Is the LXDAO website need update content?

After discussions with Muxin and Bruce, we have some ideas for the LXDAO website. For example, the content about how to work at LXDAO may be too lengthy, and there is no description of what LXDAO is, what LXDAO is currently engaged in, and what LXDAO’s vision is. We believe that everyone visiting the website should have access to this information, so we propose updating the website with the following ideas:

About LXDAO:

Create a page called “About LXDAO” on the homepage or in the navigation bar to provide essential information about LXDAO, including:

  • The purpose behind LXDAO’s establishment, its core values, and mission.
  • A detailed description of LXDAO’s mission and how it contributes to the community and industry.
  • Highlight LXDAO’s history and achievements, showcasing its role in the blockchain and crypto space.

LXDAO Activities:

Create a dedicated page on the website that provides detailed information about LXDAO’s ongoing activities, projects, and initiatives. This may include:

  • Details of community events, including dates, locations, and how to participate.
  • An introduction to partnerships and collaborative projects to demonstrate LXDAO’s role within the ecosystem.
  • Information about sponsorships, including organizations or individuals supporting LXDAO projects and activities.

LXDAO’s Vision:

Emphasize LXDAO’s long-term vision and goals to underscore its impact on society and the industry. This section may include:

  • LXDAO’s aspirations for how it envisions shaping the community and industry in the future.
  • Long-term plans and objectives to achieve this vision.
  • A call to action for the community and partners to work together towards a shared vision.

Community Highlights:

Create a dedicated section on the website to showcase success stories of community members, project achievements, and other notable highlights related to LXDAO. This section may include:

  • Personal stories of community members and how they have achieved success within LXDAO.
  • Success stories of recent projects or initiatives to inspire other community members.
  • Dynamic updates from LXDAO’s community engagement, including active social media posts and community participation highlights.

These enhancements will make the LXDAO website more appealing while providing visitors with richer information and insights. By highlighting LXDAO’s mission, activities, and vision, it will attract more participants and supporters to the community.

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I think it needs to be updated, and we discussed some of the points about the additions yesterday afternoon, and I think the most important thing missing from the site at the moment is the section on supporting public goods

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