Proposal: Apply a new treasury mechanism


当前 LXDAO 国库在以太坊主网,资金发放的成本过高。而且 LXDAO 项目数量在持续增加,但所有的支出都使用一个国库,资金使用繁琐而且不清晰。在新国库方案中,将在 Optimism 上建立多个国库,分为 LXDAO 主国库和各个项目国库,项目国库中的资金将按照 milestone 发放,让资金的使用效率更高,让 LXDAO 能够赢得社区和投资人的信任。


  • 国库在以太坊主网,资金的成本过高
  • 单一国库,资金的接收和发放不够清晰
  • 资金使用效率低,项目经常出现预算花完,但是产出没有达到预期的情况


随着 LXDAO 不断发展,当前的国库已经无法满足一些复杂的情况。为了让 LXDAO 可以适应更大的规模以及处理更复杂的治理场景,需要将 LXDAO 的国库拆分为主国库和项目国库,让资金的使用更加透明和清晰。


Key Results

  • 在 Optimism 链上使用 DAO Haus 创建主国库,将现有国库资金迁移到主国库
  • 项目在提案通过之后可以从主国库中锁定资金
  • 项目资金发放使用 milestone 解锁,并且项目独立管理 grants


Currently, the LXDAO treasury is on the Ethereum mainnet, and the cost of funding is too high. Additionally, the number of LXDAO projects is continuously increasing, but all expenses are paid from a single treasury, which makes the management of funds cumbersome and unclear. In the new treasury solution, multiple treasuries will be established on Optimism, including the main LXDAO treasury and individual project treasuries. Funds in the project treasuries will be released according to milestones, making the use of funds more efficient and allowing LXDAO to earn the trust of the community and investors.

Current Treasury Issues

  • Treasury is on the Ethereum mainnet, leading to high funding costs
  • Single treasury, unclear management of funds received and disbursed
  • Low efficiency of fund usage, with projects often running out of budget but not achieving expected outputs

Why Create a New Treasury?

As LXDAO continues to grow, the current treasury cannot meet some complex scenarios. To enable LXDAO to adapt to larger scales and handle more complex governance scenarios, it is necessary to split the LXDAO treasury into a main treasury and project treasuries, making the use of funds more transparent and clear.

You can view the full treasury solution here:

Key Results

  • Use DAO Haus on the Optimism chain to create a main treasury and migrate existing treasury funds to it
  • Projects can lock funds from the main treasury after proposal approval
  • Project funding is unlocked using milestones and independently managed by grants
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This proposal will make treasuries clearer and easier to manage.

One key question: how to implement the milestone-based unlock for each project/WG, should we control it thru a multi-sig or thru DAOhaus?

At present, it is controlled by daohaus. I still want to compare the difference between tally and daohaus.

Yes, I’m doing research

Tally research:

Is the multi-signature for the project treasury entirely managed by the PM team? My understanding is that the PM team’s multi-signature is responsible for milestone unlocking (from the LXDAO treasury to the project treasury). After the funds reach the project treasury, is the multi-signature for monthly salary payments within the project team composed of members from the project team?

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