【Job】Hiring a development team for lxdao.io website


On behalf of Froge Working Group, I am hiring a development team for lxdao.io website, part-time is sufficient.


There are major/obvious issues on lxdao.io website that need to be addressed. See the list below but not limited to these:

  1. Contents are outdated: working group info, project info, and partner info
  2. Bugs, i.e. “failed to connect wallet” issue
  3. No dedicated team to own and push the issue to be fixed and synced with commnunity
  4. Onboarding process and home page need to be renovation (details TBD)

Job Description

  1. 2 x FE/BE full stack developers:
  1. 1 x UX/UI designer: (may be from design working group which will be forged soon)
  • Be familar with Figma and web3 product business/design
  • LXDAO buidler card holder is a bonus
  • Had worked on any LXDAO project is a bonus, the more, the better
  • 3 years design experience is a must
  • Has some knowledge of product management is a bonus
  1. 1 x PM (Product manager + Project manager), who will be replacing me (Mike) after the team is set up and run smoothly (expected period of Mike’s acting: 1-2 months).
  • Be familar with web3 product business and requirement analysis
  • LXDAO buidler card holder is a bonus
  • Had worked on any LXDAO project is a bonus, the more, the better
  • 3 years product manager experience is a must


  • Hour rate: 25 LXPU (60% USDT, 40% LXP point)
  • All roles above apply.
  • Distrbution rule: PoW, The more you contribute, the more you will get.

How to apply:

  • Date: Now ~ Mar 4, 2024
  • Reply to this topic directly with justifying why you are capable to the specific role aforementioned, remember to leave your wechat/TG ID as well for being contacted.
  • Forge working group will review all applications (we may talk to you) and select the team members (we will also take into account the votes you received in forum. (Voting will be launched soon)
  • All members may be subject to a probationary period if any individual does not meet expectations.
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Position: PM

Experience: Previously responsible for the official websites of two Web3 projects; possesses experience in both Internet and Web3 product management.

TGID: @DavyZhang

Position: full stack developer
Skill: I have experience with some tech stack of lxdao. Such as React and Solidity.

I am strongly interested in this position and look forward to discussing my application.
Here is my WeChat: SimonChen2333

Position: full stack developer
Experience: Familiar with the front and back end code of the official website, and have been responsible for the maintenance and development of the official website. Previously participated in the development of lxdao’s mobymask web3logo donate3 and other projects

Here is my WeChat: ww418047394

Position: full stack developer or FE

1:6 years of frontend/full-stack experience, familiar with the technology stack corresponding to LXDAO, including React/Nest/Next/Solidity.
2:A member of the Donate3 project, participated in the development of Donate3 as a frontend developer, and contributed to the development of hackathon projects, receiving awards from both Wanchain Hackathon and NAVH.

WeChat: stephenhefan

Position: UX/UI designer
Experience: Nearly three years UX design experience, including SaaS product、IoT product, both PC and app,mainly PC. Besides basic UI, I am also responsible for the PC design systems. And I have some work experience of product manager. The total time of product manager is about half year. The specific project of portfolio can be shown via email.
Contact: 465033508@qq.com (the same with Wechat)

Thanks for all the applicants, here I launch a voting as one reference factor (not determinative) to select the candidates of dev:

  • Leech
  • Wwei
  • Stephen
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Davy and Youjia, I will talk to you guys offline to be the cadidate of PM and UX.

Hey Simon, your WeChat id is not found could u please check it or provide your TG id?

After review of forge working group, here I like to congratulate the selected candidates for lxdao.io website virtual team:

  1. dev 1: Stephen (in charge of communications and dev) @stephenHe
  2. dev 2: Wwei (in charge of dev) @wwei
  3. bounty dev: Simon @LeechXDD
  4. PM (product manager and potential project lead): Davy @Davy
  5. UX/UI: The furture design working group will take this part (before 3.12)