Governance Group Season 1


Title: LXDAO Season 1 of Governance Group

Duration: 2022 October 1st - December 31th(About 12 Weeks)

Proposal Champion: Marcus

Date: Oct 22th,2022

About Season

Each season lasts for 12 weeks and will be managed by a PM. The managing PM will be elected through voting and on rotation.


LXDAO Governance Season 1’s plan and operation proposals. Tokenomics and whitepaper are included as well.


The Governance Group is responsible for the day-to-day operations and governance of the entire LXDAO.

The original governance team played an important role in the initialization of LXDAO and solved many problems.The team should be rewarded accordingly based on their contribution…

In Season 1, our development focus will transfer to creating value for LXDAO token and governance. “Creat and Explore” is our slogan for Season 1. The key points of the Season 1 Proposal are set out below:

Strategic Goal

Build up value-capturing mechanism for LXDAO token. “Explore Token Utility”.

Improve LXDAO Governance efficiency. ‘Optimize governance structure’

  1. Design tokenomics
  2. Optimize the structure of LXDAO and Governance
  3. Finish LXDAO whitepaper
  4. Well support the coordination and operation of all groups
  5. Explore roles of investment team and DAO’s investment mechanism

1. Design Tokenomics

We want to design the tokenomics for a long-run, and we aim Value-capturing, Sustainable, Utility, and Conscience

The details are as follows

  • The Max Supply, Token Allocation, Lockup & Vesting Plan
  • Value-capturing Mechanism
  • Participants’ rights & benefits
  • Claiming rule of LX Token with LXP
  • Bye-back plan and value-accruing token mechanism
  • Etc.

2. Optimize the structure of LXDAO and Governance

An optimized governance model ensures the vitality of LXDAO

The details are as following

  • Onboarding
  • Governance Engagement
  • LXP Distribution and POW Certificates
  • Exit mechanism
  • Etc.

DAO-related issues, including but not limited to LXDAO Governance, DAO Research, DAO Partnership;

3. LXDAO Whitepaper

Composing and updating LXDAO whitepaper

4. Coordination

  • Well support the coordination and operation of all groups
  • Ambassador. Representing LXDAO when attending gatherings, meetups, interviews, seminars, twitter spaces, conferences and events.
  • Organizing ideas brainstorming and driving new initiatives
  • Grant hunting and progress updating(Bi-weekly updates)

5. Exploration of investment roles and mechanisms

  • Design “Investor” role for DAO member onboarding
  • Investment Strategy
  • Explore the combination of investment and development behavior within DAO


  • Experimenting with different types of community events
  • Virtual Community Engagement and ongoing process of gathering feedback
  • Optimizing the sign-up process, and reducing friction for members to become contributors


  • Curate and craft quality content for members on hot topics in Web3 Space published on our LXDAO Weekly
  • Curate for quality content in LXDAO Archives
  • Refining LXDAO Notion and content


The key focus for this Season will be exploring more web3 tools to improve LXDAO productivity and contributor’s using experience; preparing reports to members for operational transparency.、


We have accomplished many milestones in the previous work

Governance Key Result

About Proposal Design: Contains how an idea is born into the execution of the final project

About Proposal treasury expenditures and revenue distribution of LXP

Various Grants apply collection

Operation Key Result

Internal Operations

  • Notion’s homepage construction and organization design
  • Operational coordination of the working groups
  • Regarding the operation of the product “Web3 in 2032”, have built a community of 150+ people

External Cooperation

We have worked with many external parties in the last period

  • held a sharing session on generative art shared by Michael Chu, with a total of 40+ listeners
  • held a panel with Dataverse at Discord with 200+ attendees
  • Various types of external cooperation partners: NextDAO, 8DAO, HelloNFT, Dataverse, MouSpace, Mimic Shhans ****Academy, etc.

Governance Group Background

Marcus - Governance Leader&PM, In 2017 into the crypto, Work at LMD, 4 years + game development experience, Game Projects@slamdunk &@ NBA, AI Project@Vpose Motion

Bruce - Governance Group Member&Develper, Ex-Alibaba,13+Years Development experience, Buidler@GCLX, and @ MyfirstNFT,

Ray - Governance Group Member&Researcher, Work at Tencent, Alliance Chain Engineer

Sally - Governance Group Member&Researcher, 2019 into the Crypto industry, Work at TsingTech Ventures, She is responsible for blockchain investment and research, focusing on DeFi, Polkadot track, GameFi, etc.

Pan - Governance Group Member&Marketing, 2 years+ Financial Analyst, NFT Investor


About 12 Weeks


Season 1 Budget

Total budget distribution

  • 5040 LXP distributed by work time.
  • 2400 LXP distributed by coordinape.

In the Season 1 plan, we requested a total of 7440 LXP

If you are a member of the LXDAO foundation team, it should be 800 * 0.3 = 240 LXPoints.

We want the points to be issued in stages, 1680 LXP per month, 3 times in total

The distribution is as follows

Bounties We allocate it every month and we are judged on our work according to the Coordinape Tool

Name Role Time Commitment in S1 LXP (Monthly) LXP (Total)
Marcus Project Manager 10h/Week 240 720
Bruce Developer, Researcher 10h/Week 240 720
Ray Researcher 5h/Week 400 1200
Sally Researcher 5h/Week 400 1200
Pan Marketing, Researcher 5h/Week 400 1200
Bounty 800 2400

Revenue distribution

The entire project does not generate direct revenue, but it does produce milestones that are valuable to LXDAO as a whole

Of course, a certain amount of potential revenue will be generated, Revenue from content or media, for example. and if it is generated, the distribution is as follows:

  • 90% - LXDAO Treasury
  • 10% - Governance Group

10% of the revenue will be distributed according to coordinape

Key Result

At the end of season 1, we will produce the following results:

  • LXDAO Whitepaper draft
  • LXDAO Tokenomics
  • LXDAO Governance Model 1.0
  • Evaluation by other working groups
  • I support this proposal
  • I do not support this proposal
  • I think something needs to be changed

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