Open-source or simple version of utopia?

Utopia is winding down Utopia’s Product is Winding Down on November 6th. It is a very useful tool for treasury management.

We are looking to see if we can do something about it. Like an open-source version of utopia, only including the core features like providing an interface for managing funds?

There are still a lot of details that need to be discussed.

Real Experience Impression on the product:

  1. With a strong SaaS flavor, it is a productized SaaS for the processing of various payment business processes and data. However, in the realm of payments, it supports tokens (traditional SaaS companies would certainly fall short in the fiat domain). You can feel the strong SaaS path dependence of the core team behind it.
  2. In itself, it could be considered a peripheral SaaS app for Safe, indeed solving some problems, but lacking a moat. The moat is at the layer of Safe’s contracts/protocol.
  3. Why has it been able to secure so much financing (from top-tier VC paradigm): Bull market, strong background of the core team, and the hype around DAOs, making it seem like DAO integration is a necessity.


  1. 浓浓的SaaS味道,是对支付业务流程和数据的各类处理的产品化SaaS化,不过支付对象支持了token(fiat这块肯定做不过传统的这类SaaS公司),可以感受到背后core team的SaaS路径依赖很重
  2. 本身最多算是Safe的一个周边SaaS app,确实解决了一些问题,但是没有moat,moat在Safe这层的合约/protocol
  3. 为啥可以拿到那么多融资(顶级VC paradigm):牛市,core team背景,DAO火所以感觉DAO发送自这块是刚需

Our Approach and Positioning:

  1. Emphasis on Strong Tool Attributes:
  • A powerful tool capable of solving real-world problems.
  • Being non-native without a moat is acceptable since the value capture lies elsewhere (in the value capture of FairSharing contracts or the subsequent LXDAO protocol).
  • Moat lies in transitions from Safe and 0xsplit to L2 and L1 (we can apply for grants).
  • Compatibility with all wallets, with a primary focus on Safe, including potential support for future AAs.
  1. Exploring Low-Cost SaaS Logic:
  • Exploring a SaaS logic with extremely low prices, making the cost of imitation high and the returns low—an unconventional but potentially effective moat.
  1. Focused on Token Payments:
  • Specialized in token payments, avoiding immediate expansion into other realms (e.g., fiat on-ramp, off-ramp). Future expansion possibilities into financial services (swap, dex, lend) given the inherent liquidity demand.
  1. Innovative Payroll Contracts:
  • Developing a straightforward and clear set of profit-sharing payroll contracts (vs. distinctions from 0xsplit).
  • Complementing Safe’s multi-signature payment attributes to meet the essential needs of DAO or community payroll and reward distribution.

Conclusion: Initial impressions suggest direct integration of 0xsplit and Safe, enhancing the frontend UX, which not only addresses LXDAO’s concerns but also facilitates the adoption of existing users (TokenPay and FairSharing products).


  1. 强工具属性,可以解决实际问题,本身不native没moat也ok,价值捕获点不在这里(在于FairSharing的合约价值捕获,或后续LXDAO protocol的价值捕获);单看这个tool,moat在safe和0xsplit再到L2和L1(我们可以去申请grant)
    1. 可以支持配合所有wallet,主要做but不局限于safe,包括后续的AA
  2. 价格极低的SaaS逻辑也可能可行(让抄袭的成本很高收益很低,成本模式也是一种moat)
  3. 支付专注做token payment,暂时不扩大边界(比如不做fiat on-ramp、off-ramp),后续可以衍生到理财类(swap、dex、lend)(有资金就有流动性需求)
  4. 我们自己组合出一套简单清晰的分钱发工资合约(vs 0xsplit的区别?),补充safe的多签支付属性(DAO或社区发工资、分配奖励是刚需)