Governance Coordinator


As a member of the Governance Group, it is the responsibility of the team to coach other working groups to follow the proposal in an orderly manner, in a way that is not supervisory but only coordinating, a role defined as ‘Governance Coordinator’, whose purpose is to improve the transparency and flatness of LXDAO

The Governance Coordinator is currently a permanent member of the Governance Team and should have the obligation to coordinate the governance process of one or more working groups

Job Description:

  • Once every 2 weeks, attend the meetings of the assigned governance coordinated working group
  • The focus of the governance coordinape is on recruitment and rotation, and the openness and transparency of the campaign system
  • Coordinated observation of proposal implementation, proposal outline plan, POW records, payroll
  • Coordinate the setting of bounty tasks for the working group to ensure that it is open and transparent, with the aim of encouraging greater participation by members.
  • Coordinated work: Collect governance issues and solve them openly and transparently

Governance coordinator should provide governance coaching when other working groups are not sure about some basic governance situation


Marcus - SteadyForce Working Group
Bruce - DAO Tools Working Group
Ray - Technical Expert Working Group
Kahn - Operation Working Group

At the same time, all working groups are under the supervision of the community, which is the biggest supervisor