How to Avoid pseudo Demands

How to Avoid pseudo Demands, How to tell.

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The research topic is for some Web3 projects, so I have moved this one to #general thanks.

There is no pseudo demand unless it failed to achieve original expectation. I think the key point is how to minimize the cost of trial. Further more, the first step is set up basic user stories to make expectations which are prepared to be tested simple and clear enough.

There are two common ways:

  • Collect enough user stories and verify the requirements in some ways, like asking the users, voting in the community, and researching the competitors.
  • Build a simple MVP and push it out, see if we can get some feedback, and decide to continue or not
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Thanks answer!
User story is effective way. :+1:
Simple is equal to Minimalism ? How to define simple and clear ?

Thanks answer!
People don’t know what they want. – Steve Jobs. But voter may know what they want?
The minimum viable product is very practicable.