Partnership with TheReader and Potential Business Model

TheReader is a global on-chain book publishing protocol that tokenizes books as NFTs and leverages NFT hodlers as distribution channels. NFT hodlers would get a 50% commission on each sale. TheReader aims to be a decentralized Amazon starting from book publishing. The core team members are from Tencent and are quite experienced in the book publishing industry.

TheReader would like to cooperate with LX DAO in a way that we offer developers to help them with the website/smart contract while they pay in both fiat and their own tokens. needs tech support from LX DAO and we could invest with our R&D capacity. The reason that TheReader came to us instead of outsourcing service providers is that they believe devs from LX DAO could offer deeper insights and are much more credible.

After my personal meeting with their CEO, I found this to be a pretty promising protocol and might initiate a sustainable business model for LX DAO. So here are things that we can do:

  1. TheReader CEO would like to arrange a demo show to look for devs from LX DAO who would like to help. Everyone interested can come to me and sign up for the demo show. Further talks can be arranged for discussion about detailed job and pay. Find me on tg @echoooo_z or pin me at discord echo_z#9286
  2. If it goes well, we might charge certain fees for such protocols. The money would go to LX DAO Treasury to support our future operations, so this could be sustainable. We could even develop some on-chain credentials for developers so that people would stick to our platform. Everything is still open to discussion, everyone’s advice is welcome.

TheReader is looking for frontend/backend and BSC smart contract developers. Detailed job descriptions can be found here: LX DAO开发人员招募(皆为远程工作方式)