Operation Working Group S8


1. Summary

Operations Team: Mainly responsible for LXDAO community operations. Work content includes but is not limited to: community operations, adding and activating community members, improving community influence, content production and operation, media branding, BD, etc.

At present, the operation group has the following team collaboration: media brand department, BD Team, event planning, etc.

In the new quarter, the LXDAO operation team will focus on “community influence and growth” and “ecological cooperation expansion”. Our goal is to expand the influence of LXDAO, attract more builders to join, increase member growth and conversion rates, establish in-depth relationships with partners, optimize media publicity channels, etc.

2. Core Objectives

  1. Platform data Twitter 5000 +
  2. Translate one article per week, online hot technologies 4 times per month, 1 offline hackathon, and other Space and activities will be held from time to time
  3. Media cooperation: 2 new media partners and 4 in-depth cooperation media
  4. Systematically identify and establish relationships with at least 5 key partners
  5. Add 40+ new Members and 10 Buildercards at 1.5 times the current speed (quantity and quality)

In order to achieve these goals, specific action plans and strategies need to be developed, including but not limited to establishing effective communication channels, organizing attractive activities, developing incentive mechanisms, etc. At the same time, an event- and goal-oriented approach can help track progress and measure effectiveness, supplemented by relevant data to measure key results.

3. Planning and Arrangement: divided into key levels

1. Platform data (core indicators)

  • Pay attention to major platform data indicators, create periodic activities, guide interactive attention, etc.
    • If the LXDAO project team and groups work better together, growth will not be a matter of a few people or individual groups, but a matter of everyone in the entire LXDAO. If they work better together to build and complete
    • Integration of content between projects and groups, Twitter briefings, and interaction between project groups. The operations group takes the lead and promotes other groups to cooperate.
    • Includes more action guides and instructions for each activity
    • Platform data growth: Adopting a series of strategies to attract and retain users can also increase the activity and participation of existing users, thereby achieving continued data growth.
  • Events/Growth/Cooperation/Publicity Media/Ecology/Developers/Projects - Expanding influence
  • Sustainable activities (planned content and hot spots, 4 online technology hotspot spaces every month (cooperate with each group and invited guests), each group will help complete 1 hackathon before April 30, Periodic non-technical link Space to establish consensus, value and sense of belonging, etc.)
  • Sustainable content output (the expert group researches 1 article/week (to urge the production of original high-quality content, Chinese and English versions); the management group researches and produces 1 narrative article/week (the operation team can assist with narrative content) Writing); translate high-quality content 1 article/week; etc.)

2. International Ecological expansion (core indicators)

  • Deepening of partnerships: Systematically identify and establish in-depth partnerships with at least 3 key partners and high-quality media to enhance influence and resource integration. In-depth community cooperation, mutual learning, hackathons, etc.
  • Resource Sharing and Integration: Choose the best partners to share resources and expertise to maximize the interests of both parties.
  • Expand ecological resources: Combine each group’s projects to form a BD team, and expand resources externally (get core and exclusive resources in hand) at least 3 ecological Grants
    • Deepen the OP ecosystem and explore other ecosystems, such as arb, and some new ecosystems with potential stocks (artela, ethsorage, etc., node hosting, public chain developer community services)
    • In-depth cooperation community, more in-depth cooperation, forming a community of interests (joint learning, joint construction of projects, hackathons, workshops, etc. common interest alliances)

3. Basics - basic operations and rules

  • Focus on the main tasks (clear LXDAO organization goals and vision)
  • Establish a good operation team to explore team talents (driving force, sense of value and sense of belonging are created)
  • Improvement of the onboarding process and mechanism (better activation, stimulating more people to create, and improving the talent pool) - Operation team assistance, Forge team specific implementation

4. Talent activation and mining

  • Community member development: Support and encourage new members to join, cultivate more Builders, and provide members with an environment for transformation and growth.
  • Optimize resource allocation: Based on project needs and community feedback, optimize resource allocation strategies to ensure effective use of resources.
  • Talent development plan: Understand the needs of community members who join LXDAO, formulate personal development plans for outstanding community members, provide better support for community and project needs, and promote the sustainable development of the community. Cultivate special talents for project operations (simultaneously share operations learning and strengthen the capabilities of the operation team)

4. Budget

The operations team has a monthly budget of 14,000

S7 will last for three months, from March 1st to May 31st. We will apply for a total of 14000*3= 42000 LXPU for operating team funds.

