LXDAO Strategy discussion for phase 2

Hi everyone, it’s time to have a strategic discussion about the future of LXDAO and its financing. To ensure the best outcome, I propose forming a strategy team to brainstorm and improve our plans. This team will consist of 7 individuals who have the following qualities:

  • Strong strategy design skills and a broad perspective
  • Familiarity with LXDAO and a clear understanding of its mission
  • Excellent communication skills

To maximize efficiency, the team will be limited to ~7 members. However, the team will not make decisions on behalf of the community. Instead, the proposed plans will be presented to the community for voting.

We will have two sessions this week for the strategy of LXDAO. If you are interested in being a part of the temporary strategy team, please make sure to allocate time for these discussions and leave your name here.

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Our meeting agenda is as follows: the first meeting will share the progress and achievements of the first phase of LXDAO, as well as the current problems. And introduce the strategic problems to be solved in the second phase, buidlers with ideas will lead the way, and expand the conversation for each idea.

After that, we will go back and think deeply, in the second meeting, we will clearly output several strategic plans, including direction, narrative, development potential, main work, sustainability risks, etc., and then publicize to the community and complete the voting.

Regarding the contribution value, it will be distributed through a retrospective method.

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Vote on strategy meeting outcome probably not a good option.

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better idea or solution or why?

Notes for the discussion for phase 2. Leave your idea below.

Strategy temporary group members: @Bruce_LXDAO, @Muxin_LXDAO, @Marcus, @Echo, @0x1998, @kahn.yuan, @liang, and Sally. A focused discussion aimed at improving efficiency with participation from experienced and active LXDAO builders who deeply understand LXDAO’s goals and ideas.

Key Challenges in LXDAO

  1. Lack of Clear Narrative and Positioning (Critical Challenge)
  • Disjointed Products with limited connection
  • Difficulty in making informed project decisions
  • Challenges in attracting investors and supporters
  1. Absence of Effective Branding and Promotion (Due to lack of clear narrative)
  2. New members face difficulty in onboarding and engaging with the DAO
  3. Dominance of Chinese community, resulting in limited cultural diversity and potentially imbalanced decision-making
  4. Current financial state makes it challenging to achieve long-term sustainability for the DAO.

External Advice from Web3 Experts and Advisors

  • Emphasize on open-source and public goods in the current stage rather than profit-making. Providing valuable offerings can attract consistent builder participation.
  • The community may become divided due to profit-sharing concerns.
  • DAO may not be the most appropriate form for incubating a product with commercial potential. If such projects are identified, LXDAO can transfer them to entities like LXLabs for incubation.
  • Open-source contributions are more suitable and actionable for a DAO.
  • Seek funding from sources such as foundations or angel investors who have a long-term outlook. This will minimize future conflicts if the organization decides to focus on open-source and public goods.
  • LXDAO should be a bridge and the preferred destination for Web2 developers transitioning to Web3. By establishing clear DAO rules and task lists, building connections with prominent projects and foundations, and helping developers onboard to Web3, it can contribute to top-notch Web3 projects.
  • LXDAO can address the sustainability concerns for open-source projects and prevent incidents such as the tragedy of core-js.
  • Web3 foundations have a lot of money and are eager to support genuine Web3 builders. Clear strategies and rules must be developed to ensure that builders fulfill their commitments.

Internal Discussion Notes

Key Questions to Consider

What are the most innovative and unique Web3 native products in your opinion?

  • Bruce: Uniswap, MetaMask, ENS, CryptoPhunks, and MakerDAO
  • Liang: IPFS, Ethereum, and TornadoCash
  • Muxin: IPFS
  • Marcus: BTC, ETH, Uniswap, Curve, MakerDAO, Yearn, and Ampl
  • Echo: BTC, ETH, Uniswap, and CryptoKitties
  • 1998: ENS, Nouns, and Zerion
  • Kahn: DAO, and Uniswap
  • Sally: ETH, Uniswap, and Dydx

Which projects align most closely with LXDAO’s mission, core values, and vision?

  • Bruce: revoke.cash, Ethers.js, guild.xyz, OpenZeppelin, and snapshot
  • Liang: GCLX, MyFirstNFT, and MobyMask
  • Muxin: revoke.cash
  • Marcus: Gitcoin, GCLX, and MyFirstNFT
  • Echo: Gitcoin
  • 1998: Gitcoin
  • Kahn: GCLX
  • Sally: Github, and Wiki

What are the defining characteristics of LXDAO?

  • Bruce: A LX R&D-focused DAO in Web3
  • Liang: LX + R&D
  • Muxin: LX + Web3 Native
  • Marcus: LX + OpenSource Community
  • Echo: Sustainable Buidler Community
  • 1998: LX
  • Kahn: LX + buidl
  • Sally: OpenSource Web3 developer community

What is the purpose and mission of LXDAO?


