Idea: - An all-in-one DAO Management Solution

Problems I experienced in multiple DAOs and tried to solve via

  1. We’ve heard much news about DAO management team rugged the community, even with a multi-sig controlled treasury.
  2. From my experience, a lot of DAOs don’t use modern management tools like OKRs to track the goal of the DAO, a lot of resources have been wasted, and it’s hard to monitor the performance of the DAO management team.
  3. Some DAOs have the issue of nepotism, and the community can do nothing to change the situation.


  1. Fully on-chain managed dao treasury via voting to avoid hard rug;
  2. Use modern management tools like OKR to make the DAO on the right track to achieving something.
  3. DAO token holders can challenge/change DAO management members so that the DAO can keep vitality and avoid ossification(soft rug).

I’ve built a prototype on Sui testnet to demo this idea, if you are interested in this idea, please comment on this thread.

我在多个 DAO 中遇到的并试图通过dao3.ai解决的问题:

  1. 我们听到过很多DAO管理团队把国库资金卷款跑路的新闻,有一些还是多签控制的国库。
  2. 从我的经验来看,许多DAO没有使用像 OKR 这样的现代管理工具来跟踪 DAO 的目标,导致大量资源被浪费,并且很难对 DAO 管理成员进行绩效考核。
  3. 一些 DAO 存在裙带关系问题,而社区无法改变这种能力无法匹配岗位角色的情况。


  1. 通过投票管理由智能合约控制的 DAO 国库,避免卷款跑路;
  2. 使用现代管理工具,如OKR,避免 DAO 跑偏,也方便绩效考核。
  3. DAO 代币持有人可以通过提案挑战/更改 DAO 管理成员,使DAO保持活力,避免组织僵化和软性死亡。

我在 Sui 测试网上创建了一个原型来演示这个想法,如果你对这个想法感兴趣,欢迎在这个帖子下评论。


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