Among them, LXPU = LXP + USDT/USDC, the ratio of stable currency and LXP is 6:4

Role Description Quantity Hourly Rate Time Budget
PM See description 1 25 40h/week 4000
Brand & Promotion See description 1 20 20h/week 1600
Event Planning & Execution See description 1 20 20h/week 1600
Community Management See description 1 20 15h/week 1200
Translation Team Bounty See description 1 Guider 1 person dedicated 1200
BD (Business Development) Bounty See description 2000
Operations Bounty See description 2400
Total 14000

How to join the operation team

  1. An open election for the entire community. For the role of leader, priority will be given to core members of the LXDAO community and Buidler Card holders.
  2. Submit campaign materials in the community open forum and let the community vote to select the corresponding candidates (fixed group members optimize LXDAO Members and community contributors, and have a certain understanding of LXDAO community culture)
  3. Bounty is open to the entire LXDAO community members. Whether you are a spectator or ready to join, this is the first step into LXDAO.

We are here waiting for you to build together. Let us gather the power of builders to sustainably build and support conscientious Web3 public goods and open source projects.

Fixed position format:

  • Applicant:
  • Application position: (multiple are supported, you can also define your own if it is not in the proposal)
  • self introduction:
    • Why you are suitable for this position, and your thoughts and goal plans for the position
    • LXDAO Member Profile:
    • Expected salary: (can be different from what is defined in the proposal)
    • length of work:
    • Conflict of interest statement: (Including other work you are currently doing and the community you are in, which will be used to evaluate work input and whether there is a conflict of interest, etc.)

Operation team exit method

  1. Review and re-election will be conducted every quarter
  2. If there are relatively large work problems, the PM will communicate and clear them.
  3. Make your own decision to withdraw and contact the person in charge to communicate in advance.

运营小组 S8 提案


运营小组:主要负责 LXDAO 社区运营。工作内容包括但不限于:社区运营、新增和激活社区成员、社区影响力提升、内容生产和运营、媒体品牌、BD 等。

目前运营组内有以下团队协作:媒体品牌部、BD Team、活动策划等 。

在新的一季度,LXDAO 运营小组将专注于 ”社区影响力及增长“和“生态合作拓展” 及。我们的目标是扩大 LXDAO 影响力,吸引更多建设者加入,提高成员成长和转化率,与合作伙伴建立深度关系,优化媒体宣发渠道等。


  1. 平台数据 推特 5000 +
  2. 翻译文章每周 1 篇,线上热点技术 4 次/月,线下黑客松 1 场,其他 Space 及活动不定期进行
  3. 媒体合作 新增媒体合作 2 家,深度合作媒体 4 家
  4. 系统性识别和建立与至少 5 家关键合作伙伴
  5. 以当前速度的 1.5 倍,新增 Member 40+ ,Buidlercard 10(数量和质量)



1. 平台数据(核心指标)

  • 关注主要平台数据指标,周期性的创建活动,引导互动关注等。
    • LXDAO 项目组和小组如果更好的通力合作,增长不是几个人或者个别小组的,而是整个 LXDAO 每个人的事,如果更好的合作去建设和完成
    • 项目和各小组的内容整合,推特简报,项目小组互动,以运营小组牵头,推动其他小组共同来配合。
    • 包括各活动引导关注动作及指引多一些
    • 平台数据增长:采取一系列策略来吸引和保留用户,还可以提高现有用户的活跃度和参与度,从而实现数据的持续增长。
  • 活动/增长/合作/宣发媒体/生态/开发者/项目——扩大影响力
  • 可持续性的活动(策划好的内容和热点,每月于 4次线上技术热点 Space(与各组及外邀嘉宾一起合作),各小组协助完成4月30日前黑客松落地 1 场,周期性非技术链接Space 建立共识,价值和归属感等)
  • 可持续的内容产出(专家组 research 1篇/周(催促原创高质量内容生产,中英文版本);治理小组研报及生叙事文章的内容 1篇/周(运营小组可以协助叙事性内容编写);翻译优质的内容 1篇/周;等等)

