MyFirstLayer2 November Contributions Trackbacks and Allocations

Bonus Trackback By Logic, Ache

Main Contributions: MyFirstLayer2 Former PM, product revamp, article collation, application

Detail:This backtracking is a backtracking of Logic rewards.
Total contribution is 1026 LXP, need 615.6 U + 410.4 LXP backtracking.
MyFirstLayer2 in RetroPGF is 4969*0.05 = 248.45 OP backtracking, Logic allocated 327.8 OP, an additional 79.35 OP, OP price is currently 3.04U, 241.224 knives.
This side also needs to backtrack 374.376 U + 410.4 LXP contribution to Logic
And backtrack 18 U + 12 LXP contribution to Ache

Logic: 374.376 U + 410.4 LXP
Ache: 18 U + 12 LXP

Proof Record


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Confirm. Thank you Marcus.

Confirm. Thanks :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: