Partner Proposals: Zuzalu City With LXDAO


Zuzalu City is a digital public good that coordinates and supports Zu-Villages, and LXDAO will provide technical support, including web development, intermoderation, community collaboration and more!

What is Zuzalu

Zuzalu can be seen as a movement, an open source initiative and a way of life. It represents an open-source framework that provides the basis for building web3 communities in both digital and real life!

Zuzalu is a pop-up city experiment launched in Montenegro in March-May 2023 by Ether co-founder Vitalik. Over the course of two months, the experiment attracted 200 people from all over the world (including 700 visitors).

Zuzalu Activities

At the end of May 2023, around 200 key figures from crypto, big pharma, politics and academia left Zuzalu, Montenegro’s first unique mobile urban community, an experimental ‘mobile urban community’ conceived by Ether co-founder Vitalik Buterin.

Previously, they came together in Zuzalu for more than two months, from 25 March to 23 May, to delve into philosophical reflections on immortality, public goods, zero-knowledge proofs, artificial intelligence, and the cyberstate.

Since March, the Zuzalu participants (who call themselves Zuzalans) have temporarily given up their lives and identities to become the first citizens of a new civilisation - one that has been established between Lustica Bay, Montenegro, and Airbnb - and given the task of envisioning a new vision for the future of humanity. Lustica Bay, Montenegro and Airbnb, and were given the task of envisioning a new vision for the future of humanity.

What is Zuzalu City

At Zuzalu, we believe in the power of open frontiers and decentralization to shape a future where every voice is heard, and every community thrives. Our journey continues with, providing an online space to build tools for Zuzalu software and empower communities.

As we embark on this new journey, our primary goal is to cultivate a thriving community space that fosters collective collaboration. is more than a solution; it’s a catalyst for diverse initiatives and spin-off communities within and around Zuzalu.

To achieve this, we are building community-driven and open-source tools that empower everyone in our community. Coordinate builders in the community to build towards application experiences and tools both for/and independent of

Vision & Principles

Our vision for Zuzalu software development is guided by five fundamental principles: Privacy, Ease-of-Use, Modularity, Composability, and Interoperability. These principles form the bedrock of our commitment to creating an online environment that is secure, user-friendly, flexible, customizable, and seamlessly interconnected.

Definitions of principles

  • Privacy - Ensuring user data is private and in the control of users. Using privacy tech like ZKPs.
  • Ease-of-Use - Focusing on spin-offs among other communities to be able to run their own sets of tools without deep technical knowledge.
  • Modularity - Broken down independent modules and components each with their own attributes and functionality. This is to create more flexibility and be adapted to the needs of any given community.
  • Composability - to be able to integrate a combination of various modules/primitives to create a customized, larger system.
  • Interoperability - allows different systems or apps to interact and exchange data between them seamlessly.

Progress Update

  • With the combined efforts of contributors, has been open to use at ZuConnect in Istanbul so that the attendees can view and apply the events around freely with Zuzalu Passports.
  • Starting January 30th, has been open for registrations from any Zuvillage events looking to join the vibrant community.
  • Ensure modularity and composability for other Zu-communities to build upon or with us. With discussions of of interoperable infrastructure that upholds the design principles and collaborative framework, we are preparing to publish infrastructure proposal and launch into implementation of basic community experience features.
  • Research and collaboration has been actively coordinated among builders in the server across teams that focuses on decentralize and upgrading projects to be included in the zuzalu community spaces for communities to use for their own coordination. Since December, a collaborative hack to bring into usage by communiteis has been coordinated whereas many other efforts started to embark on identity, reputation, treasuray, governance and etc. (see: Zuzalu CommunityTooling Feature Sets (2024 May))
  • The project while discussing with requirements of future Zu-villages in various location has been advising and supporting Zu-villages both in operation preparation and software.

Live DApp:

Take a peek at the prototype:

Next Steps

We will continue building open-source tools for everyone to use. Coordinate builders in the community to build towards application experiences and tools both for and independent of the app. We also need to build a basis for an engineering environment to create a better process for a whole community of developers to contribute/co-build with us.

Some planned native features for an app experience:

  • A social system with feeds, posts, etc.
  • Identity Layer
  • A “catch-all” DID. Use any pass or wallet to auth/verify creds. DID would be platform-specific.
  • Improve event modules and implement additions i.e. side-events, ticketing, improve user experience.
  • Implement Community Spaces that can be customized with different native modules like events, messaging, and posts.
  • Coordinate builders to hack features needed and integrate with exsiting projects to be in the Zuzalu Tech Stack.

LXDAO With Zuzalu City

LXDAO will provide technical support and will be involved in building Zucity in three ways

  • Co-build Shaping the operating system and build tools.
  • Modules/plugins/extensions Integration of tools into the toolkit
  • Requirements provider (feature development) Testing Zuzalu infrastructure with specific community experience

Currently, LXDAO is participating in the prototype development of Zuzalu City, LXDAO will provide PM technical PM to guide and manage the technical architecture, etc. In the future, LXDAO will participate in the Zuzalu City community and eco-construction, exploring more cooperation possibilities.

Collaborative development

Zuzalu provided 5000 U Grants as pre-development funds for prototyping etc.