2. 国际化生态扩展(核心指标)

  • 合作伙伴关系深化: 系统性识别和建立与至少 3家关键合作伙伴及优质媒体开展深度合作关系,以增强影响力和资源整合。社区深度合作,共学,黑客松等
  • 资源共享与整合: 择优选择合作伙伴共享资源和专业知识,以促进双方利益的最大化。
  • 扩展生态资源: 结合各小组各项目组成 BD 团队,对外去扩展资源(把核心和独家资源拿到手上)至少 3 家生态 Grants
    • 深耕OP生态,探索其他生态,如 arb,还有一些潜力股的新生态(artela,ethsorage 等,节点托管,公链开发者社区服务)
    • 深度合作社群,更深度合作,形成利益共同体(共学,共建项目,黑客松,workshop,等利益共同盟)

3. 基础——基础运营和规则

  • 聚焦主线任务(明确 LXDAO 整理目标愿景)
  • 组建好运营小组团队人才的挖掘(驱动力,价值感和归属感是来创造的)
  • onboarding 流程和机制的完善(更好地激活,激发更多的人创造,完善人才库)—— 运营组协助,Forge 小组具体落地

4. 人才激活及挖掘

  • 社区成员发展: 支持和鼓励新成员加入,培养更多 Buidler,为成员提供转化和成长环境。
  • 优化资源分配: 根据项目需求和社区反馈,优化资源分配策略,确保资源的有效利用。
  • 人才发展计划: 了解加入 LXDAO 社区成员需求,制定针对优秀社区成员的个人发展计划,为社区和项目需求提供更好的支持,推动社区的可持续发展。培养项目运营专项人才(同时运营学习分享、强化运营组能力


运营小组 每月 预算为 14000

S7 将持续三个月,从 3 月 1 日到 5 月 31 日,我们将总计申请 14000*3= 42000 LXPU 用作运营小组经费

其中,LXPU = LXP + USDT/USDC,稳定币和 LXP 的比例为 6:4

角色 说明 数量 时薪 时间 预算
PM 详见说明 1 25 40h/week 4000
品牌&推广 详见说明 1 20 20h/week 1600
活动策划及执行 详见说明 1 20 20h/week 1600
社区运营 详见说明 1 20 15h/week 1200
翻译小组 Bounty 详见说明 1 Guider 1人专门负责 1200
BD Bounty 详见说明 2000
运营 Bounty 详见说明 2400
合计 14000


  1. 面向全社区公开竞选的方式,负责人角色优先选择 LXDAO 社区核心成员及 Buidler Card 持有者
  2. 在社区公开论坛提交竞选资料,并交由社区投票选择相应的人选(固定小组成员优化LXDAO Member 及社区贡献者,对 LXDAO社区文化 有一定的了解)
  3. Bounty 面向 LXDAO 整个社区成员,无论你是观望者还是已经准备好加入,这都是跨入LXDAO的第一步。

我们在这里等待着你一起共建,让我们一起汇聚建设者的力量,可持续地构建和支持有良心的 Web3 公共物品和开源项目。


  • 申请人:
  • 申请岗位:(支持多个,也可以自己定义如果不在提案中)
  • 个人介绍:
    • 为什么你适合这个岗位,以及你对岗位的思考及目标计划
    • LXDAO Member Profile:
    • 期待薪酬:(可以与提案定义的不一样)
    • 工作时长:
    • 利益冲突声明:(包括你目前还在做的其他工作、所在的社区,将用于评估工作投入以及是否存在利益冲突等问题)


  1. 每个季度将进行 review 和重新公开竞选
  2. 如果存在比较大的工作问题,将由 PM 沟通清退
  3. 自行决定退出,提前联系负责人沟通
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预算这一块是不是有些格式问题,好像看着有点费劲 :rofl:

