Lowering the conditions for voting to pass

Currently, we observe that governance creates a certain burden
According to the conditions of adoption of the previous DAO proposal
which mentions

  • Voting period: 3~7 Days
  • Voting threshold:>50%
  • Voting Quorum: Around 70% of SBT holders

There are some proposals that are supported by the majority of buidlers but do not meet the voting criteria
In a DAO focused on product development, governance should not be a burden
I think the threshold for voting can be lowered appropriately
such as

  • Voting Quorum: Around 50% of SBT holders
  • Voting threshold:>50%

There are many excellent threshold reference designs
For example: nounsDAO’s Dynamic Threshold

NounsDAO also did not use dynamic thresholds in its earliest days, but at a certain point adopted

For efficiency and fairness, we can also try NounsDAO’s dynamic threshold scheme, where each vote must reach 20% of the total, and if there is one more negative vote, then the proposal requires an additional +1 positive vote

Dynamic Threshold looks awesome to me, and seems will solve issue for us.

In addition, in the governance group also proposed the idea of application system, the proposal will be stratified, distinguished into consensus layer, business layer and other models, the corresponding proposal requires a buidler to apply for voting rights or people in the group can vote

For simplicity, a dynamic threshold should suffice for now.

Additionally, our airdrop plan should take into account voting and governance participants.

In my option, applying for voting rights and stratified voting is more reasonable.

  1. There are many builders who don’t care about community governance and rarely vote, but concentrate on build.
    It is a better way to let builders who actively participate in governance vote and give rewards.
  2. Hierarchical voting divides all community votes into two layers, P1 and P2. P1 votes for the entire community, and P2 votes for working groups and project groups. Most proposals voted on p1.

I support only dynamic threshold proposal.
The hierarchical voting is not necessary, for now. And it will probably introduce information gap in the community.
Maybe we can talk about it in the future, when the LXDAO evolves into a 200-member community.

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