Operation Group Proposal

Title: Operation Group Proposal

Authors: Sanzhi

Editors: Sanzhi、Marcus、Echo

Date Created: 2023/04/11

Establish Working Group


  1. Attract more people to LXDAO, Collaborate with LXDAO community to achieve the mission of LXDAO.(attract more people to join LXDAO, enhance members’ sense of participation and community activity)
  2. To achieve LXDAO’s mission, it is necessary to make more people, project parties, and DAOs aware of it. The operational team needs to communicate the mission to more people and implement the value behind the mission more effectively. (Expand LXDAO’s Brand influence, cooperation with more friends, gather Web3er’s power together to buidl Web3.)
  3. LXDAO has developed many products that require operational and marketing support. The operational team can assist with basic operations during the early cold start stage of the project by disseminating content through the operation system.(Provide early operation, promote and market support to LXDAO’s projects.)


Output content, plan events, and collaborate with partner friends to expand and extend all of us(LXDAO) existing value.

  1. Content operation: Through content output and media channel building, LXDAO’s value and mission are conveyed to continuously attract developers, operators, designers, project managers, investors, and others who want to join Web3 construction. (Collaborate with various teams to complete some sections, independently output some sections)
  2. Cooperative expansion: Find cooperative partners who share the same values and jointly build Web3, gather the strength of builders through DAO.
  3. Community operation: Keep in touch with newly joined community members and improve user engagement through activity planning. (Collaborate with governance team to complete)
  4. Activity operation: Plan interesting activities to attract LXDAO builders to participate in building valuable public goods and open-source projects.


  1. Achieve LXDAO’s mission to be launched, complete 1000 people to join LXDAO to become builders.
  2. Be a pioneer in bringing DAOs (new ways of living and working) into the real world.

S4 Goals:

  1. Add buidler:
  2. Revitalize:
  3. Project grows:


Daily Operation:

  1. week work plan and operation needs confirm
  2. Meeting: Every Tuesday or Thursday from 12:30-13:00 pm.
  3. post
  4. AMA host.
    work framework
  5. Information and content output to media
  6. Provide more support to LXDAO’s projects.
  7. Collect all valuable information to our community
  8. Connect with other partners, deal with the cooperation’s needs.
  9. 1 time / week Twitter Space

Host a LXDAO Workshop (a study to work plan), cooperation with 20+ partners and attract 100+ people join in this plan, output content 10+, complete project outcome 6+, cooperation media 5+.
(this number need to be confirm)
And provide better support to LXDAO’s projects.

Team settings

Leader: 1

Assistant Leader: 1 ~ 2

Co-worker: unlimited

Leader is responsible for daily management and advancement, creating the overall activity plan and collaborating with team members, following up on member results and results review, controlling the output and content of the activity, and adjusting and following up on results according to weekly progress.

Assistant Leader: records the task assignments and work time of team members, records member results and participates in result review, follows up on B-side cooperation and PR.

Co-work: assumes the tasks assigned and is responsible for the results achieved. (when this work is table, will be fixed work)

Role Amount
Leader 1 20hrs/week 25/h 2000(U/LXP)/Month
Assistant Leader: 1~2 10~15hrs/Week 20U/h 1200 ~1600 (U/LXP)/Month
Bounty 2400 (U/LXP)/Month
Total per Month 6000 (U/LXP)/Month
Total 18000(U/LXP)

Discord or WeChat to host activity? Prefer DC

Lack of application requirements, application process, and rotation mechanism.

S4 Goals:

Need to be clearer

The proposal structure should follow the proposal template. https://www.notion.so/lxdao/Governance-Proposal-Template-LIP-7e5ca2d14fa24239b0841c313daff86f

Might be good to use ChatGPT to revise the content, seems there are some grammar issues.

No space between us and (LXDAO). Proposals should have as high content quality as possible.

Seems no need to put the biggest goal here. And the Goal content should be S4 Goals.

Need to be more detailed, as Kahn mentioned. Please refer to other proposals.

Is it a question? Or?

Post what? Need to be clearer.

Please use ChatGPT to improve the content quality.

This should be categorized in the Projects from the operation group. For example, there are Routine works and Projects in the Operation Working Group.

This should be part of Routine work or Daily Operations.

Strongly suggest having at least one full-time remote working operator, there are a lot of daily operation works, and the operator must be responded quickly.