Work content

  1. Responsible for formulating the overall strategy and direction of the organization to ensure the achievement of organizational goals.
  2. Activate members and attract potential co-builders.
  3. Internal and external cooperation and business expansion, and establishing partnerships.
  4. Research Web3 operation strategies, cooperate and communicate with various communities/project parties to improve the Web3 native capabilities of the LXDAO operation team.

skill requirements:

  1. Have a better understanding of LXDAO community, culture, mission and values
  2. Have experience in team management and community operation work
  3. Certain narrative and linking capabilities can activate more people to create

Expected output:

  1. Develop an operational plan for the development of LXDAO
  2. Increase LXDAO’s external links and influence
  3. Work together to complete proposal plans and goals

Brand Promotion:
Work content:

  1. Output content (activities, projects, cooperation content and other editors).
  2. Responsible for the daily operation of social media accounts, publishing updates, interactive replies, and enhancing brand influence.
  3. Publicize and organize events for media partners.
  4. Record daily meetings, organize existing content into series, build content support sections, and strengthen information communication.
  5. Data growth on Twitter, TG and other platforms.

skill requirements:

  1. Have certain writing skills and be able to edit, format, create, and identify high-quality articles and content
  2. Social media operations to increase followers and external communication capabilities, including Twitter, official accounts, etc.
  3. Understand and identify with the LXDAO community culture and values

Expected output:

  1. Increase LXDAO community influence through content, etc., and platform data growth indicators
  2. Communicate and link with external parties to maintain a good and positive image

Event planning and execution:
Work content:

  1. Cooperate with BD resources to implement online and offline activities, and establish and maintain long-term relationships with partners.
  2. Plan and execute various hackathons or online (offline) activities.
  3. Assist in achieving growth through event data analysis/review/event planning growth tools, etc.
  4. Event publicity and follow-up.
  5. Activity bounty planning and leadership.

skill requirements:

  1. Have a certain understanding of Web3/LXDAO
  2. Certain English proficiency, event planning and execution capabilities
  3. Have experience in preparing offline activities and can serve as an English host

Expected output:

  1. Expected to be online 4 times/month and 1-2 offline activities/S8
  2. Follow up and implement daily hackathons and partner activities
  3. Use activities to enhance the influence of LXDAO and attract everyone to join LXDAO
  4. Maintain good relationships with all partners

Community Operation:
Work content:

  1. Maintain LXDAO communities, publish relevant information, increase community activity and participation, and organize weekly meetings.
  2. Hotspot tracking and group sharing.
  3. Daily simple cooperation and content promotion.
  4. Community member transformation and technical direction project docking (maintaining the operation of daily affairs of LXDAO community before LXDAO daily affairs are automated).
  5. Assist in growth through data analysis, etc.
  6. Newcomer guidance and Onboarding guidance, linking and gathering community members

skill requirements:

  1. Affinity to people, infectious, strong internal drive, and able to execute things
  2. Ability to host meetings efficiently
  3. Understand and be familiar with community culture, understand Web3 culture, and be able to discover talents and match jobs

Expected output:

  1. Maintain the normal operation of the community and implement operations efficiently
  2. Increase members’ stickiness and activity

Translation Team Bounty:

  1. Track technical hot spots, ensure the continuity and timeliness of the content (grasp the hot spots), and form a systematic knowledge structure, etc. (1 article/week)
  2. Organize the translation and conduct final proofreading of the content.
  3. Externally connect translation tasks from other DAOs
  4. Translate LXDAO content, precipitate it into English, and output it to other platforms such as Twitter
  5. Activate translation team members to create more high-quality content

BD Bounty:

  1. Find, establish and maintain close relationships with channels and partners
  2. Excavate and integrate ecological resources and complete resource expansion, brand cooperation, resource exchange and other related matters.
  3. Flexibly adapt to the needs of the event and look for event sponsorship, event collaboration and other needs.

