Non-coin-driven decentralized governance?

Idea from Vitalik:

Below is generated from ChatGPT:

Non-coin-driven decentralized governance refers to the management of a decentralized organization without the use of a native cryptocurrency or token. In this type of governance, decision-making power is distributed among participants, often based on merit, reputation, or contribution, rather than the ownership of tokens. These systems can be found in open-source projects, online communities, and other collaborative efforts.

Here are some resources that discuss non-coin-driven decentralized governance:

  1. “Decentralized Governance without Tokens: Why We Need It and How It Can Work” by Mihai Alisie (co-founder of Ethereum)
  2. “The DAO: A Radical Experiment That Could Be the Future of Decentralized Governance”
  3. “Aragon: Decentralized Governance Without Cryptocurrency”

Since non-coin-driven decentralized governance is a concept rather than a specific code implementation, I cannot provide you with a single code snippet. However, if you are interested in implementing this concept, you can look into existing decentralized governance platforms like Aragon ( or DAOstack (, which can be customized to create non-coin-driven governance structures.