MyFirstLayer2 Project Weekly #2

Host: @TwilightLogic
Date: 24th October 2023, Tue
Time: 16:00 - 17:00
Time zone: Beijing Time (UTC+8)

Meeting Link: Join Conversation at Teams

Weekly Meeting Agenda:

  1. Review of Last Week’s Progress:
  • Data Insights:
    • Reviewed data trends captured through Google Analytics.
  • Optimism Project:
    • Submitted application of Optimism RetroPGF 3.
  • Article Publications:
    • Reflected on the reception and impact of the published introductory and technical articles.
  • Website Development:
    • Added Ellen and myself as contributors on the official website.
    • Discussed identified bugs, their implications, and proposed solutions.
  1. Objectives for Next Week:
  • Technical Article Updates:
    • Plan for continuous succinct technical updates on public channels to boost engagement and traffic to the official website. (Uncertain)
    • Discuss the feasibility and potential benefits of publishing across multiple platforms for wider reach.
  • Website Bug Resolutions:
    • Seek suggestions for improvements in the diploma section, including:
      1. Implementing user reminders to connect wallets.
      2. Introducing the testnets (OP, Arb) for user testing and feedback.
  • Data Analysis:
    • Identify key data metrics crucial for monitoring the project’s progress.
    • Discuss strategies for data-driven decision making moving forward.

MFL2 Weekly #2 周会纪要


  • 查看了 Google Analytics 的数据,新增用户数提升到100多个。
  • 申请了 Optimism 的 RPGF。
  • 在公众号上发布了两篇文章,一篇介绍性文章,一篇技术文章。


  • 用户学习完毕后,Mint NFT 证书的流程不够清晰。需要增加连接钱包、切换网络、领取证书的指引。
  • 英文界面与中文提示不统一。
  • Mint NFT 证书时的测试网无法正常选择切换。


  • 持续在公众号发布文章。
  • 收集用户反馈,改进内容。先在内部小范围推广使用。
  • 考虑不同渠道和语言推广。


  • 继续申请更多 grants。
  • 为不同 Layer 2 项目定制内容,先获取广度和影响力,获得足够的资源后再到扩展内容深度。
  • 组织内部测试,收集反馈。确保内容质量后再大规模外推。
  • 持续运营相关微信群,获得反馈,也许可以找到产生新系列的想法。
  • 打磨好内容后可以多在 Twitter,Mirror,Medium 等平台上发布相关英文内容,在国际社区宣传。
  • 考虑系列项目的统一形象设计。


  • 点击官网的“开始学习”按键人数作为用户数(开始学习)。
  • Mint NFT 证书的数量(完成学习)。