OP中文社区发展以及走国际化方向 - Proposal

首先Marcus带领中文社区搞得很好,我每次周会都有参与~ 特别好~


  1. OP中文社区的定位:OP作为一个Layer2 Rollup本身有技术属性,我们做社区的时候可以选择多偏技术一些,或者偏小白一些。目前看来marcus可以做一些强运营型的事情,做的很好。我这边能把OP偏技术方向的事情做起来,对OP中文社区的正统型和含金量都有益处。

  2. OP中文社区在海外的影响力

  3. 对OP stack技术的把握
    作为一个OP技术的社区,我们还要了解OP,OP stack,superchain等等 各种社区和产品的生态和生态的参与者,以及每个项目,生态的角色。分别从技术角度,和社区角度能有一些理解。


  1. 需要拉拢别的社区参与一起建设OP

我们对外宣传的途径:可以有twitter,Notion page,或者一个简单的网页,微信公众号。

资金问题: 一方面我们想和别的社区一起建设,但是从别的社区要资金和协同又涉及效率问题。
如果我们想快速把OP做起来,建议可以从OP grant里面拨款一部分资金做OP中文社区。毕竟是OP社区支持的grant,我们拿更多的资金来做OP中文社区也有正当性。有了这一部分的链上记录,我们作为一个资金池透明管理的社区,也可以申请更多OP来作为后续的社区建设,也是OP希望看到的。


Firstly, Marcus has been doing a great job leading the Chinese community, and I participate in the weekly meetings every time. It’s really good.

Here, I mainly want to talk about what I can do for OP, as well as some things that the OP Chinese community can do.

  1. Positioning of the OP Chinese Community: As a Layer2 Rollup, OP inherently has technical attributes. When we build the community, we can choose to focus more on technology or cater to beginners. Currently, Marcus is capable of handling strong operational tasks very well. I can take on the technical aspects of OP, which will benefit the authenticity and value of the OP Chinese community.
  2. Influence of the OP Chinese Community Overseas: Connect with overseas OP communities and project groups, especially overseas Chinese projects, to allow more people to share, participate, and together expand the community. Additionally, establish good relationships with people inside the OP community, with opportunities to participate in or co-host various activities, etc. Communicate and interact with non-OP technical communities and web3 communities.
  3. Understanding of the OP Stack Technology: As a community focused on OP technology, we need to understand OP, OP stack, superchain, and various other community products and ecosystems, as well as the participants in each project and ecosystem. We should have some understanding from both a technical and community perspective. The ultimate goal of our OP Chinese community is to gather more high-quality, influential projects, and at the same time provide a nurturing ground for promising new projects.
  4. Need to Engage Other Communities in Building OP Together:Our external communication channels could include Twitter, a Notion page, a simple website, or a WeChat official account.Funding Issue: On one hand, we want to build together with other communities, but obtaining funds and coordinating with other communities involves efficiency issues. If we want to quickly develop OP, it is advisable to allocate a portion of the funding from the OP grant for the OP Chinese community. Since it’s a grant supported by the OP community, it’s justified for us to use more funds for the OP Chinese community. With this part of the blockchain record, as a community with transparent fund management, we can also apply for more OP for subsequent community development, which is what OP would like to see.
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That sounds so awesome! Support

I’ve set up a twitter account.