Idea: etherscan-like tool for attestations

DAO* got one requirement we may help on: Optimism Grant 2: Attestations 路 Issue #100 路 metagov/daostar 路 GitHub
OP got an contribution opportunity: 馃敶 Ecosystem Project Idea: ATST Schema Reputation System 路 Issue #40 路 ethereum-optimism/ecosystem-contributions 路 GitHub

We can consolidate these 2 requirement and develop a website with great UX/UI, the result will be pretty good impact and first-mover advantage and some grant from OP at a big chance.

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@Bruce_LXDAO @kahn.yuan Any thoughts?

Good idea, it鈥檚 the chance to advance friendship with DAO* and OP.

Wow, exciting! Yeah, when I check EAS Schema, it is not convenient to find the Scehma.

We could provide some data insights for EAS and more information regarding schemas. Even better, we could recommend similar schemas based on the schema code.

We can allow anyone to upvote/downvote (attest) the schemas, let the great schema stand out.

from 0xhardman:

Donate3鈥榮 donation credential as EAS is not visual-friendly. Wondering if we can make it better on visually presenting.

I think this is an operation-heavy project. We should establish certain schema standards in the industry through Donate3 and FS, and then promote more standards in the web3.

Painpoints: Too many schemas for devs, duplicate, waste of time and resource.

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