How to receive Donate3 hackathon prize?

Recently, Donate3 has received 1.53085 ETH on the mainnet and 2000 USDC on Polygon, which is now in my own EOA 0xb15115A15d5992A756D003AE74C0b832918fAb75. I will also receive 24000 RMB (6000 for tax) from the WanXiang Hackathon. However, I am facing the following problems:

  1. LXDAO does not have a Polygon treasure. How can we send the prize in Polygon to our treasure?
  2. How can we swap RMB to USDT? Is it necessary to swap RMB to USDT?

My proposed solutions are:

  1. Bridge the USDC and ETH assets to our new treasure in the OP.
  2. Use OTP inside LXDAO to swap RMB to ETH.

It can go into the treasury first and then be distributed according to the rules of the proposal