Operation Bounty:

  1. Activity Bounty (the operation team has the final right to interpret standards)
  2. New people participate in the co-construction of the operation team
  3. Other operations Bounty


  1. 负责制定组织的整体战略和方向,确保组织目标的实现。
  2. 激活成员和吸引有潜力的共建者。
  3. 内外部合作和商业拓展,建立合作伙伴关系。
  4. 研究 Web3 运营策略,与各个社区/项目方进行合作交流提升,提升 LXDAO 运营组的 Web3 原生能力。


  1. 对LXDAO社区、文化、使命价值观比较了解
  2. 有团队管理经验以及对社区运营工作的经验
  3. 一定叙事及链接能力,能激活更多的人来创造


  1. 针对 LXDAO 的发展制定运营的规划
  2. 增加 LXDAO 对外链接和影响力
  3. 通力协作完成提案计划和目标


  1. 输出内容(活动,项目,合作内容其他编辑)。
  2. 负责社交媒体账号的日常运营,发布更新,互动回复,提升品牌影响力。
  3. 媒体合作方活动宣发,活动合作整理。
  4. 日常会议记录,将已有内容整理成系列,建设内容支持板块,加强信息沟通。
  5. 推特,TG 等平台数据增长。


  1. 有一定的文字功底,可以编辑、排版、创作、识别优质文章和内容
  2. 社交媒体运营增粉和对外沟通能力,包括推特、公众号等
  3. 了解并认同 LXDAO 社区文化及价值观


  1. 通过内容等增加 LXDAO 社区影响力,平台数据增长指标
  2. 对外交流和链接,保持良好积极的正面形象


  1. 配合 BD 资源,落地线上线下活动,建立和维护与合作伙伴的长期关系
  2. 策划和执行各类黑客松或者线上(下)活动。
  3. 根据活动数据分析/复盘整理/活动策划增长工具等,协助完成增长。
  4. 活动宣发及跟进。
  5. 活动 bounty 策划主导。


  1. 对Web3 /LXDAO 有一定的了解
  2. 一定的英语水平,活动策划和执行能力
  3. 有筹备线下活动的经验,可以担任英文主持人


  1. 预计线上4次/月,1-2 的线下活动/ S8
  2. 日常黑客松及合作方活动跟进执行
  3. 借助活动提升 LXDAO 影响力,并且吸引大家加入 LXDAO
  4. 维护好各合作方关系


  1. 维护 LXDAO 各社群,发布相关资讯,提升社区活跃度和参与度,周会组织。
  2. 热点跟踪和群内分享。
  3. 日常简单合作宣发和内容宣发,社区会议的上传、会议管理、日历管理。
  4. 社区成员转化和技术方向项目方对接(在 LXDAO 日常事务未自动化前,维持 LXDAO 社区日常事务的运转)。
  5. 通过数据分析等,协助完成增长。
  6. 新人指引和 Onboarding 引导,链接和凝聚社区成员


  1. 对人富有亲和力,具有感染力,内驱力强,对事有执行力
  2. 具备高效主持会议的能力
  3. 了解和熟悉社区文化,了解 Web3 文化,可以挖掘人才和匹配工作


  1. 维持社区的正常运行,高效落实运营工作
  2. 增加成员的粘性和活跃度

翻译小组 Bounty:

  1. 对技术实事热点跟踪,保证内容的持续性,及时性(抓住热点),形成系统的知识结构等。(1篇/周)
  2. 组织翻译,对内容进行最终的校对。
  3. 外接其他 DAO 的翻译任务
  4. 翻译 LXDAO 内容,沉淀成英文,输出到推特等其他平台
  5. 激活翻译小组成员,创造更多的优质内容

BD Bounty:

  1. 寻找、建立并维护与渠道、合作伙伴的紧密关系
  2. 挖掘和整合生态资源,完成资源拓展、品牌合作、资源互换等相关事宜。
  3. 根据活动需求,灵活适应,寻找活动赞助、活动联合及其他需求。

运营 Bounty:

