Operation Group recruiting

Hello, every one, I am Sanzhi, S4 leader of Operation Group.
Now, we are recruiting now.
Content Group * 3:
Collect, organize, and produce Web3 valuable content with multi-platform output.
Valuable content co-generated with the LXDAO community.
Work details: content production, editing, sorting, self-media account operation, event planning.

Space and Podcast Group * 1:
Space with LXDAO buidler and friends to produce podcasts.
Work details: Space preparation, hosting, podcast recording and editing and uploading.

The members recruited are divided into fixed positions and bounty pools, the difference between the two is that fixed positions require a fixed amount of time per week, and the participation is not limited to a certain category and is relatively fixed. The bounty pool, on the other hand, is linked to specific projects or events, and needs to be responsible for matters and follow up on results.

This recruitment is an bounty pool.

If you wanna get more info, please go to proposal, link below

And if you have any suggetion, please put them here.

I signed up and I can do some operational tasks for bounty with flexible hours