Flag Planet for Flag people

Demo : https://flag-dao.vercel.app/

FlagDAO is a DAO for the Flag people of Planet Flag, where every person has their own Flag that they’re tryin’ to raise. Folks stake for their own Flag dreams, or make bets on when someone else’s Flag will fall (:

Our ethos is:

  1. Invest in yourself, but don’t go overboard
  2. Watch others with a mix of cheers and jeers

FlagDAO 是一个为爱立 Flag 星人准备的 DAO,在本 DAO 中,每个人都有他自己的 Flag,每个人都想实现他的 Flag,每个人都会为其 Flag 进行质押,或者尝试判断别人的 Flag 什么时候倒 (:


  1. 谨慎乐观投资自己
  2. 嘻嘻哈哈围观他人


Example: Deposit 399 RMB (offline) — Receive 10,000 $CT Tokens based on whitelist (on-chain)

  • After getting $CT you need to:
  • Create your own Flag, enter text and stake amount in $CT
  • If you have $CT left, you can choose to invest in someone else’s Flag by entering their address and staking amount
  • When spectating other Flags, you can evaluate if the Flag will fall based on the person and their Flag, to make investment decisions. If the Flag crashes, spectators get their $CT back plus a share of the crashed Flag’s $CT proportional to their stake.
  • Or you can just stake to encourage the flager, without treating it as investment.

How to determine if a Flag is completed?

  • For now, trusted multisig accounts will evaluate and update contract status
  • After unstaking, you can participate equivalently in the next co-learn (each 10,000 $CT max deducts 399 RMB for a co-learn course).

Each person’s Flag has a completion period (e.g. two weeks). If not Done when expired, $CT is distributed to spectators; if no one spectates/stakes, it’s burned.

(1) You can invest this $CT in yourself, fully back your own flag, up to getting your principal back; or invest in others’ flags, maybe for outsized returns.

(2) Some centralization in off-chain evaluation is necessary, evaluating off-chain but updating contract status on-chain.

$CT: Co-learn Token

  • 举例:充值 399 RMB(链下) — 根据白名单发放 10000 $CT Token(链上) (**1)
  • 获得 $CT 后需要:
    • Create 自己的 Flag,输入文本并输入质押资金数量 $CT
    • 如果还有剩余的 $CT, 可以选择投资其他人的 Flag,输入其地址,输入质押资金数量
  • 围观其他人的 Flag 时,可以根据其个人情况、Flag 情况综合评估其 Flag 会不会倒,进而做出投资判断;如果该 Flag 最终轰然崩塌,围观者可以收回自己的 $CC ,并根据质押比例均分其 $CC;
  • 或者不将其当做投资,而是单纯以次来激励 flager,也可以进行质押,
  • 如何判断 Flag 的完成?(**2)
    • 暂定由值得信赖和大家认可的多签账户来评估和更改合约状态
  • 质押赎回后,可以等值参与到下一次共学( 每 $10000 CC 最高可抵扣 ¥399 的 co-learn 课程(No,只是共学点返还,其他方式不可返还。))

每个人的 Flag 会有一个完成周期(如一个半月),到期后,如果 Flag 状态不为 Done,则均分给围观质押群众;如果没有人围观&质押,则自动销毁

(**1) 这笔 $CT 可以投资自己,全额投资自己的 flag,最高可以收回本金(… ); 也可以投资别人的 flag,或许可以获得超额收益
(**2) 这部分的中心化评估是必要的,链下评估,链上改变其合约状态。


Roudmap : Deploy on zksync


Base credit score of 600 required to raise a Flag, not transferable.

Three token types:

  • NFT (SBT)
    • Investors (raise Flag successfully → credit rating)
    • Flag crashes
  • Utility token - Credit score (multiplier for project evaluation)
    • Better than SBT:
      • If Demian’s credit is 800, Xiaoming can only stake 1:1
      • If Xiaoyu’s credit is 1000, Xiaoming can stake 1.2:1, Xiaoyu gets more funds :moneybag:
  • Security token - Staking & liquidity

Why not stake USDT?

  • MVI (Most Valuable Interaction)
    • Incentivize DAO collaboration through Flag staking
    • Early projects solve trust/credibility issues in fundraising via Flag staking

The model uses different token types to align incentives and facilitate valuable interactions in the DAO. Credit scores enable differentiated staking abilities. Staking the native tokens creates funding opportunities and incentives collaboration.

基础信用分 600,>= 600 才能发 Flag,不可转让。


  • NFT(SBT)
    • 投资人(立 Flag 成功 —— 信用评级)
    • 旗子 :triangular_flag_on_post: 倒了
  • 功能性代币 —— 信用分(项目评估的系数)
    • 积分比 SBT 更好用:
      • 比如 Demian 信用积分是 800,小明只能 1:1 质押
      • 孝羽的信用积分是 1000,小明只能 1.2:1 质押,孝羽能获取到更多的钱 :moneybag:
  • 证券型代币 —— 质押&流动性

为什么不质押 USDT?

  • MVI(最有价值交互)
    • DAO 内悬赏通过 Flag 质押增加 DAO 内协作效率
    • 早期项目方通过 flag 质押解决无背景的筹资信任问题

Evaluating Flag Completion

Use a multisig contract to assess Flag completion. Choosing the signers for the multisig is an art - zkp selected three teachers very aligned with its values: Guo Yu, Zhou Qi, Kurt Pan.

The multisig signers could evaluate Flags based on criteria like:

  • Whether the goal was objectively achieved
  • Effort demonstrated by the flager
  • Skills gained and progress made towards the goal
  • Subjective assessment of personal growth

如何评估 Flag 的完成情况?

合约中使用多签来评估 Flag 的完成情况,多签的选取比较艺术, zkp 共学选取的三位非常自身的老师:郭宇,zhouqi,Kurt Pan

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Welcome to LXDAO, FLAG, that sounds like a good idea.

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