How to become web3 RD/PM/UX

A lot of beginners are coming to Web3 and need some quick beginner guides to get them through the cold start

Maybe below link can help (some content need translate to your language, DYOR)


Product Manager

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Frankly speaking there isn’t any easy way to figure whether someone successfully turn himself into a qualified web3RD/PM/UX until he get involved in a certain web3 team and obtain his team recognition.

So this question may be split into some new questions like How to make your first solidity contract? How to make your first contribution in a new team? How to build your web3 professional relations? etc.

Yeah, two ways from my point of view:

  • MyFirstxxx series projects for the specific info, like MyFirstDAO, MyFirstNFT, MyFirstSmartContract, etc.
  • A [PM, UX, Dev]'s guide to Web3 articles, like A Product Designer’s guide to Web3, it should be written by experienced Web3 product designers

btw, found a similar project


well done! is typical kind of self-experience roadmap, and there should be many of them created by experienced web3 old hands.

We already have MyFirstNFT, and maybe we can do two more project to this model, like MyFirstSmartContract(Solidity) / MyFirstCryptoWallet is great, there is a lot of information, and the page is more like a Web2 Wiki.

Maybe we can provide a series of cases with better interaction and UI and simple project practice based on these contents.

Anyway, I agree @Dyson , there should be more Web3 OG with various newcomer manuals