I need a NFT metadata quick checker or validator

Hi guys, whenever I want to check the metadata of an NFT, I will use OpenSea. But the OpenSea test net is unstable, and their cache logic caused much trouble.

So I think we can create a simple tool to quickly check and validate NFT metadata without cache and support multi-testnets.

  1. how to make it?
  2. have any same tools?
  3. this is a real problem?

1. How to make it?

Easy, just read the NFT metadata on testnets, parse it, and show it to the developers.

2. Same tools?

No idea, tried to search, but not found.

3. Real Problems?

Yes, real and painful to me when I develop NFT projects but have to say this is a very simple and easy task. And won’t be a lot of people using it.

If some developers would like to learn how to build a simple tool for this, it can be done in 2 days, a weekend project.

What’s inputs that you can provide to display metadata? A contract address or NFT own addresses or link to opensea , something to identify such nft

Let me provide an example.

We made this NFT on a hackathon, and the image was not showing correctly after the contract was deployed and NFT was minted. We have no idea whether this is an issue from the OpenSea cache or our NFT contract:

What do we currently doing? First, find the NFT Token id and the contract, and check the token URI:

And try to decode base64

And try to figure out the reason.

Actually, we can build a tool that validates the metadata directly, decode base64 directly and show the errors or NFT preview to you.

This may be helpful to you,

Or you could build your own tool with Alchemy directly, getNFTMetadata

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Cool, just tried both, seems build our own tool with Alchemy should be working. The first one is nice, but doesn’t support goerli testnets