Project Proposal: Fully On-chain Game

1. TL;DR

We plan to create a fully on-chain game, which will take place on a land map with war fog. Users can experience a completely open competitive world synchronously and asynchronously. Fully on-chain games are gaining popularity. The logic behind this is to place all game logic and states on-chain, increasing composability, which could lead to new developer labor relationships, business models, and game development.

This industry is still in its early stages, and we plan to enter it early on. We strive to create an outstanding product, with both high playability and a compelling narrative.

In order to achieve this goal, we are applying to LX DAO for $24k, with a breakdown of 6:4 between U and LXP. The estimation is to complete the project within 2.5 months.




为了实现这一目标,希望向LX DAO申请$2.4w经费,其中U:LXP为6:4,预期2.5个月内完成。

2. Mission

To make fun games that are only enabled by Web3


3. Market: Overview of The Fully On-chain Game Market and Why Now

3.1 What are Fully On-chain Games and what are their values?

FOCG(fully on-chain games) can be simply defined as ‘all game state and logic on-chain’, distinct from hybrid games with on-chain assets and off-chain game logic. Even though many early Web3 games are considered fully on-chain (like the first version of Wolf Game), FOCG is a recent concept implying a new paradigm for games only enabled by blockchain: autonomous worlds.

Autonomous Worlds is a phrase coined by 0xparc, the team behind Dark Forest, which is deemed the closest game to Autonomous Worlds. ‘Autonomous Worlds have hard diegetic boundaries, formalized introduction rules, and no need for privileged individuals to keep the World alive.’[1] ‘Hard diegetic boundaries’ refer to blockchain state roots(Editor’s note, state roots define whether any single transaction occurs on-chain, thereby serving as the boundary of the objective world on-chain), ‘introduction rules’ mean state transition functions defined by blockchain, and ‘no need for privileged individuals’ implies that no one can unplug the world, making FOCG fundamentally different from games with off-chain state and logic. Autonomous Worlds enable ‘interobjective realities’, allowing separate worlds to interact while retaining their objectivity.

Focusing on a practical perspective, the composition of FOCG might pave the way for new working dynamics among game developers. Traditionally, games have often been developed by single entities, but moving forward, FOCG’s design could give rise to games developed or managed by a decentralized network of developers, leading to a myriad of different business models.




3.2 What is the current state of the market?

FOCG is still in the very early stage. There are only 10+ such games that are open to playing. (Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.). Since we are in the stage of creating narratives, capital markets are generally more tolerant in terms of content quality and profitability within games compared to the traditional approach. A greater emphasis is placed on whether the game mechanisms can bring about a change in the model. For example, “developer labor relationships.”

For us, this is a direction with a low barrier to entry and a high ceiling for success. It is an endeavor worth trying.



4. Product: Gameplay Design and Why It Is Fun

4.1 Gameplay Design

We hope to create an expansive cavern space, containing abundant resources, which we (miners) need to explore and exploit. Due to limited resources for sustaining life in the cavern, all miners must complete the task of extracting as many resources from the cavern as possible within a fixed time limit. How to safely search for resources in the cavern, evade attacks from other looters, and transfer at the right time is the most important decision to be made. And your decision results will affect everyone’s judgment. Different miners have different preferences and skills, and they exist in a natural restraining relationship with each other.

The mapping data is completely stored on the chain, and the dungeon is a cycle opening and constantly changing configuration space.

Miners will move and collect in the dungeon in a grid format. Miners can only see the map within a certain visual range. And when we see other miners, we need to make behavior assessments based on restraining relationships, to decide whether to loot or evade, share resources or retain information. After we make the appropriate decision, other miners will also make related decisions based on the change. Therefore, this will be a completely open game of confrontation. Whether you can loot resources, evolve and upgrade depends on what kind of enemies you face, and these enemies are all controlled by real players.

As the miner’s ability improves, they will also be able to acquire unique skills (NFT), and these skills will also use the ERC-6551 protocol to associate with the miner’s NFT. Additionally, we also plan to launch an “insurance mechanism,” which can greatly reduce losses when a miner faces failure.




随着挖掘者能力的提升,还会获得独特的技能(NFT),而这些技能也会使用ERC-6551协议来与挖掘者NFT进行关联。此外,我们也计划推出「保险机制」,当挖掘者面临失败后,保险可以极大程度减少损失 。

4.2 Why It Is Fun

  • A realistic experience of real caves. Need to make rational decisions in conflict and competition with nature and other players. Compete with humans, and fight against greed. 模拟真实洞穴的体验。需要在自然条件和遭遇战的博弈中,做出合理的决策。与他人竞争,与贪婪对抗。

  • With permanent war fog, every grid on the map will be different at different times due to player operation. 永久性的战争迷雾,地图的每一点在不同时间点都会由于玩家操作而变得不同

  • Novel financial mechanisms in the future, such as death insurance. 未来有趣的金融机制,如死亡保险等等

  • All game logic and state are on the chain, completely open source, with a very high level of composability and open for developers to co-build and explore the direction of user generated content (UGC) in the future. 游戏逻辑和状态全都放在链上,完全开源,有非常高的可组合性,未来可以往开发者共建、UGC方向发展

4.3 Roadmap

  • Full game development is expected to take 5-6 months, a comparatively long cycle, so we have divided it into two phases. This proposal requests funding only for the first phase.