Bringing together buidlers to buidl and maintain “LX” (Valuable) projects for Web3, in a sustainable manner.


Continuously lift the industry standard with conscience and technology, establish a reputable image for Chinese developers in the Web3 world, and let “LX” be spread and recognized like “nihao”.


Gather more and more buidlers to do valuable things based on integrity that can drive the healthy development of Web3.


Bring more users into the Web3 world: Make Web3 products practical, valuable, impactful and less hyped.


Help buidlers find collaborators to turn ideas into reality, become the largest Web3 new project testing ground, making new product development easier.


Attract and gather more builder power through DAO to build things that are beneficial to the community together.


With the basic value of integrity, continuously build and create positive value for the web3 ecosystem.


Bringing open-source and standardized Web3 development tools and documentation to programmers and guiding everyone to create valuable products from a spiritual perspective.

What is the main storyline or positioning for LXDAO?


Attract more people to join Web3, use Web3 technology to re-structure and create a new network state, and influence and create value for the real world.


Address pressing problems that require “integrity and research & development strength”, develop open-source infrastructure tools, and develop popular science content. Based on influence, seek a long-term stable treasury income model. A project can either bring indirect monetization through influence or directly bring in treasury revenue. It can be referred to Gitcoin, but the focus is on web2 to web3 development onboarding and contribution to open-source projects. This way, there will be people to do things and it will be easier to produce results. The most successful integrity projects follow this path.


  1. Bringing more people into the world of Web3.
  2. Gathering the power of builders to work on things that are beneficial for the long-term development of Web3.


  1. Together: Gather buidlers through conscience and open-source culture, gather buidlers to do ethical things in Web3.
  2. Valuable: Develop valuable products that help the vast number of Web3 users.
  3. Sustainable: Construct around the sustainability of products and product developers, the existence of products in Web3 is sustainable, and the existence of developers is sustainable.


When Buidler has ideas but doesn’t know how or lack of people to develop, they can find like-minded people to work together in LXDAO (Gitcoin solves the money problem, LXDAO solves the people problem).


  1. Attract and gather builders to form a sustainable DAO community (solve: gather development power)
  2. Build:
  3. Onboard new web3 users, attract, educate, and impact (solve: new users enter the industry)
  4. Connect various ecosystems and users to allow users to enter the ecosystem faster and safer (solve: mature user cultivation)
  5. Improve and enrich the infrastructure of the web3 ecosystem (solve: directly contribute to the construction of the ecosystem)


  • To gather individuals to build together under the umbrella of a DAO.
  • Utilizing the unique characteristics of DAO (decentralization, openness, transparency, etc.), produce better-suited products (open-source, public goods, etc.).
  • Achieve true sustainability (financial support to maintain the operation of the DAO, a complete governance mechanism to ensure that the DAO can continue to operate independently without relying on a person or a group of people).

What are the key products and initiatives within LXDAO?


Education (including users and developers), Web3 Native (providing a new Web3 and Network State life foundation for users), open-source development components, occupying the developer entrance in advance, and sustainably maintaining high-quality open-source projects.


Infrastructure project templates, infrastructure-class SDKs, EIPs and early implementation of new technologies (similar to MobyMask), education, tool-based product research and development.


  1. Education: Lead Web3 users to understand and learn about Web3 knowledge and increase the Web3 professional knowledge of builders.
  2. Open-Source: Open-source products and tools to make the Web3 developer community more open and grow together.
  3. Innovation: Technological innovation, innovative thinking, product innovation, to give Web3 more possibilities.


  1. Education-focused products: From Web2 to Web3, from people who don’t understand technology to Web3, even from people who don’t understand the Internet to Web3.
  2. Traffic entry products: Wallet-class, Social-class products.
  3. Innovation and technology exploration products; such as previous Dex, lending protocols.


Developer community. Provide an efficient team formation solution, provide basic design/operation resources and even smart contract code guidance to help Buidler turn their ideas into products.


  1. Education, task-based, user-friendly, incentivized, and compatible with multiple ecosystems education products.
  2. Independent products or projects that contribute to the community’s power, such as EIP-fun.
  3. Organize forces to participate in open-source community building.
  4. Encourage builders to initiate and explore new products that align with the values of LXDAO and provide support as much as possible. Products with commercial potential will be sent to LXDAO Labs for independent financing and incubation.


  • Public Goods: Combining public-facing, familiar, and recognized models such as donations, charity, crowdsourcing, etc. with web3 products.
  • Education: Education products for web2 to web3 transition; security education products.
  • Tools: Open-source components and efficiency tools that can improve productivity.


  • Developer community
  • Education

What should be the focus for LXDAO in the coming period?


