LXDAO Member NFT PFP idea collect

Later, we gonna create LXDAO Member NFTs for our users, so post the PFP idea or images you like here.

This style is very Chinese

This one is a bit cyberpunk

Empty eyes


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Like this DesciWorld’ generative membership NFT

We don’t have to follow the normal pfp style. How about a line of coding just like The Matrix

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Agree, I’m tired of avatar aesthetics, I’ve been loving some natural elements lately, like this https://opensea.io/zh-CN/assets/matic/0x2953399124f0cbb46d2cbacd8a89cf0599974963/88684930547305077451729502717118964394754579776226839877295589226902550740993
It means that everyone together is an ecosystem
But it’s too abstract to be recognizable
I like solarpunk style lately if it’s going to be pfp

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Hi guys, let me provide you with more information about user type in LXDAO in my opinion. We will have two types of community users: Buidlers and Members.

Buidlers own SBT and they need to submit applications to the committee to show their passion and skills for building and passing the simple interview to get. They will buidl projects in LXDAO, like creators. They can make proposals and vote. Everyone can only have one SBT.

Members own NFT, and they are users or fans of LXDAO. Like consumers, with NFT, they can take advantage of LXDAO’s projects, like whitelists, VIP plans, early use, etc. And this NFT is just like a normal NFT, has no limitation, and all income will go to LXDAO treasure to build more projects.

For Buidlers’ SBT, we can use anything like a code or something else, no doubt. Actually, builders can choose one NFT they own to use.

But for Members, I’m thinking if it’s better to provide a good PFP or not.

Based on GCLX and create multiverse versions of Member NFT PFP, invite different artists to work on different styles of PFP, similar concepts to Multiverse MCU.

For example, for the spider-man:

Another example, Doctor Strange in different multiverse:

More specifically, the 0-999 of NFT might be the original styles of GCLX, 1000-1999 might be the cartoon version, 2000-2999 might be the 3D version.

PandaDAO member PFP




Pixel style like cryptopunk

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or jojo style

So Nice and Cute!!!!!!

We can consider using lxdao’s logo as an accessory, because the style of logo is very suitable for accessories


我是像素画的爱好者,nouns和strxngers,还有punk都是我非常喜欢的 NFT作品,我觉得lxdao用”心“做头像再合适不过了,我自己水平有限所以就只能草草画一下。

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我们可以用不同的风格和文化共同组成我们的 10K NFT。比如先从国家纬度,中国的传统文化风格和元素搞 1k 个,然后越南的、美国的、新西兰的等等,方便国际化和在当地传播。之后可以是像素风、3D 等。然后发售的时间是不一样的,一批批的来发。

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