Proposal: DAO Tools Working Group

Title: DAO Tools Group Season 4

Authors: Muxin

Editors: Muxin, Kahn

Date Created: 2023/04/10

Establish working group


LXDAO currently boasts a team of 54 builders working on over 12 projects and a community of over 12k influence. As the community continues to grow, it is vital to have support from DAO Tools for infrastructure development. Automating some governance processes is necessary to enhance governance efficiency, reducing the need for manual labor. Effective collaboration between builders and projects is also crucial, and we need reliable collaboration tools to promote it. Adhering to the “code is law” principle, we believe that managing DAO assets and builder contributions on-chain through smart contracts is essential.


It is now proposed to start the DAO Tools Working Group. The following is a preliminary plan. Some specific details will be gradually formulated after the group is established. At present, it is mainly to confirm the direction and position of responsibilities, etc.



The DAO Tools Working Group will be responsible for the following:

  • Maintain and continuously optimize existing LXDAO tools or platforms, such as the LXDAO official website, LXP management system, email system, and onboarding system, to support and improve LXDAO governance efficiency.
  • Create more tools as needed for governance.
  • Research the tools used by other DAOs as a knowledge reserve for creating independent DAO tool products.
  • In the case of sufficient resources and suitable conditions, create independent DAO tool products to realize the vision of LXDAO.

Rotation Mechanism

  • Rotation takes place every quarter.
  • Before the start of the next quarter, the leader will issue a community recruitment notice.
  • The leader organizes a meeting of all members participating in the working group to discuss the work content of the next quarter, and the leader decides who will participate in the next quarter.
  • It is determined that all those who participate in the working group can run for the leader and vote in the community; if no one participates in the election, the previous leader will continue to serve.



  • Familiar with front-end full-stack development (React, NodeJS).
  • Have a steady time commitment.
  • Know enough about DAO.
  • Familiarity with smart contract development is a plus.
  • For the leader position, PM management experience is a plus. Having product design skills is a plus.

Apply Process

  • First, the applicant must be a builder.
  • For the leader position, the applicant needs to be a builder for at least 3 months.
  • After the leader releases the recruitment notice for the next quarter, take the initiative to register with the leader.
  • The applicant participates in the quarterly meeting organized by the leader to discuss job content and job responsibilities.
  • It is up to the leader to determine whether the applicant has passed successfully. Applicants who are not approved can participate in the bounty tasks issued by the working group, but there is no fixed job content.


  • Fixed position salary expenditure.
  • Bounty mission payouts.

Season 4 Proposal


This is the proposal of the second quarter DAO Tools Working Group, which is mainly responsible for the Infrastructure of LXDAO. Including but not limited to automated processes that work with DAO governance, collaboration tools between DAO members, asset contracting, etc.

Season 1 Summary

Over the past nine months, the DAO Tools Group has been hard at work on a number of important projects. These have included:

Thanks to our builders who put efforts into the above projects: Wang Teng, wodeche.eth, dissey, Jacky, 0xhardman.eth, NealZhu, Kahn Yuan, Black3.eth, DaoDAO, 0x1998, Bruce Xu, Marcus, Muxin. These projects have been completed successfully and are already having a significant impact on the LXDAO community. Going forward, the group will continue to work on new tools and resources to help support the growth and development of LXDAO.

Proposal Description

Season 2 Goals

Our Season 2 goal is to maintain, improve, and optimize the existing tools and systems to make it easier and faster for builders to participate in LXDAO’s projects and activities. We will establish a DAO Tools team, recruit participants from different roles, conduct product or industry development research in the DAO Tools field, and encourage the initiation of new projects related to DAO Tools.

We will establish a weekly meeting to track the progress of current tasks and share research findings in the DAO Tools field.

The specific main objectives are:

  1. Maintain and continuously optimize existing tools or systems:

    (including but not limited to: LXDAO website, DC bots, LXP rewarding system, onboarding system)

    • LXDAO website:

      • Create a working group profile page
      • Add the Activity Section and Event Notification Section on the homepage
      • Refactor the onboarding process, collaborate with the Governance Working Group
      • Other minor bugs, already recorded in DEWORK (
      • Timely fix all online bugs
      • Continuously optimize the user experience
    • DC bots: Add new bots according to actual needs while ensuring the current DC bots are running smoothly

    • LXP system:

      The current LXP system is developed based on the LXDAO website. Before a new contribution allocation mechanism is determined, it is necessary to maintain and optimize the current system, such as developing missing functions: recording dispute and reject reasons and operators, supporting the recording and disclosure of U, etc.