  • The first phase is expected to be launched within 3 months. The first phase product does not include a player-to-player restraining relationship and punishment mechanism (players cannot steal resources). While the rivalry aspect is relatively weak, users need to strategize how to dig as many resources as possible and bring them out of the entrance to accumulate points. Ranking can be done by dividing into seasons and comparing scores.

  • In the second phase, we expect an additional 2-3 months. In this phase, we plan to utilize zero-knowledge privacy to facilitate war fog, increase player competition through mutual predation, increase the punishment mechanisms for resources that are completely plundered, and offer insurance according to in-game situations. The overall competitiveness of the game will be strengthened in this phase. The budget for the second phase is subject to change. We may apply for funds from the LX DAO or other public blockchain ecosystems, depending on the circumstances.

*Above represents the estimated time for development considering only a part-time smart contract developer(4 hours a day, 20 hours a week). If we can find one full-time contract developer or two part-time, the time can be reduced.

  • 完整的游戏开发预计需要5~6个月,周期较长,因此我们分为两期,本次提案仅申请第一期预算。

  • 第一期,预计3个月内上线。第一期产品不包含玩家间的克制关系和强惩罚机制(资源被掠夺),博弈性相对弱一些,用户只要尽可能挖掘更多的资源带出洞口即可累计分数,通过划分赛季、对比积分来做排行榜。

  • 第二期,预计额外需要2~3个月。在这一期中,我们将使用zk隐私来实现战争迷雾、增加玩家之间相生相克的博弈关系、增加资源完全被掠夺的强惩罚机制和相应的保险功能,整体的博弈性也会更强。第二期的预算,我们将会视情况申请,可能从LX DAO本身或者其他公链生态申请。


5. Operation: Planning of Marketing, Fundraising, and Commercialization

  • Marketing: We will start marketing campaigns one month before the launch, seeking promotion from gaming KOLs, guilds, and communities. 预期上线前一个月开始运营,通过KOL/公会/社区多种渠道推广。

  • Fundraising: During the first phase of game development, LX DAO assists in the funding, expediting the launch of the game in the initial phase. It is anticipated that completion can be achieved in 2-3 months. For the second phase, based on the situation, priority will be given to securing grants from public chains or other ecosystems. We are also open to fundraising from VCs. 第一期由LX DAO经费赞助,预期2~3个月内完成。第二期开发将会视情况而定,优先争取公链或其他生态的拨款,也考虑向VC融资。

  • Commercialization: Currently, we will not be considering issuing a token, but we will keep the option open for this design in the future. We might monetize on issuing NFTs and taxing NFT tradings. 目前暂不考虑发币,但保持开放。可能会基于NFT的发行和二级市场抽税来实现商业化。

6. Budgets and Team Settings

  • We hope to request $24k, wherein the breakdown between U and LXP is 6:4, with the expectation that the project will be completed within 2.5 months. Considering the maximum working hours necessary for development based on research needs, assuming only 1 part-time smart contract developer with 4 working hours daily and 20 hours per week, the project will require a smart contract developer’s work of 180 hours. Taking into account the time needed before the project starts to refine and learn with practice, the completion timeline is set to be 2.5 months.

  • 我们希望申请2.4w美元,预期2.5个月完成。按照研发需要的最大工时预估:假设只有1名兼职合约研发,每天4h、每周20h,项目需要合约工时180h,合计9周;再考虑开工前需要一定的磨合学习实践,因此放宽到2.5个月。

7. Revenue Distribution

20% of revenues as payback to LX DAO with a hard cap of 200k U. 收益的20%、最多不超过20w U将会回馈给LX DAO。

8. Risks

  • The team has been assembled temporarily, with no previous close collaborations. 团队临时组建,之前还没有密切合作过

  • It is uncertain when a veteran smart contract developer can be hired. 熟练的智能合约开发能否招聘到

  • We are not considering issuing a token for the foreseeable future, and we do not have any short-term specific profitability targets. 暂不考虑发币,短期内没有特别强的盈利目标

9. Footnotes


  • I agree with this idea
  • I don’t agree with this idea
  • I think it still needs to be optimized

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‘20% of revenues as payback to LX DAO with a hard cap of 200k U.’
‘20% of revenues as payback to LX DAO(subject to change)’

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