New Buidler Card Holder 2024/04/27

Based on the contribution value of 500 LXPU, there are currently 7 members who have newly reached the target of 500 LXPU contribution.

They are: zoe, connie, yuxing, WangXiaoMing, Loxia, Xiaoya, Yiwen.


1.Self-introduction and your profession

Hello! I’m Zoe, a first-year graduate student majoring in Urban Culture in Shanghai. As someone passionate about public goods, especially those related to culture, I was thrilled to discover a DAO focusing on public goods in the web3 world. Currently, I serve as the editor of the EIP Fun newsletter, where I stay updated on the latest Ethereum developments. Feel free to share your ideas or engage in discussions about EIP Fun or anything related to LXDAO. I’m excited to connect and collaborate with you!

2.Your Web3 Experiences

I started my journey in Web3 as an operations intern at imToken in 2021 and joined LXDAO in October 2023.

3.What would you like to bring to the LXDAO community

I aim to utilize my skills to cultivate a connected and supportive community and drive growth in a high-quality and sustainable manner.

4**.What would you like to gain from the LXDAO community**

Gain LX and meet a lot of friends with LX haha!


Q1: Self-introduction and your profession

I am Connie, and I’m Brand Promotion in LXDAO operation team. I’m from Shanghai and have a background in sociology.I’ve always been someone who enjoys challenges and changes. After graduating, I worked at a state-owned enterprise Although this job was considered stable and convenient, I realized the work did not bring me joy nor did it feel like my efforts truly belonged to me. The corporate environment was filled with rigid hierarchies, where many were content with idle gossip. I felt out of place among them. In search of an environment where ideas, integrity, execution, and equality are valued, I joined LXDAO. Despite being proficient in my previous job, I decisively quit and embraced LXDAO, a decision I’ve never regretted and only wish I had made sooner.

Q2: Your Web3 Experiences

When DAOs first started gaining attention in China around 2020, I joined a few, mostly driven by speculative gains through airdrops from NFT projects. However, It wasn’t until I joined LXDAO that I truly began to understand the potential of Web3. Now, LXDAO has been one of my primary ways of connecting with the world.

Q3: What would you like to bring to the LXDAO community?

I am now responsible for daily operation of social media accounts, publishing updates, interactive replies, and amplifying brand influence, involved in output content such as activities, projects, cooperation content and other editors.Additionally, I handle the organization existing content into thematic series.
I am expanding my knowledge in marketing to further enhance LXDAO’s brand influence.Moreover, I am currently delving into philosophy of politics literature with the intention to produce insightful research reports on DAOs.

Q4: What would you like to gain from the LXDAO community?

I look forward to leveraging LXDAO as a platform to view and engage with the Web3 world, to experience the essence of “LX”, and to collaborate with like-minded, conscientious individuals. It’s a place where I believe I can tru


I am Yu Xing, a native of Chaoshan, currently a fresh graduate in Big Data.

My Web3 experience started from the NFT boom in 22 years in China, divided into three parts, firstly, I have participated in the release planning of four digital collection platforms, involving three parts: content planning, community operation and maintenance, and market regulation, secondly, I have interned in IP Road, cooperating with some explorations related to the combination of NFT and intellectual property rights, and assisting in the domestic legal, public welfare, and fashion fields to make attempts to converge with Web3, including the Issuing NFT, setting up DAO, etc. The third part is to participate in DAO, and I have surrounded and published proposals in FWB and cabinDAO, and I am currently a researcher in the governance group of LXDAO.

I can’t clearly describe what I can bring to LXDAO at this stage because my own experience is messy and unrefined, I have followed and participated in some small-scale forms of self-organisation such as collective outdoor hiking, digital nomads and other groups before I came into contact with DAO organisations, and was very interested in this until the emergence of DAOs, and I felt that the time had come when self-organisation could play a bigger role, so I thought I can this unknown exploration process to find out the problem and solve the problem.

I hope to gain an understanding of the contours of DAO development from the LXDAO community, to know what a DAO will start from, what difficulties it mostly encounters, how it can be solved, and how it fails or succeeds.


Self-introduction and your profession

I am a person full of curiosity and desire to explore, if I use one sentence to summarise my view on life, then it is ‘everything just for fun’, to be an explorer to discover more possibilities in this world. I am a jack-of-all-trades designer, mainly working on branding projects (covering almost all designs), I think what tools you can use is not the most important thing in design, you can use a variety of means to achieve a goal, the most important thing is the idea and the thought, design is a very special behaviour, it serves for the human being, it is the ‘bridge across the chain’ between the human being and the human being! ‘

Your Web3 Experiences

I’ve been exploring the web3 field for half a year, I’ve been involved in organising offline learning activities since I was a beginner, I participated in the 2023 ETH Hangzhou Hackathon and got the first place with my team in the Public Goods track, I’ve been a designer for LXDao and made a lot of materials, and designed the NFT for the ETH mainnet dencun when it was upgraded, and I’m currently involved in the design of the NFT for the ETH mainnet dencun. I’m currently working on a BTC Layer2 project for their branding.

What would you like to bring to the LXDAO community?

I like the pure and friendly community like LXDAO, I hope I can contribute more to it, and spread the values of LXDAO farther through what I am good at, so that the benign ecosystem can survive in web3!

What would you like to gain from the LXDAO community?

I hope to see more web3 possibilities and get more opportunities through the LXDAO platform, and I hope to learn more about the underlying logic and knowledge within such a technical community to better connect web3 with ordinary people.


Self-introduction and your profession:
Long-haul Cyclist

Your Web3 Experiences:
DeFi protocol R&D for 2 years.

What would you like to bring to the LXDAO community:
Useful ideas & Contribution to public goods.

What would you like to gain from the LXDAO community:
Feel the joy of building public goods.



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