Operation Group Proposal (final)

Title: Operation Group Proposal

Authors: Sanzhi

Editors: Sanzhi、Marcus、Echo

Date Created: 2023/04/17

Establish Working Group


  1. LXDAO’s mission success relies on broader participation beyond the current Web3 community. The operations team must convey the mission and generate its value to attract more people, expanding the community and increasing engagement.
  2. Work together with LXDAO community members, builders, partners, and collaborators to fulfill its mission.
  3. LXDAO has developed valuable products that need operational and marketing support during the initial stage. Establishing an operations team will create a systematic approach to publicity, distribution, and operations, ensuring effective support during this crucial phase.


Establish an operations team and reorganize past operational work based on LXDAO’s new mission. Through content output, event planning, and brand collaboration, export LXDAO’s existing value and showcase and expand its future value.

  1. Content Operations: Continuously attract developers, operators, designers, project managers, investors, and others interested in Web3 development through valuable content output, while establishing strong media partnerships based on this.
  2. Partnership Expansion: Find conscientious partners to jointly build Web3 and, through DAO, pool the power of builders.
  3. Community Operations: Provide valuable information to the community, secure more benefits for community members, plan workshops with learning and practical value, organize social and entertaining activities, create deep connections among participating community members, and promptly collect and follow up on feedback to continuously improve, optimize, and generate value.
  4. Event Planning: Plan conscientious and interesting events to engage LXDAO builders in creating valuable public goods and open-source projects.



The Operation Working Group will be responsible for the following:

Routine work:

  1. Create a weekly operations work plan to keep community members informed about the week’s activities and information.
  2. Content Operations
    1. Edit, proofread, and publish the “Weekly” on Medium and WeChat Official Account. (Main media)
    2. Community News: Provide real-time updates on hackathons, partner projects, community topics and discussions, current events, and activities.
    3. Official Account Maintenance: Update QR codes, respond to messages, and improve content on the official account.
  3. Support LXDAO projects
    1. Compile project and working group weekly summaries and plans into the Weekly Report.
    2. Confirm operational needs with each project and working group for the week, update the project needs spreadsheet, and synchronize with the community. Project needs include launch announcements, activity updates, and partnership requirements.
  4. Partnership Expansion
    1. Actively explore collaboration opportunities with major partners for in-depth cooperation.
    2. Maintain and update a partner contact spreadsheet.
    3. Announce confirmed partnerships, collect partner branding materials, and finalize cooperation models.
    4. Monitor partner needs and update cooperation progress.
    5. Encourage Buidlers to refer potential partners.
  5. Operations Meeting: Every Tuesday or Thursday from 12:30-13:00.
  6. Host AMAs

Project work

  1. Organize LXDAO workshops.
  2. Hold periodic Spaces events.

Rotation Mechanism

  • Rotation takes place every quarter.
  • Before the start of the next quarter, the leader will issue a community recruitment notice.
  • The leader organizes a meeting of all members participating in the working group to discuss the work content of the next quarter, and the leader decides who will participate in the next quarter.
  • It is determined that all those who participate in the working group can run for the leader and vote in the community; if no one participates in the election, the previous leader will continue to serve.



  • Have a solid understanding of LXDAO and believe in its future.
  • Be familiar with the basic DAO operations model and essential operational tools.
  • Commit to a stable amount of time (10-20 hours) per week.
  • Prior experience in DAO operations, project growth, marketing, and user operations is a plus.
  • For the Leader position, candidates with team management experience are preferred.
  • Strong communication skills, thick-skinned, and patient are bonus qualities.
  • Exceptional enthusiasm, honesty, and responsibility are highly valued.

Application Process

  • First, applicants for fixed positions must be Buidlers.
  • Second, each applicant must introduce themselves, either by submitting a resume or a public statement, highlighting their strengths, work style, time commitment, and time commitment period.
  • For the Leader position, applicants must have been a Buidler for at least three months and have participated in LXDAO’s operational work for three months or demonstrated exceptional past operational achievements.
  • After the Leader posts the recruitment notice for the next quarter, applicants should proactively sign up with the Leader.
  • Applicants should attend the quarterly meetings organized by the Leader to discuss work content and responsibilities.
  • The Leader will decide whether an applicant is accepted. Applicants who are not approved can participate in bounty tasks issued by the working group, but they will not have fixed work responsibilities.


  • Fixed position salary expenditure.
  • Bounty mission payouts.

Season 4 Proposal


The operations team was established during the fourth quarter of LXDAO. At this stage, the team needs to design operational plans based on LXDAO’s past value creation and unique features, and execute them efficiently and quickly. Tasks include, but are not limited to: organizing and outputting existing content, providing clear operational support to project and working groups, reconnecting with community Buidlers, understanding their needs, and collaborating to create value.

