LXDAO Collaboration rules

LXDAO is an R&D-focused DAO in Web3. Some big DAOs in Web3 have a Dev guild to help them finish some projects, but for small DAOs or the DAO that focuses on a specific topic will not have, we can collaborate with them and provide tech support if they need it.

There are several rules:

  • The project should be in line with our values. We will vote for the proposal.
  • The collaboration must be a win-win.
  • The offer should not be just USDC or stablecoins. We are working together, and we are not an outsourcing DAO.

The process for collaboration

  • Find at least one LXDAO Buidler if you are not a LXDAO Buidler
  • Tell them your idea or project, and let the LXDAO Buidler make a proposal for your idea or project
  • If the community accepts the proposal and your offer, we will find a PM to start working on the collaboration
  • If the community declines the proposal, we can share the link to the community to see if someone willing to join your project as an individual

Feel free to leave some questions or more scenarios, and let’s discuss.