LXDAO Code of Conduct

Scope: This code of conduct applies to all members of LXDAO. It applies to all community spaces, as well as individuals representing the community publicly, both online and offline. This includes but is not limited to, Discord servers, forums, WeChat communities, real-life meetings and events, and collaborative platforms used for LXDAO projects, such as Twitter, Mirror, Notion, WeChat Official Accounts, etc.

Our Mission

In order to foster an open and welcoming environment, we commit to making participation in our projects and community a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of age, body size, disability, race, gender characteristics, gender identity and expression, experience level, education, socioeconomic status, nationality, personal appearance, ethnicity, religion, or sexual identity and orientation.

Examples of Encouraged Behavior by Members Include:

  • Being friendly and polite to others.
  • Using welcoming and inclusive language.
  • Respecting diverse viewpoints and experiences.
  • Collaborating with other community members.
  • Gracefully accepting constructive criticism. Focusing on what is best for the community.
    Strive to avoid conflicts and approach events with a rational attitude.
  • Approaching and listening to others sincerely and leading with empathy.

Examples of Unacceptable Behavior by Members Include (but are not limited to)

  • Unwanted sexual attention.
  • Intentional intimidation.
  • Sustained disruption of discussions.
  • Implicit or explicit offensive comments related to gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, mental illness, neurodiversity, appearance, race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, or age.
  • Unwelcome comments about a person’s lifestyle choices and practices, including comments related to food, health, parenting, medications, and employment.
  • Gratuitous or off-topic sexual images or content, including the use of explicit or violent sexual language.
  • Unnecessary simulated physical contact (e.g., “hugging” or “back massages” described in the text).
    Threats or incitement of any form of violence, including encouraging self-harm or suicide.
  • Harassment, including continued attempts to communicate with someone (public or private) after being ignored or rejected.
  • Sharing non-harassing private communications (e.g., screenshots of personal messages) or private personal information (e.g., names, location, identifying details).

Our Responsibility

The governance group is responsible for defining the standards of acceptable behavior and should take appropriate and fair corrective action in cases of any unacceptable behavior. The governance group has the right and responsibility to remove, edit, or reject comments, contributions, code, wiki edits, issues, and other contributions that do not align with this code of conduct, as well as temporarily or permanently ban any members whose behavior they deem inappropriate, threatening, offensive, or harmful.


If you observe any violations of this code of conduct, you can submit a report through this form (anonymous).

You can also send an email to official@lxdao.io to report abuse, harassment, fraud, or other unacceptable behavior.

All complaints will be reviewed and investigated, and appropriate actions will be taken based on the specific circumstances. The LXDAO governance group is obligated to maintain confidentiality for event reporters. Further details on the specific enforcement policy may be released separately.

Execution Type Violation Type Execution Outcome
Violation of Standards
Warning Initial occurrence of unprofessional or unwelcome language or behavior within the community The governing body will address and publish a report, issuing a warning to the individual violating the code of conduct. A private written warning from the governing body outlining the nature of the violation and explaining why the behavior is inappropriate. A public apology may also be requested.
Temporary Suspension Severe violation of community standards, including ongoing inappropriate behavior. The governing body will address and issue a temporary ban. A 1-month temporary ban from Discord, Forum, and community interactions, both publicly and privately, with related community members, including interactions with those enforcing the LXDAO code of conduct. Violation of these terms may result in a long-term suspension.
Long-Term Suspension Repeated violations of community standards, including ongoing inappropriate behavior or serious breaches. A vote will be initiated to suspend members reported for severe violations. The member will face a long-term suspension, with no participation in Discord, Forum, or any form of community interaction for one quarter. If legal issues are involved, the member may be banned indefinitely.


LXDAO 行为准则

范围:本行为准则适用于所有 LXDAO 成员。本行为准则适用于所有社区空间以及个人在线或线下公开代表社区的情况。包括但不限于 Discord 服务器、论坛、微信社群、现实生活中的会面和活动、以及用于 LXDAO 项目的协作平台,如 Twitter、Mirror、Notion、微信公众号等。




  • 对他人友善且有礼貌
  • 使用欢迎和包容的语言
  • 尊重不同的观点和经验
  • 与其他社区成员合作
  • 优雅地接受建设性的批评
  • 专注于对社区最有利的事情
  • 尽量避免冲突,并以理性的态度看待事件
  • 真诚地接近和倾听他人,并以同理心领导


  • 不受欢迎的性关注
  • 故意恐吓
  • 持续扰乱讨论
  • 与性别、性别认同和表达、性取向、残疾、精神疾病、神经典型性、外貌、种族、民族、宗教、国籍或年龄有关的隐含或明确的冒犯性评论
  • 关于一个人的生活方式选择和做法的不受欢迎的评论,包括与食物、健康、育儿、药物和就业相关的评论
  • 无端或偏离主题的性图片或信息,包括通俗地使用露骨或暴力的性语言
  • 不需要的模拟身体接触(例如“拥抱”或“背部按摩”等文字描述)
  • 威胁或煽动任何形式的暴力,包括鼓励个人自杀或自残
  • 骚扰,包括在请求被忽略或拒绝后持续尝试与某人(公开或私下)沟通
  • 公开非骚扰性私人通信(例如个人交流的屏幕截图)或私人个人信息(例如姓名、位置、识别详细信息)





也可向 official@lxdao.io 发放邮件来举报辱骂、骚扰、欺诈或其他不可接受的行为。

所有投诉都将接受审查和调查,并将根据具体情况做出必要目话当的回应。LXDAO 治理小组有义务对事件报告者保密。具体执行政策的更多细节可能会单独发布。

执行类型 违规类型 执行 结果
警告 社区中首次出现被视为不专业或不受欢迎的不当语言或其他行为 治理小组将处理并发布报告并对违反行为准则的人警告。 来自治理小组的私人书面警告,明确了违规行为的性质,并解释了为什么该行为不恰当。也可能会要求公开道歉。
临时暂停 严重违反社区标准,包括持续的不当行为。 治理小组将处理并发出临时禁止令。 对 Discord、Forum 和社区进行为期 1 个月的临时禁令。不得与相关社区成员进行公开或私下互动,包括主动与执行 LXDAO 行为准则的人员进行互动。违反这些条款可能会导致长期暂停。
长期暂停 屡次违反社区标准,包括持续的不当行为或严重违规。 投票被报告犯有严重违规行为的成员进行长期暂停 该成员将被长期暂停,一个季度内不参与 Discord 和 Forum 以及社区内的任何形式的互动。如果涉及到法律问题,那么此成员将会被无限期封禁


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