系;
  3. Forge 工作组将审核所有申请(我们可能会与您交谈)并选择团队成员(我们也会考虑您在论坛中收到的投票)。(投票将会尽快启动)
  4. 如果成员在工作期间不符合期望,可能会受到试用期的限制。


开发和产品经理:由 Forge 小组拨款,产品经理:200 LXPU,开发:800 LXPU,总计 1000 LXPU,一次性拨款;


  1. 3月15日,完成开发招募;
  2. 3月26日前,解决全部线上问题,在 Forge 周会上演示;
  3. 4月进行第一轮推广,并收集反馈,整理成需求。


  1. 在 3 月 26 日前完成无问题的 MVP 版,由 Forge 小组投票决定是否通过并发放奖励;
  2. 4 月实现 10 个项目方的使用(下载或上传都可),并整理出下一版本的需求。

I can help with testing and provide feedback.

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Apply for developement. So familar with Nest.js and Next.js. I wanna get onboard to LXDAO! I like the style of you guys.

Full Stack developer for more than 6 years, familar with Node.js and Web3.
TG: Telegram: Contact @freepoix

I can do something for this project.

Very happy to hear this message

Thanks for all the applicants, here I launch a voting as one reference factor (not determinative) to select the candidates of dev:

  • Zinc
  • Neal(snaildarter)
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Please vote before March 16