Onchain encryption messaging protocol

We can use How to Send an On-Chain Message Using an Ethereum Transaction — Dame.eth to send messages on-chain. This is an excellent way to communicate between addresses without revealing their identities. It is also a more native approach for social interaction on web3, and the gas fees can help reduce scams and ads.

Additionally, we could design a protocol to encrypt messages that can only be decrypted by the receiver’s private key. By doing this, messages will be stored on-chain, and the encryption will be end-to-end, decentralized, and secure.

This should be a public good for social infra.


Similar products:

I remember that Li Xiaolai also made an encrypted end-to-end chat product before

I believe in nostr like protocol.
There is no reason to put the encrypted user message on chain as the on chain space/state is limited public goods.