S3 summary

During the previous quarter, the overall operations framework was 50% complete. We finished the content pool, media channels, project needs spreadsheet, and system operations support SOP. We also planned activities such as Spaces, translation group learning plans, Web3 learning plans, and the LX Gift Package, but implementation was insufficient. In the next quarter, we will provide a clearer organization and positioning for these tasks, while focusing on strengthening execution and efficiency.

Proposal Description

S4 Goals

Reconnect with existing Buidlers, create new value together, and jointly welcome and guide newcomers to join.

Re-Connect: Engage in conversations with existing Buidlers, explore their self-introduction, connections, reasons for joining LXDAO, expectations for development, and suggestions for current collaboration. Outputs: Spaces and Podcasts.

Create new value: Utilize the domain expertise of existing Buidlers and the research and development features of LXDAO to conduct learning workshops and collaborate with external partners. Learning workshops are small-scale, outcome-oriented events related to the ecosystem, and their outputs have sustainable construction and value. Outputs: Workshops and knowledge systems.

Attract more newcomers: Continuously produce content to attract more people to join, and collaborate with the governance team to integrate the LXDAO onboarding process and collaboration model (relevant documentation and tools) into the workshops. This will help new workshop participants better engage in LXDAO and form effective collaboration patterns with others.

Quantitative indicators explanation: (Key Result)

Based on the content mentioned above, we will quantify the objectives in descending order of priority.

  1. New members: 60+ Buidlers, 200 members
  2. B2B partnership expansion: 1 major partner, 1 traffic platform partner
  3. Influence growth: Increase in total platform fans by 10,000+
  4. Profit consideration: No direct profit requirements for the S4 stage, but all events must take into account sustainability and business models.

Team settings

Leader: 1

Deputy team leader:: 1 ~ 2

Team members: Unlimited

The team leader is responsible for daily management and progress, formulating and organizing operation plans and goals, collaborating with team members to achieve operational objectives, following up on members’ output and feedback, and producing activities and content that meet requirements. They also handle weekly progress adjustments, results follow-ups, and verify team members’ working hours.

Deputy team leader: They closely follow up on the progress and execution of projects within the team and DAO, expand B2B partnerships, and work with the team leader to push for task execution. They also verify team members’ working hours.

Team members: Team members are responsible for the output of the incentive plans they take on, communicate with the team leader in a timely manner, make real-time adjustments, and promote the generation of results.

Role Amount weekly time
Leader 1 20hrs/week 25/h 2000(U/LXP)/Month
Assistant Leader: 2 10hrs/Week 20U/h 1600 (U/LXP)/Month
Bounty 2400 (U/LXP)/Month
Total per Month 6000 (U/LXP)/Month
Total 18000(U/LXP)



  1. LXDAO的使命成就依赖于更广泛的参与,不仅仅局限于现有的Web3社区。运营团队需要将使命传达给更多人,扩大社区规模并提高活跃度。
  2. 与LXDAO社区的所有成员、建设者、伙伴及协作者齐心协力,共同实现使命。
  3. LXDAO已研发出众多优质产品,而在初始阶段,这些产品亟需运营与市场支持。组建运营团队将构建系统性的宣传、分发及运营策略,为关键时期提供有力支持。


成立运营小组,将过往运营工作内容根据 LXDAO 的新使命进行梳理。通过内容输出、活动策划、品牌合作将 LXDAO 现有价值进行输出,将未来价值显现和扩大。

  1. 内容运营:通过有价值的内容输出不断吸引想加入 Web3 建设的开发者、运营、设计师、项目经理、投资者等,同时基于此建立良好的媒体合作关系。
  2. 合作拓展:找到符合良心价值观的合作方,共同建设 web3,通过 DAO 的方式,汇聚建设者的力量。
  3. 社群运营:收集整理有价值的信息给到社群,为社群成员争取更多的福利,同时策划具有学习与实践价值的工作坊,开展具有社交娱乐属性的活动,让参与建设的社群成员产生深度的链接,及时收集与跟进成员的反馈,不断改进、优化,持续产生价值。
  4. 活动策划:策划符合良心价值观且有趣的活动,吸引 LXDAO 建设者的参与构建有价值的公共物品与开源项目。





