How to build the DAO?

I find that many people are interested in DAOs and many want to join a DAO to contribute or create one themselves, but most of them have little understanding of the specific rules and design of DAOs.

  • Initiating proposals
  • Governance rights: voting rights, voting weight
  • Threshold for voting to pass
  • Awarded
  • Etc.
    Of course, the above does not fully represent a DAO, but it is a basic requirement for most DAOs.
    I wanted a way to show users what a DAO is in a pedagogical way, and once they understand what a DAO is, they have two options: create a DAO themselves, or apply to join a DAO.


This is a tool for creating DAO fork nouns, developed by zora.
It allows any user to create a DAO based on the nouns mechanism and takes only a few minutes
including design :

  • Setting the auction cycle
  • Starting price
  • Requirements for initiating proposals
  • the conditions for the adoption of the vote
  • Whether there is a veto
  • How much of the proceeds of the auction go to the promoter

nouns build has received a lot of attention from nounsDAO and there are a lot of people trying to create a DAO on it, and a lot of data suggests that this is a viable direction to try

How to different to “nouns build”
This is a particularly important issue, our products and ideas must reflect the differences and find the optimal solution within the differences

  • Nouns are governed by NFT and LXDAO are governed by SBT
  • Design of voting weights
  • Threshold for voting to pass
  • Etc…
    Of course, nounsdao’s auction mechanism is a particularly great invention, something to learn from, and he brings together well the business model and governance, in terms of business model and revenue, which we need to think about

This is just at the idea stage, maybe a public goods page, or maybe a small game, but of course, these are all ideas in the making.

Feel free to comment on this post with your valuable opinions!

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