    • Onboarding system:

      The current onboarding system is developed based on the LXDAO website and has undergone a new revision. However, the Onboarding Working Group has proposed a new onboarding process. Therefore, we need to modify or reconstruct the current onboarding system in coordination with the final agreed new onboarding process.

  2. Research and development of task tracking and distribution tools

    In order to better manage the tasks of each project or working group, facilitate tracking the current status of tasks, and enable easy publication of publicly claimable tasks, we need a tool to manage them. Research and trial are required to decide whether to use a mature tool or develop a self-built one (also consider productization).

  3. Research and analysis of other DAO Tools products to see if there are opportunities to initiate projects

    • Pay attention to the latest product trends and directions in the DAO Tools industry, hold regular research and analysis meetings on DAO Tools related products, and produce research reports
    • Sort out the problems encountered by LXDAO internally at the tool level and produce corresponding solutions
    • Based on the above two points, independent projects can be initiated or completed within the DAO Tools Working Group, depending on the specific project situation.

Team Setting

Role Amount Working Time Salary
Leader 1 20hrs/week 40/h 3200 (U/LXP)/Month
Developer 1 10hrs/week 30/h 1200 (U/LXP)/Month
Bounty 1800 (U/LXP)/Month
Total per Month 6200 (U/LXP)
Total 18600 (U/LXP)

Key Results

We will provide a weekly summary of our work and produce weekly reports.

In the first month, we will accomplish the following:

  • Familiarise new team members with the technical stack and code logic involved in the current DAO Tools.
  • Fix or implement website bugs or features recorded on Dework.
  • Complete the new onboarding process transformation.
  • Complete the functionality to record disputes and reject reasons and operators in the LXP public list.
  • Complete the application support for contributions made by U (to be carried out in the LXP application and announcement page transformations).

In the second month, we will accomplish the following:

  • Continue to fix or implement website bugs or features recorded on Dework.
  • Confirm the task tracking and distribution tools within the DAO.
  • Sort out the problems and missing elements in the DAO Tools aspect of the current LXDAO and produce a general solution.
  • Complete a research report on DAO Tools products.

In the third month, we will accomplish the following:

  • Continue to fix or implement website bugs or features recorded on Dework.
  • Based on the problems and solutions of DAO Tools identified in the second month, take action, initiate projects, or use existing tools in the market to solve them.
  • Complete a research report on DAO Tools products.
  • Agree
  • Disagree

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Might be: " Proposal: DAO Tools Working Group"?

Actually, over 12 projects.

A missing bold style for “R”.

For the DAO Tools working group, we also need good Product Designers except for developers.

For committed workers, yes, it’s good to be an LXDAO buidler. Also, welcome more buidlers for bounty tasks.

Did get the point of this.

The Season number should be discussed. Two don’t make sense. As you mentioned in the Season 1 Summary that Season 1 lasted for nine months. Why does Season 2 only last for three months?

Incorrect bold styles.

DAO Tools Working Group


It should be LXDAO rewarding system. Not just LXP should support stablecoins later.

Missing the most important one: Research and start designing DAO Smart Contracts based on the governance rules.

We are missing a product designer for our team. I suggest having a FullStack Leader who can handle everything related to DAO Tools, a product designer for product design, and a frontend or full-stack developer as a backup. Additionally, we should increase the bounty amount. For smaller updates on DAO Tools, the leader can handle them, but for larger updates, we can use the bounty to hire developers to work on it. For independent DAO Tools, we can create new project proposals.

Also, we should finish the requirements for DAO Tools on time from other Working Groups.

What are task tracking and distribution tools? Sound like Dework?

This sounds vague. We might need to add DAO Smart Contract and DAOStar (maybe?). We could set our main goals are DAO Smart Contract, LXDAO tech supports, and a few new DAO Tools in Web3.

This sounds vague. And no plans at all.

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Also, we could recruit some DAO researchers into DAO Tools Working Groups to provide research or idea. Might use LXP to reward.

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