  1. 制作本周运营工作计划表,让社区成员及时了解本周活动与信息概况。
  2. 内容运营
    1. 《周报》编辑、校对、发布中英文主媒体( medium 和微信公众号)。
    2. 社区快讯:实时更新黑客松、合作方的项目、社群话题与讨论、时事热点、活动等信息。
    3. 公众号维护:后台二维码实时更新、信息回复、公众号内容搭建与完善。
  3. 给LXDAO项目提供支持
    1. 跟进项目组与工作组本周工作总结与下周计划,整理成《周报》
    2. 与各个项目组、工作组确认本周运营需求,更新本周项目需求表格,同步社区。项目需求包含项目的上线发布、活动动态、合作需求等。
  4. 合作方扩展
    1. 积极拓展大项目方合作机会,进行深度合作
    2. 制作合作方联系表格,实时更新。
    3. 确认合作关系的,对合作模式进行确认后进行官宣,同时收集合作方品牌物料。
    4. 跟进合作方需求,实时更新合作进度。
    5. 鼓励Buidler引荐合作方。
  5. 运营会议:每周二或周四中午12:30-13:00
  6. AMA 主持


  1. 开展周期性 Space
  2. 播客
  3. 举办 LXDAO 工作坊


  • 每季度轮换选举
  • 下个季度开始前,Leader 会发布社区招聘启事。
  • Leader 组织参加工作组的全体成员开会,讨论下一季度的工作内容,由 Leader 决定下一季度的参加人员。
  • 确定所有参与工作组的人都可以竞选 Leader 并在社区投票;如果没有人参加选举,前任 Leader 将继续任职。



  • 对 LXDAO 足够了解,且相信 LXDAO 的未来。
  • 了解 DAO 运营基本模式与基础运营工具。
  • 有一个稳定的时间承诺(10-20h)
  • 有 DAO 运营经验、项目增长经验、市场与用户运营经验优先。
  • 对于 Leader 职位,有团队管理经验者优先。
  • 沟通能力好,脸皮厚且耐心是加分项
  • 极高的热情、坦诚与负责是加分项目


  • 首先,固定岗位申请人必须是 Buidler
  • 其次,每个申请人需要先进行自我介绍,可以是直接发简历或者公开说明书,提前说明擅长之处、处事模式、投入时间、投入时间阶段。
  • 对于 Leader 职位,申请人需要至少满足3个月的 Buidler,并且参与 LXDAO 运营工作满 3个月或过往有卓越的运营成果。
  • Leader 发布下季度招聘启事后,主动向 Leader 报名。
  • 应聘者参加 Leader 组织的季度例会,讨论工作内容和工作职责。
  • 申请人是否通过,由 Leader 决定。未获批的申请人可参与工作组下发的赏金任务,但没有固定的工作内容。


  • 固定岗位薪资支出。
  • 赏金任务奖励支付。

S4 提案


运营小组的成立时间在 LXDAO 第四季度,这个阶段需要基于过往 LXDAO 产生的价值以及 LXDAO 特色进行运营方案设计,且高效快速执行。包括不限于:对已有内容梳理与输出,给项目组、工作组提供清晰的运营辅助支持,与社区 buidler 再次建立链接,了解需求,且协作产生价值。

S3 总结



S4 目标

重新与已有 Buidler 链接、链接后一起创造新的价值,共同迎接和指引新人加入。

Re-Connect:与已有的buidler对话,buidler的自我介绍与探索、链接产生(如何了解和加入LXDAO)的缘由、期待的发展与当下建议协作产出内容。产出:Space 与 播客。

创造新的价值:利用现有的 Buidler 的领域优势与LXDAO 的研发特性,开展学习工作坊,同时与外部链接合作。学习工作坊为小型、与生态相关联的的结果导向型工作坊,产出的内容具备一定可持续性的建设与价值。产出:工作坊与知识体系。

吸引更多新人加入:通过不断产出的内容吸引更多人加入,同时与i治理小组配合,将 LXDAO 的 onboarding 流程与 LXDAO 的协作模式(相关文档与使用工具)融入到工作坊中,让加入工作坊的新成员更好地参与 LXDAO,与大家形成良好的协作模式。

指标量化说明:(Key Result)


  1. 新增成员:buidlers 60+,member: 200人
  2. B端合作拓展:大合作方 x 1,流量平台合作 x 1
  3. 影响力增长:全平台粉丝 10000+ 增长
  4. 盈利的考虑,S4阶段暂无直接盈利需求,但所有事件需要考虑到可持续性与商业模式。



副组长:1 ~ 2



副组长:实时跟进组内项目、DAO 内项目的进展与执行,拓展B端合作,与组长共同推进任务的执行,共同完成团队成员的工作时间审核。


角色 人数 每周投入时间 计算方式
组长 1 20hrs/week 25/h 2000(U/LXP)/Month
副组长 2 10hrs/Week 20U/h 1600 (U/LXP)/Month
激励池 2400 (U/LXP)/Month
每月总计 6000 (U/LXP)/Month
季度总计 18000(U/LXP)
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