Proposal: Deploy LXDAO Treasury on Optimism


In Season 6,community members discussed a proposal to migrate the main treasury from ETH to OP. The proposal was deferred because the number of participating voters did not meet the consensus-level proposal requirement at that time (i.e., greater than 70%), although there were no opposing votes.

In Seasons 7 and 8, during the salary distribution process, Marcus still needs to transfer the funds for salaries from ETH to OP before distributing them to contributors’ personal wallets.

Recently, due to lower ETH Gas fees, it is very suitable to conduct cross-chain transfers for the treasury, thus initiating the proposal again.


To address the expensive ETH cross-chain gas fee issue, LXDAO started distributing salaries using OP starting from Season 6.

Simultaneously, the funds in LXDAO’s main treasury are currently static and unable to be optimally managed.

In order to effectively utilize the treasury funds and reduce governance costs associated with monthly salary cross-chain transfers, a proposal is made to conduct a one-time migration of the treasury funds.

S6 related proposals: Proposal: Establish Routine Process for ETH Mainne Treasury Fund Transfers to OP Treasury

Snapshot voting record: Snapshot


In order to avoid risks during the transfer process, multi-sign synchronous migration is adopted.(during this weekend)

Agree,let’s migrate it

Agree,let’s migrate it and save ETH.

Agree,let’s migrate it

Agree,let’s migrate it

Agree,let’s migrate it

Agree,let’s migrate it