MyFirst series, EIPs Fun, Open Source contribution, etc.


Infrastructure, education-focused product development + operation for “impact” (content output), all products should have a clear mark of integrity, be impactful, and open-source.


Education-focused products based on integrity, open-source infrastructure tools, etc. can be the focus.

Innovative products are unpredictable and better if they happen, without investing too much effort into specialized research.


First, do education, then go to traffic entry (innovation is difficult to do).


Token economy-based team formation and collaboration model; Universal human resource pool to provide help for project cold start; A certain level of project learning resources and code guidance.

Buidl LXDAO value network, more human resources, the more people who come in to work, and more abundant the human resource pool, and the easier it is for new projects to take off and form a network effect in the DAO.


  • Not limited to specific products, but the created products (public welfare or business) are worth the “conscience” label.
  • Utilizing the advantages of products such as MobyMask and MyFirstLayer2 to accelerate internationalization and differentiate competition with Chinese DAOs.
  • There will always be opportunities to create products, but resources are limited, so try to approach large institutions and foundations.


  • To obtain support from a major blockchain and become one of the official developer communities, receiving regular funding for events such as developer hackathons.
  • To improve a series of tools tailored for Web3, including developer onboarding, education, and collaboration.
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The contribution records for the team:

Name Points Reason Date
Bruce 2h First Meeting 2.23
Muxin 0 - 2.23
Marcus 2h First Meeting 2.23
Echo 2h First Meeting 2.23
98 2h First Meeting 2.23
Kahn 2h First Meeting 2.23
qiaoliang 2h First Meeting 2.23
Sally 0 - 2.23
Bruce 3h Second Meeting 2.26
Muxin 3h Second Meeting 2.26
Marcus 3h Second Meeting 2.26
Echo 3h Second Meeting 2.26
98 3h Second Meeting 2.26
Kahn 3h Second Meeting 2.26
Qiaoliang 3h Second Meeting 2.26
Sally 2h End early 2.26
Bruce 4h Makeing notes 3.5

I don’t fully agree with our plan. When you discussed strategic development, you mentioned sustainable lines, but you didn’t go into the depth of how to do it. In fact, it is where the money will come from. Many realistic cases of failure are only to talk about dreams rather than money. Personally, I feel that our concept is very good just as in the early days of building socialism in our country, but in the end we had to give priority to the development of the economy. So the funding needs to be prioritized. Therefore, based on this idea, I think we can do the contract work, after all, our technical level is enough to support the construction of most projects, and because our builder does not need to pay wages, it pays money by the hour, the capital cost of development is less than that of the company. Secondly, the time cost, because of the business proficiency of our builder and the form of task claim, the development time cycle will be shorter than some enterprise groups; Finally, in terms of responsibility, the current web3 project is not subject to high accountability after delivery, so we can be responsible for the later guarantee of corresponding business (extra cost). My thinking is not perfect. The main core is that we hope that on the basis of sufficient “LX”, we can shift the focus to economic development, and even make some mistakes in the early stage, but the general line is the same as “LX”.

我可能会唱个反调哈,我看咱们在讨论战略发展的时候提到了可持续行,但并没有深入展开如何做,说俗一点就是钱从哪儿来,很多现实的失败案例都是光谈梦想不谈钱,个人觉得哈,咱们的理念非常好就像在早期我国建设社会主义一样,但最后还是得优先发展了经济,所以收入还是要谈的,优先级高一点。 基于这个想法,我觉得咱们可以去做承包,毕竟咱们的技术水平足够支撑大多数项目的建设,而且开发成本由于咱们的builder不需要发工资,开发成本按照小时给钱,更可能比公司内要便宜,其次时间上由于咱们的熟练度和任务认领形式,开发时间周期会比一些企业团体更短,最后在责任上,说激进点目前的web3项目交付了甚至可以不用负责,或者责任并不高,但说良心点,咱们可以负责相应业务的后期保障(额外的费用)。当然我也是抛个砖头,思考的并不完善,主要核心还是在于希望咱们在良心的基础上,甚至早期可以犯一些错误的,将重心偏移像经济发展一点,总路线不变——LX。

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Conclusion from above

This is just the conclusion from the discussion and brainstorming, not a decision onbehalf of LXDAO. We will make a snapshot vote to buidl consensus, so please reply ASAP if you have questions or different views.

Key outputs

Mission, Core Values, and Storyline of LXDAO

Previous: Bringing together buidlers to buidl and maintain “LX” (Valuable) projects for Web3, in a sustainable manner.

New: Gather the power of buidlers to buidl and support “LX” (valuable) Web3 projects sustainably and welcome 1 billion users into Web3.

