Let's create an Easyhat to make Hardhat easier to use

While Hardhat is impressive, I believe that it could offer an even better experience, especially when used in conjunction with ChatGPT.

Currently, a typical workflow with Hardhat involves the following steps:

  1. Creating a project via the Hardhat command line.
  2. Writing Solidity code, creating test cases, and compiling the code.
  3. (WIP) Utilizing the Hardhat VSCode Plugin, which may provide debug features and more.
  4. Running npm commands for testing, deploying, and verifying the contracts.

However, there are some areas for potential improvement:

  1. Solidity code generation and auditing could be simplified and streamlined with the use of ChatGPT.
  2. Creating test cases could be made more efficient with a one-click solution that is based on the Solidity code.
  3. Memorizing all the necessary commands can be challenging. A visual control panel that provides easy access to testing, deploying to various testnets, verifying contracts guidelines, and other functions would be helpful.

So in my mind:

  • We could buidl a VSCode plugin integrated with ChatGPT for Hardhat projects
  • Simplified the code, test cases, and command lines generations with a visual panel
  • Integrate with testnets, etc. just select testnets and input some private keys. We will create info into hardhat.config.js and help to invoke the commands. Also, we could streamline with faucets