Img3 reward sharing plans

Hi team, since the Img3 project grants from the Filecoin Foundation have arrived, according to the proposal: Snapshot, we have the following plans for reward sharing:

  • Frontend Developer: 2000U

  • Backend Developer: 200U

  • UI/UX designer: 300U

  • PM: 500U

  • Early contributors(MVP, proposal creator, etc.): 500U

  • Others like promotions, maintenance, etc.: 500U

  • LXDAO Community Support: 1000U

In total: 5000U.

Note: All funds of the Img3 project come from the Filecoin Foundation, there are no other grants or donations at this time, so the total amount for this distribution is 5000U.

Draft sharing plans

Devs: 2200U

  • noyobo:
    • <Img3 />, <Uploader3 /> and Uploader3 Connector development
    • website development

PM: 1000U

  • Muxin:
    • Project management
    • Did some promotional activities, such as recording the project introduction video, tweeting, writing introductory articles, and building the Img3 project community.
    • Created a PR for implementing a new feature.

UI/UX: 300U

Early contributors: 500U

  • Bruce: 200U
    • project initiator
    • project design and architecture design
  • Jacky: 150U
    • MVP development
  • wwei: 150U
    • MVP development

LXDAO Community: 1000U

If someone is missing from the list or feels you need to get less or more, please speak out. If you agree with your part, please reply: Confirm and agree and leave your address. Thanks.

Confirm and agree


Confirmed and agree. Thanks.

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Confirmed and agree

Confirmed and agree