Chinese version: 汇聚建设者的力量,可持续地构建和支持有良心的 Web3 项目,迎接 10 亿用户进入 Web3。


  1. “LX” is our Core Value and strongest consensus.
  2. Gather the power of builders based on DAO.
  3. Focus on R&D in Web3.
  4. Buidl and support valuable projects. Support might be technical and/or financial.
  5. It must be sustainable.
  6. Onboarding buidlers first by education and collaboration on Open Source projects, then onboarding users into Web3 through these projects.


  • The LX Buidler Community is built on DAO principles, including developers, operations, designers, project managers, investors, and more.
  • As a Web3 Native community, we prioritize and implement DAO rules and value decentralization.
  • Our focus is on building and supporting Public Goods and Open Source projects. To collaborate with LXDAO, ensure that the project is Open Source.
  • Onboarding new buidlers or users into Web3 by using projects.
  • We provide R&D support and elastic buidling power to the DAO network, as a link between foundations and buidlers, and between different DAOs.
  • As a forerunner for introducing DAO (new life and working styles) into the real world, build what is currently missing.

Key Projects and Focus for the Next One or Two Years:

  • LXDAO: Decentralized DAO governance, DAO Tools, and Smart Contracts for more efficient operations, including Buidler management, onboarding, public events management, fair voting, new R&D PoW system, fair rewards sharing, and more. We will provide a clear guide for getting involved, contributing to LXDAO, and achieving our missions. We will also design tokenomics that support Buidlers and Web3, striving for sustainability. Additionally, we will register legal entities.
  • Education: Our education initiatives will include the MyFirst series, EIPs Fun, online tutorials for buidlers and school students, open-source books, workshops, and more. Our primary focus will be onboarding buidlers first, and then onboarding users.
  • Building and Supporting Public Goods and Open Source: We will create tech innovation Web3 native projects, provide builders with suitable soil for growth, and support essential Web3 projects using funds or dev power.

I pay more attention to sustainability. Personally, I understand that sustainability refers to the continuous operation of the community with money. At present, it seems that it may rely on external donations + official grants + financing?

When considering sustainability, there are two key aspects to keep in mind: DAO, Builders, and Community sustainability, which is the most important, and financial sustainability.

For the sustainability of the DAO

It is crucial to establish a strong consensus, such as “LX,” to attract more people to join. Many early builders who joined are not for profit reasons (of course, they deserve rewards).

A solid consensus (LX) is why many OGs are willing to help us. Losing or changing our consensus and core values could lead to a split in the community.

So we need to stick with our consensus, have clear DAO rules, Smart Contract-based DAO Tools, and a fair PoW system for sharing rewards, it should be built to encourage contributions and bring the supporters we want. Creating useful and valuable products that increase our influence in Web3 and provide real-world value is also essential.

Bad case: PandaDAO, supporters want profits, the core team wants to buidl, then closed.

For financial sustainability

Establishing clear positioning and striving for excellence is important to attract supporters. For example, building a commercial profitable product can attract VCs, and building Open Source and Public Goods may require support from foundations or OGs who share our values.

The worst case is sometimes building public goods and not very profitable to attract VCs and sometimes building profitable products (which might go against our Core values) and foundations or OGs not feeling right to support. And you cannot get any support. In this bear market, fewer users, and it is harder to make profits.

At this stage, we have verified that the DAO works but needs improvement, so we will seek funding for governance, tools, supporting builders, supporting Public Goods, and cold start projects. We will also seek grants for each project to cover building costs and design sustainability strategies. With impact and reputation growing, this will be easier. Also, don’t forget we will have Token, well-designed tokenomics plus good reputations that will attract more supporters for our sustainability issues in the future.

missed this article :scream:
can i join future meetings for the strategic discussion? I am really interested this topic, not sure if im eligible to join the team though, but definitely willing to share ideas and thoughts!

used to be a consultant and investor, for sure to provide some fresh ideas :crazy_face:

We can try to think about that if LXDAO disappears in the future, what will the world actually lose?

Good question. Curious about your answers?

如果core team对此没有太大感觉,或者希望获得更多的信息,那就跟大伙都收集一下吧。

我本人对此没有问题,我有很多回答,如果你有问题或者想要回答的,可以直接发出来。如果你想要获得更多的信息,这是 DAO 你可以直接发送问卷收集分享。 :grinning:






至于LXDAO会不会做出Super DAPP,或者成为行业某个伟大的角色,不是没有期待,而是我觉得这个阶段人比事更重要一些,一起玩比一起干更实际一些。


I am so happy to read your tips, and I agree with your opinion, In the early days, it was more important to play together than to do together, and a fun and strong consensus was the foundation! :grinning:


More than happy to read your thoughts! And yeah, let’s play together and buidl a better DAO and Web3 new world.

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