Zuzalu City 是协调和支持 Zu-Villages 的数字公共物品,LXDAO 将在技术方面提供支持,包括网页开发,联调,社区合作等

What is Zuzalu

Zuzalu 可以看作是一场运动、一项开源倡议和一种生活方式。它代表了一个开源框架,为在数字和现实生活中构建 web3 社区提供了基础

Zuzalu 是以太坊联合创始人 Vitalik 于 2023 年 3 月- 5 月在黑山发起的 pop-up city(快闪城市)实验。在两个月的时间内,这个实验吸引了 200 名来自全球各地居民(包括访客将达到 700 人)参与

Zuzalu Activities

2023 年 5 月底,约有 200 名加密、大型制药公司、政治和学术界的关键人物离开了 Zuzalu( 黑山首个独特的流动城市社区 )。Zuzalu,这是一个由以太坊联合创始人 Vitalik Buterin 构思的实验性「流动城市社区」。

此前,从 3 月 25 日至 5 月 23 日,他们汇聚一堂在 Zuzalu 度过了长达两个月以上的时间,深入探讨长生不老、公共物品、零知识证明、人工智能,以及网络国家的哲学思考。

自 3 月份以来,Zuzalu 与会者(他们称自己为 Zuzalans)暂时放弃了各自的生活和身份,成为新文明中第一批公民——该文明在黑山卢斯蒂卡湾度假酒店 (Lustica Bay, Montenegro) 和 Airbnb 之间建立起来,并被赋予设想人类未来全新愿景的任务。

What is Zuzalu City

在 Zuzalu,我们相信开放边界和去中心化的力量,能够塑造一个每个人的声音都能被听到、每个社区都能蓬勃发展的未来。Zuzalu.city将继续我们的征程,提供一个在线空间,为Zuzalu软件构建工具,为社区赋能。

在踏上新征程的同时,我们的首要目标是培养一个促进集体协作的繁荣社区空间。Zuzalu.city不仅仅是一个解决方案,它还是 Zuzalu 内部和周边各种倡议和衍生社区的催化剂。

为了实现这一目标,我们正在构建社区驱动的开源工具,以增强社区中每个人的能力。协调社区中的建设者,为 打造应用体验和工具,或独立于。

Vision & Principles

Zuzalu 软件开发愿景以五项基本原则为指导: 隐私性、易用性、模块化、可组合性和互操作性。这些原则是我们致力于创建安全、用户友好、灵活、可定制和无缝互联的在线环境的基石。

Definitions of principles

  • 隐私–确保用户数据的私密性并由用户控制。使用 ZKPs 等隐私技术。
  • 易用性–关注其他社区的衍生产品,使其无需深厚的技术知识就能运行自己的工具集。
  • 模块化–分解成独立的模块和组件,每个模块和组件都有自己的属性和功能。这样做的目的是
  • 高灵活性,适应任何特定社区的需要。
  • 可组合性–能够整合各种模块/原型,创建一个定制的、更大的系统。
  • 互操作性–允许不同系统或应用程序之间无缝互动和交换数据。

Progress Update

在各位贡献者的共同努力下, 已在伊斯坦布尔 ZuConnect 会议上开放使用,与会者可使用 Zuzalu 通行证自由查看和应用周围的活动。
从 1 月 30 日起, 开始接受任何希望加入这个充满活力的社区的 Zuvillage 活动的注册。
确保模块化和可组合性,以便其他 Zu 社区在我们的基础上进行建设或与我们共同建设。在讨论了坚持设计原则和协作框架的可互操作基础设施后,我们正准备发布基础设施提案,并开始实施基本的社区体验功能。
服务器各团队的建设者们一直在积极协调研究与合作,重点是分散和升级项目,以便将其纳入 zuzalu 社区空间,供社区用于自身协调。自 12 月以来,已协调开展了一项合作黑客行动,将 引入社区使用,同时还开始了身份、声誉、财务、管理等方面的许多其他工作(见:。
该项目在与各地未来 Zu 村的需求进行讨论的同时,还在运营准备和软件方面为 Zu 村提供建议和支持。


Next Step

Zuzalu 将继续开发开源工具,供大家使用。协调社区中的建设者,为应用程序打造应用体验和工具,既包括应用程序,也包括独立于应用程序的工具。我们还需要为工程环境奠定基础,为整个社区的开发人员创造一个更好的流程,让他们为我们做出贡献/与我们共同开发。


  • 社交系统,包括订阅、发帖等。
  • 身份层
  • 一个 "一网打尽 "的身份层。使用任何通行证或钱包认证/验证身份。DID 将针对特定平台。
  • 改进活动模块并实现新增功能,如:会外活动、票务,改善用户体验。
  • 实施社区空间,可使用不同的本地模块(如活动、消息和帖子)进行定制。
  • 协调建设者,以实现所需的黑客功能,并与现有项目整合,使其成为 Zuzalu Tech Stack 的一部分。

Zuzalu City With LXDAO

LXDAO 将提供技术支持,将在三个方面参与 Zucity 的建设

  • 共同构建 塑造操作系统和构建工具。
  • 模块/插件/扩展 将工具集成到工具包中
  • 需求提供者(功能研发) 利用特定的社区经验测试 Zuzalu 基础架构

目前,LXDAO 正在参与 Zuzalu City 的原型开发之中,LXDAO 将提供技术 PM 来指导和管理技术架构等,在后续,LXDAO 将参与 Zuzalu City 社区以及生态建设,探索更多的合作可能

Collaborative development

Zuzalu 提供了 5000 U Grants 作为前期开发资金,作为原型开发等






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