  1. 活动 Bounty(运营小组具有最终标准解释权)
  2. 新人参与运营小组共建
  3. 其他运营 Bounty
  • 申请人:tiao
  • 申请岗位:翻译小组 bounty
  • 为什么你适合这个岗位,以及你对岗位的思考及目标计划
    • 我习惯阅读英文内容,日常也会关注区块链英文内容,在翻译小组工作过较久,有过一些产出。也参与过之前由 Ray 主导的 web3 公共物品报告的写作。

    • 我对于翻译的思考是:

      • 对待所翻译的内容,觉得它是重要的(热点和流量相关的主题不放在内)。
      • 然后所翻译的内容应当是某一个大的分类下的内容,如以太坊的经典文献,或者广受好评的文章(如“升级以太坊”,目前好像还没有发现翻译),或某个公共物品项目的汉化。这样的话,我们挑选文章和翻译时就会有我们的观点在,而不是零散的,因为那些文章是一个更大系列的一部分,随着这些工作的积累,也许最后能够逐渐形成主题性的读本(如 LX 读本),供有兴趣了解 web3 的技术和文化的圈外人阅读(随着时间发展,我假设这样的兴趣会越来越大)。
      • 这样,我们所挑选和翻译的文章,当然也会呈现我们的观点和劳动,最终的目标是产生一些超出薪酬工作之外的价值,对自己的劳动和目标负责。如果做不到,底线是对得起工资。
      • 一些专题的例子:1)公共化技术:与 web3 密切相关的科技(如 ZK)与社会性的技术(如 QF);2)小径分岔——weh3 话语的起源(影响了以太坊中的一些关注点的思想源头,如加密朋克、如开源软件运动等等相关的、但未被关注到的重要文本);3)展览:以太坊中的公共物品(翻译一些项目的内容);4)与最近热点相关的好文章(如 Gitcoin 白皮书)。前三者着重于未被关注到的但是重要的作品,最后一个类别主要在于吸引流量。
      • 关于如何激发大家的参与,我暂时还没有很好的想法,假设随着内容的固定产出,我想会逐步想办法让大家有机地参与进来。我目前的想法是定向邀请。
    • LXDAO Member Profile:拥有 buildcard

    • 期待薪酬:1200

    • 工作时长:预计每周 10 个小时

    • 利益冲突声明:暂无





  1. 为什么你适合这个岗位,以及你对岗位的思考及目标计划

:heart:1.1 为什么你适合这个岗位:

1.1.1 拥有良好的文字功底,愿意主动思考

1.1.2 将所学社交媒体运营策略转化为实践,助力LXDAO品牌推广

1.1.3 拥有一颗良心,认同LXDAO价值观

1.1.4 爱学习,带着“如何更好建设 LXDAO 的想法”来思考问题

:heart:1.2 你对岗位的思考及目标计划

1.2.1 提高有效用户总量——数据增长

:grinning:积极产出内容,以优质内容吸引用户。对接项目和各小组,定期产出优质内容,发布社交媒体平台(专家组 research 1篇/周;治理小组研报及生叙事文章的内容 1篇/周;翻译优质的内容 1篇/周);并对产出内容整理形成系列,提高内容沉淀和完善性。

*对媒体的合作:*通过对媒体(登链、PANews, foresightnews,深潮等)合作,转载文章内容,使得文章触达的面更广,将媒体的用户转化为LXDAO成员。

:grinning: 追踪热点。

1.2.2 提高单体用户价值——留存&促活


包括完善 onboarding 机制(完善LXDAO的介绍/引导新成员领取 Bounty任务等达到留存目标)、每周一次的情感space活动等方式,增加成员之间的情感联系和纽带,加强社区的凝聚力和归属感,促进用户留存和活跃度的提升。

配合社区运营分析LXDAO成员的用户画像(可以通过官网的注册数据分析),将用户根据加入动机或用户类型等方式(开发者/共建者/合作者/投资者 or 注册/轻度参与/深度参与 or 凑热闹/想学习/真正贡献等……)进行分类,并针对不同类别的用户制定精细化的运营策略(用户激励如奖章/bounty、周期性活动如常规周会/节日活动触达物料等),以实现不掉粉、粉吸粉的目标。

