Multi-signature Committee Rotation


Recently, the renewal of multi-signature (multi-signature term of half a year) will be started, and this proposal will elect the quota for multi-signature holders.


Number of signers

There are 5 owners for the Multi-Sig (Gnosis) Wallet. Every transaction requires the confirmation of 3 out of 5 owners.

Requirements for being a Mult-Sig Owner

Multi-Sig owners should have a fast response time to avoid financial bottlenecks. They also need to be experienced in the LXDAO

For that reason, To become a Multi-Sig you need to meet the following requirements

  1. Need to be experienced in the LXDAO
  2. Buidler or pre-investor

Mult-Sig Owner Rotation Time

Mult-Sig Owner rotates every six months, subject to the approval of a proposal

Treasure Public Notice

The financial situation is open and transparent on the blockchain, with monthly statistical reports on financial expenditures and revenues, which are published in the LXDAO

Do you think you can upgrade from 3/5 to 4/7 with multiple signatures?
  • I agree to increase the number of multiple signatures
  • I do not agree to increase the number of multiple signatures

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Multi-signature candidate voting
  • Bruce
  • Muxin
  • Sally
  • Satoshi Natsu
  • Kuncle
  • Kahn
  • Su
  • Yootou
  • Tracy
  • Marcus

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Current multi-signers.(2023/12/31-2023/5/31)

  • Owen (Owen zhang#5158)
    Address: 0x0FEf682990c99003acf47CB9CD872b43544547c9
    Title:LXDAO’s early investors
  • Bruce (Bruce | LXDAO#5678)
    Address: 0x17c57bD297175e5711Ee3Daf045252B588f3162F
    Title: LXDAO early investor & buidler
  • Kuncle (Kuncle | LXDAO#5379)
    Address: 0xdDADa4a79D99d15b5dAA5b515Cc2fD7dcdde7559
    Title: LXDAO early investor & buidler
  • Muxin (muxin.eth#1619)
    Address: 0x86DBe1f56dC3053b26522de1B38289E39AFCF884
    Title: LXDAO early investor & buidler
  • 0x1998 (0x1998#7800)
    Address: 0xF95555A29E58188147D3A3AcD6e2Ffeb04EA7dd5
    Title: LXDAO early investor & buidler
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We are about to open the election for the next multi-signature term and the pre-selected slots for the next term will be listed, subject to the conditions of buidler, investor, participation in active contributions, etc.

Next term (2023/06/01~2023/12/31)

Fulfillment of conditions

Buidler & Investor

List of Applicants

  • Bruce((Bruce | LXDAO#5678)):
    LXDAO early investor & buidler, One of the co-founders of LXDAO,PM of several groups of LXDAO(GCLX#000, MyfirstNFT#001, MobyMask#006, Eips Fun#011), Governance Group Member
  • Muxin((muxin.eth#1619))
    LXDAO early investor & buidler, Img3#009 PM, Developer
  • Sally (Sally#2673)
    LXDAO early investor & buidler, Expertise in financing directions, Governance Team Members, LXDAO Early tokenomics model contributor
  • Satoshi Natsu( (Allen Xia#2747))
    LXDAO Early investor,Entrepreneur, expertise in legal orientation
  • Kuncle( (Kuncle | LXDAO#5379))
    LXDAO early investor & buidler, LXDAO Data Centre PM, Technical Expert Group PM, Developer
  • Kahn((kahnyuan.eth#8869))
    LXDAO early investor & buidler,DAO Tools Group PM, TeDeveloper
  • Su((su#0570))
    LXDAO early investor & buidler, HashDNA#007 PM,Developer
  • Yootou((0x1998#7800))
    LXDAO early investor & buidler, MetaPavo#002 PM, Developer

If you have any other nominations for the buidler or investor role, please list them in this post.

I nominate additional multi-sigs:

  • Tracy: Investor from LXDAO Buidler. Potential seed-round investor.
  • Marcus: LXDAO early contributor, lead of governance working group.

Also, because our funds in treasury might increase, I propose to increase multi-sigs from 3/5 to 4/7 or 5/7.

OK, I’ll start a forum poll

OK, I’ll launch the snapshot proposal

The number of multi-signature holders will be increased from 5 to 7, and the top 7 vote-getters will be the multi-signature holders.