[MyFirstLayer2] October Monthly salary and PoW publicity


Hour Rate * Working Hours + Bounty = Salary

Name Role Hour Rate Working Hours ULXP - Total U LXP Bounty
Logic Frontend+PM 25 30 750 450 300 0
Ache Operation 20 4 80 48 32 0

Total costs are 498 U and 332 LXP.

PoW Record

:link: Check out the details in notion.

Key Results

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I found there are some discussions and brainstorming contributions, it is good to have meeting notes or takeaways for them, otherwise, it is hard to verify

Actually, I have drafted the meeting notes, but I am worried that they are not logical and well-written, so I didn’t attach the link earlier. Now, you should be able to see it by clicking on the Notion link above.

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