  1. LXDAO Member Profile:LXDAO Member, New User of the Month

  2. 期待薪酬: 1600 LXPU

  3. 工作时长:20 h/week

  4. 利益冲突声明:无

  • 申请人:yaoyao

  • 申请岗位:活动策划及执行

  • 为什么你适合这个岗位

  1. 2023年上半年参加seedao新手营,成立seegirls社群(3个月运营),负责群管理、海报制作、推文制作、传播宣推等工作。
  2. 下半年加入LXDAO,web3持续学习中;在LXDAO支持的donate3项目短暂负责过运营工作,包括twitter的运营及项目方之间的合作沟通执行; 目前正支持LXDAO的项目合作执行,在与alcove合作的训练营推广中,组建150+人的专属社群,成功报名训练营56人,黑客松工作持续推广中。
  3. 有4年合资车企工作的经验,主要负责营销活动策划执行、项目管理等,执行能力强,可英文沟通交流。


  1. 我认为活动分为对内活动,以及对外活动,活动可以是大型或小型,线上或是线下;对内活动是维护dao组织内成员活跃度及忠诚度的策略之一,对外活动则是提高影响力、知名度以及纳新的策略之一;对外与口碑好影响力大的合作方合作,也可以提升lxdao的影响力

  2. 目标计划初步想法:
    a. 为LXDAOer提供更多学习以及黑客松活动的机会,做好线上活动、合作项目的策划和跟进,与社区&推广人员一起做好跟进执行和宣推工作;
    b. 在有限的人员和预算支持下,增加线下小型活动,如黑客house、分享会,邀请LXDAOer,合作媒体及项目方等,面对面的沟通和讨论,有助于维系与LXDAOer之间、合作方之间的关系,以及让更多新人了解和体验LXDAO,加入LXDAO;

  • LXDAO Member Profile:
    • 期待薪酬:1600
    • 工作时长:20h/week
    • 利益冲突声明:无
  • 申请人:Ache

  • 申请岗位: 社区运营

  • 为什么你适合这个岗位,以及你对岗位的思考及目标计划

    首先,我对人具有很强的亲和力和感染力,这使我能够轻松与社区成员建立联系,并激发他们对LXDAO的兴趣和参与。我认同 LXDAO 的价值观,内驱力和执行力也足够,能够确保我不仅仅是计划和讨论,还能将计划付诸实施,实现社区目标。


    我加入LXDAO的时间也超过一年了,对LXDAO的 社区文化和Web3文化有深入了解,与社区成员之间也都比较熟悉。这使我能够有效地将新成员转化为社区的活跃参与者,并与各合作项目方有效对接,促进社区与项目间的合作和发展。

  • 我对于社区运营的思考是:
    • 我认为,社区运营的核心在于建立和维护一个积极、包容的社区氛围。这意味着需要不仅关注社区的数量增长,更要注重质量和参与度。例如,通过定期组织分享会、技术交流会和问答环节,可以增强社区成员的归属感和活跃度。

    • 其次,我认为有效的社区运营需要建立在数据驱动的基础上。这包括对社区活动的参与度、成员增长率、成员留存率等关键指标的持续跟踪和分析。通过对这些数据的深入理解,我们可以识别社区成长的趋势和问题点,进而调整策略,如改进新人onboarding流程,提升新成员的转化率和留存率。

    • 社区运营还需关注成员间的互动和协作。这包括鼓励成员之间的交流分享,搭建平台让成员能够相互学习和成长。例如,可以通过创建共学小组,让有共同兴趣或目标的成员一起工作学习,推进具体的社区项目或活动。

    • 我认为社区运营应该具有一定的前瞻性,需要规划社区的长期发展。这可能涉及到社区文化的培养、核心成员的培养以及与其他组织或社区的合作等方面。

    • 另外我认为月度POC参与人数是衡量 LXDAO 贡献者是否有效增长的重要指标,我希望能够在这个季度与运营小组一起把该指标提高,让更多成员参与贡献

  • LXDAO Member Profile:拥有 buildcard
  • 期待薪酬:1600
  • 工作时长:预计每周 20 个小时
  • 利益冲突声明:暂无